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Because pedos in the deep state are real

Pizzagate isn't real and I find it depressing that this inane conspiracy theory still exists three years later.

That's not true.
"Fake news" as a term was around well before pizza gate.
There were a couple people saying it frequently.
Just like "deep state" has been around for several years. Again, said by a few people frequently.
Yet again, the story Google pushes is slanted. Go figure.

What conspiracy does exists in your mind then? None?

You make it sound like you have to believe in at least one conspiracy theory.

If you believe every word your government tells you, you're mentally challenged.

You can be skeptical of what you hear and still not believe in conspiracy theories.

Oh so now that it's you personally questioning something, it's not a wild, cooky conspiracy theory?
Do you believe in cause and effect? Or that everything in this world simply happens by coincidence or because of stupidity?
No man or group of men has ever conspired to gain power or currency? No corporation?
Come on my guy... it's doesnt take that much research to know things are seriously slanted.

I suspect that Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were Mossad agents who used underage girls to get compromising material on elites. I also suspect that JFK was murdered as part of some kind of conspiracy, but I don't know who was responsible.

You don't do research, if the information can be found by an idiot without any higher education on the internet, then it isn't correct. Why would a group of people that control the world let that information just sit there in the third google search result?
And If I think "maybe I don't get to hear the inner workings of the government" that is different from "there is a conspiracy of pedophiles ruling the world".
You're just trying to take control over your own life by making this shit up. Not a single conspiracy theory has EVER been true.

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pizzagate is real and the world ends 2012... ..... .....

No higher education? I've worked on projects for NASA, state agencies of several flavors, and the private sector. I have two bachelors and masters in physics from a top 25 private school in the US.
Not a single conspiracy theory has ever been true.

No, you don't. I've never met a person with a higher education that believes in conspiracy theory. It requires you to let go of critical thinking to believe in those.
No? Tell me of a single one that has been true then.

Why was the story about intelligence agents actually using actual CP for actual honeypots for actual pedophiles actually getting off on actual kids who were actually exploited and abused immediately overshadowed by the Comet Ping Pong scavenger hunt? That was the real pizzagate.

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but the graph literally show "fake news" existing before "pizzagate"

Yes, I do.
Critical thinking is believing whatever your masters tell you?
You believe in pure coincidence and that no man or group of men has ever conspired, ever. Talk about stunted.

Isn't chicken code for child?

Trends are a different matter.

No, I've already told you that there is a difference in being skeptical and believing what others tell you. You blindly believe in what others tell you about this conspiracy theory and please, I'm still waiting for that conspiracy theory that came true.

Never underestimate the power of one determined troll to stir shit up for the lulz. A corollary to this principle is that the less able a person is at making memes, the more credible they are as a source.

international psy-ops effort targeting gullible ameriburgers. Ultimate goal is getting rid of the Magnitsky Act.

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no, chicken is code for chicken

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>JFK was murdered as part of some kind of conspiracy

JFK got whacked by the Mafia.
They helped him get elected, then he stabbed them in the back.

but Trump said it was Ted Cruz's dad who did it.

Nsa domestic spy program
.....so many more

MK ultra, wild conspiracy until it wasn't. Also doesn't help when the people who believe any conspiracy in higher thresholds of academia must keep it secret to avoid the unpopularity from the political echo chamber that is higher learning.
>inb4 they think the same cuz they're smrrt

Tell us about flat Earth next op

but just because one conspiracy theory is proven true doesn't mean they all will be.

moving the goalposts

no i am not. am I wrong?

Pizzagate never had any solid evidence, but it did make it very obvious that Podesta fucks kids.

no evidence though

Yep it was never going anywhere

You're making yourself look retarded at this point

meant to quote

Different user, but the difference doesn't matter as concepts and theories don't need to be original to be true. If you were right there with copernicus when he suggested a heliocentric system you would not have agreed with him as the concept was so outlandish as you hadn't been opened to the idea before or simply that you could not see it for yourself.

but there's absolutely no evidence.

and yet those implicated just carry on doing the kids or dying in mysterious circumstances. Both Clintons are into fucking little girls, Epstein was prolly a warning for others to keep their mouths shut. I ain't knocking them folks, most people would act like monsters if they were immune to prosecution

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While that is true it certainly puts into question the integrity and intentions of the powers that be. Mind control is very nefarious stuff, that's free will they're messing with. It certainly makes the other theories seem more plausible at least, no?

>fact: real pedos started pizzagate myth
Spoken like a true pedophile. Is there something you want to confess to user?

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Fucking kikes sliding hard

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Having paintings of naked children on his walls is just one of the many many things that, while you wouldn't be able to use it in court, made it very fucking obvious that he bangs kids.

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Child trafficking

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I hate you niggers
Sup Forums is trash today

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>Fucking kikes sliding hard
repost in proper res or GTFO

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>Or that everything in this world simply happens by coincidence
That is the problem with conspiracy theorists like you. You believe there is a cabal controlling everything that happens in the world. Nothing happens without order is your mantra. Read the message board at infowars and you see nothing but schizophrenics. They never leave home but somehow know everything about everything. You're mentally ill user. There are meds that can help.

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mind control could be a myth established to conceal the fact that most people like to have rational explanations for atypical behavior. If children are being passed around as sex objects, for the gratification of adults, it seems reasonable that mind control could be used to resolve feelings of guilt associated with gaining physical pleasure from the abuse... not judging just sayin

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the only politician accused of fucking little girls with Epstein was TRUMP

Gulf of Tonkin

that's why we need evidence. We have evidence now of MK Ultra. This global pedo ring has no evidence other than Epstein, and he died in the BOP, administered by the AG of the DOJ whose daddy once hired Epstein and who also happens to report to a man accused of raping a child with Epstein

But yeah let's go with "muh Klintunz"

but there's no evidence of that either, you're making shit up m8

Am I the only fucking one here who doesn't know what the fuck pizzagate is? can anyone help a Sup Forumsrother out?

Google it lazy ass.

it's starting to sound like you didn't even look into it at all
but idk i havent looked into it in years perhaps im wrong
idc either way im done with this thread, its gay

you made the claim, you back it up. I say you're making it up.

Yes. This is the MASH code. The chicken was a baby.

The President certainly feels this way.

You're a sick fuck, Fink.

sorry but this is pizzag... fake old news

So ALL conspiracy theories are related to one another? Here's why people with higher educations don't believe in this shit. You make wild accusations like that without even understanding that you're making it looks more unlikely.

Sure ya have, lil guy. Sure.

Jesus. The glow is so hard my eyes hurt.

these threads make me rage. just a reminder how fucked and corrupt the people who own this earth are; not to mention the delusional faggots who think these stories are conspiracies, that nearly makes me rage even more. i mean to consider something to be a conspiracy is one thing, but to believe something is a conspiracy when there is factual evidence, is just pathetic, either 1. they are paid to say this, and think they will be saved when the end comes ( which they will probably be the first to get sodomized) or 2. they are truly retarded, and or delusional, aka brainwashed, which is sad. misery loves company. this is proof.

either way, "pizzagate" and the people surrounding it is obviously real if you read up on it just a bit. and epstein didn't kill himself.

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did you know that the actual term "conspiracy theory" was first pushed by the gov to shut down criticism and skepticism of the Warren Report?

Anyone who uses this term is willingly sliding the gov's big black dick right up their ass.

And if you believe the Warren Report, you're just a fucking retard.

thank you good sir. These days, there's just so much so much so much, that is out in the fucking open. On FBI.gov. Declassified. FOIA'd. Just admitted.

It's laughable to speak to little shitwad lemmings who think they are so intellectually superior that they can't bear to challenge their own conclusions and beliefs.

But really, they are just so fascinated with the smell of their own farts, that they have no time for much else.

Because it was coined by the media to dismiss pizzagate... because they are covering up pedophilia by the elite.... because they are bought and paid for propagandists.... which is why they get so pissy when fake news is used to label them.... because they know its true and they are scared shitless of the people finding out

you dumbass. Go suck a fucking fuck. Why do you care? Are you so afraid of the idea that there could be some hidden shit going on in the world, in the highest levels of power, that you don't know about?

Are you afraid that those in power maybe aren't acting in benevolence, to lovingly take care of you and tell you that everything is fine, nothing is going on, all is well, rest easy?

Perhaps you, though a college graduate (wow, congratulations!) might not have the same level of knowledge and awareness as the most powerful people on this planet?

Anyone who blindly denies any kind of conspiracy or nefarious hidden actions happening, is simply not willing or capable of doing the most simple research. JUST FUCKING LOOK!

Project Mockingbird
Clinton body count
Bohemian Grove - Cremation of Care/Moloch
FLOURIDE - JAMA - fucks up babies IQ
The Pope's #2 man - PEDOPHILE
The catholic church - PEDOPHILES
NSA surveillance
CIA drug trafficking
Fast and Furious
CIA dropping LSD on an entire French town

or you could simply do some basic research on any of these, not just accept the general attitude. It's not just schizophrenia, assumptions, etc. There's literally so much evidence for many of these "conspiracy theories" (or is it fake news?) these days, available online, on gov websites, leaked docs, foia requests. You have to just be blind or lazy to dismiss things this easily.

So go back to your "higher education" lol, and take the gen ed class called "CRITICAL FUCKING THINKING FOR RETARDED FUCK BOIS"

uh oh, did I kill the thread with too much realness?

the only reality is that underage girls are sexually attractive and you can't do nothing about it and you know it because you are sexually attracted to underage girls like every normal male


Because Trump is also involved


This looks like evidence to me. No longer a theory but this is blatant fuckery going on

I just find it really funny that the term "fake news" was created by liberals in response to reports of Hillarys health on the run up to the election and almost immediately ripped from their control and used against them. Now everybody world wide knows fake news essentially means CNN lmao. Liberals are so fucking weak.

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Redneckpublicans: Making shit up since ever.

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>fake news essentially means CNN
It refers to all liberal media, I really feel bad for people who get their news from CNN or MSNBC and believe it.


lol he doesn't know

This, no one has been murdered. Sex trafficking isn't even real. Child abduction never happens. None of this is real. Go back to your walmart shopping and netflix. Take your prozac. Everything will be OK.