After years of loneliness I ended up becoming my own girlfriend...

After years of loneliness I ended up becoming my own girlfriend, now I hook up with guys and live vicariously through them while 100% maintaining myself as a girl

Itt: I forced femmed myself

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post benis

I'm getting it inverted soon for full forced fem effect, thus ill be stuck this way.

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where you from? i want you to live vicariously through a decently funded guy

Nor cal, 707

You're getting what?

And what I mean is that I hate doing girly shit but I do it to fit in as a girl. When I get a bf I can pal around with him and having a man in my life makes me feel actually less faggy. I do suck dick, get fucked, get creampied, but I imagine myself as the guy fucking the girl which I so happen to inhabit

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Greentext how did you get in this kind of situation, user.

Penile inversion surgery, I'm getting it soon

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Trap and cuck bait

U could do anything with me. Fuck stereotypes. I would convince youmif i get your kik or discord.

so if i fucked you, youd be imagining yourself as me?

why is the idea of that hot...

Larping retard

Dubs of truth

>normal dude
>grew up shooting guns and riding dirrbikes until I was 17
>parents sold farm house and moved to suburbs
>have zero social skills because home schooled
>picked on eventhough I was a bad ass who rode freestyle motocross and had about 20 elk kills under my belt and I surfed too
>became withdrawn and hated life
>no where to ride sold my bikes
>hit the gym trying to look good to get women to fuck me
>some flirted but never kissed or held my hand or fucked me
>maybe I had zero game, I dunno, but I definitely was flirted with
>eventually 23
>went all through college a virgin
>couldn't take it anymore and hung myself when I moved back home
>mom found me hanging and cut me down
>I was alive
>sent to funny farm
>they basically say I'm trans after 2 months of deep sessions (which I'm not) and put me on hormones
>eventually transfer me to womens wing after 8 months because I became unrecognizable as a male
>was let out with clean bill of health and a legal name and gender change
>moved to a rural town by myself and now I work at a nail salon

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I hope you die

That's not how any of this works. Bullshit story without proof because they're not going to put someone who tries to kill themselves on hormones unless they're at the point they really want it and have accepted being a chick.

Yep, and the girl who's body I inhabit is just some bimbo I can control like a puppet. They call this Autogynephilia, I'm turned on sexuality by myself as a woman, which I am, I fucking fap in the mirror

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i cant wait until you kill yourself kayla

Post face you stupid slut.

Hopefully it will be after my vaginoplasty uwu gonna join dat fouty wown pwecent daddy squish~

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Nooooooo ;-;

A fake vag lowers your sexual market value and makes you suicidal.

Why would you do dis?

I hace the same mental illness. I feel bad because my body is just too manly to follow my urges.
The good thing is that same times I manage to lucid dream my fantasies.
Oh and nice booty I would totally pound.

Absolutely sick of dealing with guys who fetishize me for my dick. They dont wanna long term date and are arrogant irl. So when I get my vagina i can trick a normal guy and then marry him and the cycle will be complete, I can become the best wifey and make cookies and clean the house and he can make the money.

The smaller the town the crazier shit that can happen.

Small governments don't have the training big governments do so shit like this can happen if it's only the one psyche diagnosing without second opinions

Girls with dicks > Girls with franken-vaginas

How about after he tries to get you pregnant and nothing happens

I want you to be my bro ;-;

Marry me and we can find your peak sexuality you sexy thing

clearly you're American from the United States.

Just tell him my ovaries dont work and I've never had a period duh

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I hate this trope

Every couple has a fetishizer and a fetishist

It goes from green eyes to tits+dick.

25% of relationships is sexual attraction aka "fetishism"

So, if I understand correctly, when you have a guy railing your ass from behind, you pretend you are the guy on top and you are fucking some bimbo on bottom?

So it's kind of like when you watch porn, and instead of jacking off to the guy getting his dick sucked, you jack off to the woman sucking it and pretend it's your cock in her mouth?

That's some next level shit, OP. I dig it.

Doesnt work like that whore. Fake pussy will never pass as real puss because it clearly looks like a surgical nightmare and upkeep is near impossible.

Look for post op trains porn and you'll see what I mean. Literally no guy will see it and think its real.

Exactly, very well put. And yeah its pretty fucking hot, especially when I moan and say fuck my pussy daddy and put my fingers around my hole where his cock is sliding in and out of me

Plz dont cut tat. Let it there and come to me. We would have loads of fun.


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Also, this idea that men who fetishize dicks can't be in healthy relationships is super insensitive to gay men because it implies that gay men can't have legitimate relationships because they fetishize dicks

Just find a guy who wants to keep your clitty in a cage.

no one will fuck you once you do that.

>Hun, why does your cunny smell like lower intestine?

It's never worth it to chop it off

Get a hobby, meet people in person and stop being a retard

I dont want to marry a gay man, I want to marry a straight man who sees me as his slutty wife, I want him to be watching sports in the den with friends while I'm stuck cooking with the other wives

Low key starting to wonder if my step mom is trans. She's super feminine but oddly easy to get along with and she won't admit it but I catch her watching war movies and car shows.

Post soles and asshole

>inverting dick

Just keep the cock. There’s plenty of people that would be with a trap. Most tranny surgeries end horribly and painfully. Don’t put yourself through it. Keep the cock and cum all over yourself like the slut you are.

Bitch those pics ARENT close ups.

Its very clear that pussy isnt real. 99.9% look as such. Sorry to break it to you, but keeping your sick makes you higher value than ruining it.

You will never have children, so no man will stay with you

Why does every guy who dates me for my dick end up cheating on me with a real girl then?
I don't want to be your guilt free cocksleve, I want us to be in the same bed until one of us dies

Well force kill yourself

Meh plenty of men who'll never want kids. Really all she needs to do is find a bi guy. He'll just treat him as a women. If I didnt want kids thats probably how I would have rolled.

Adoption is a thing. Also we could surrogate, one child from his sperm and the other from my sperm, then we could mix the paternity tesults so we love both equally

why don't you just save some tome and kill yourself right away ?

Cuz u are mentally ill. It doenst matter if you have fake or real vagina. You are just mentally ill and none wants to marry you.

Listen here you cum dumpster. You just need to find the right guy. Gay men eventually settle down, absolutely no difference in your situation if you cut it off. Find a bi boy who doesnt want kids and is looking for a long term relationship.

They're rare but they're out there.

As someone currently in a very happy and healthy relationship with an adorable transgirl who felt much the same as you, I'd be pretty upset if she mutilated her groin chasing some fetishized version of herself.

Girls with dicks > Girls with vaginas

I’m a bi dude. As long as you provide in both physical and emotional love, you’re in the clear. You have the same problem most women do, which is picking shitty dudes and then bitching about it. Find a better dude. They exist. Put in more effort than you do now, and you’ll be good. Now post feet

lol enjoy dilating yourself fag

The sooner you just accept that you're a worthless cock puppet the happier you'll be.
Stop deluding yourself that you're anything more than a cum dump.

Don't. Fake pussies are rotten stink holes.

Jesus christ don't you guys look up the successful outcomes? They couldn't be happier with their vagina. The whole fucking reason I did any of this was so I could pass as a woman naked. No cock no balls no gods no masters

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Fuck off Kayla

U fuck off Rachel
Sup Forums is mine

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Keep your penis. It's a beautiful thing. Vaginoplasty will make you regret everything till you commit suicide.

This pic is perfect, I would love to fuck your ass knowing you will cum everywhere during orgasm

stfu fag let him get rid of this trash its done nothing but harm to him.

Seriously, fuck off grandpa. The "youngshits" are here and will kick your bolding, bearded ass.

show foreskin

Post more pics

What's the ratio of successful to unsuccessful outcomes?

Just wait until you have more options. Dont let doctors mutilate your dick.
Science cannot give you what you need. Just lies.
Also show feet