SnapTrap thread

SnapTrap thread
ITT we post the snapchats of traps who post good content.
Looking for some traps who post regularly but not a premium snapchat.
Meanwhile trap thread.

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Try ash.spark
She's hella cute

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Traps are mentally ill

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Sup Sup Forums fags

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No love for this ass eating up this dildo

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There’s always love for cock hungry cuties

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Post your snap whore


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Oh ok, I was wondering if Sup Forums was sick for a moment

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Awh you look so pretty, does that arm tattoo say anything or is it just a pattern ?

Dumb ass whore

Post feet?

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coagula, first half of my baphomet piece

u still jerkin off tho

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Anyone know Ava's snap or nsfw reddit name?

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ya'll my snap is friends only lmao good luck with that

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saving thread

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can someone how to acquire cute and cuddly trap, I want cuddles with a cutie

who is she?

just like... try? it's not that hard, just don't be an asshole

I just have no clue where I'd go to even look for one, I'm usually fine when it comes to talking to people and being nice

grinder, tinder, just hop in a trans friendly discord I'm sure you'll find a gf

that's the problem, I hate trannies, only had bad experiences with them
I just want a cute effeminate guy who likes women's clothing, not someone who wants to surgically remove their cock


gee however is it that you're single

Your mother is mentally ill for having you.

Shut up and masturbate to the boi holes faggot.

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You look cute in that dress