Be Greta Thunberg

>Be Greta Thunberg
>Manage to TRIGGER millions of boomers and white trash incels

You've got 5 seconds, 5 fucking seconds to tell me one single thing you've done in yr entire life that's even 1/10th of 1% as brave as her on any given day.

>Protip: you indisputably can't

P.S. Queen of Sup Forums

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I made a specialist high skills major course that gives highschool students college credits in computer sciences when I was 16.

Holy shit, you incels are really in full damage control after Swedish authorities started investigating her millionaire parents for blackmailing companies for payoffs under threat of having Greta whip up social media hate mobs to damage the companies. As of this morning, Gretas lost over 2 million followers across her social media accounts after the scandal broke per social blade.

but user, none of that is actually true

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This board is for adults 18 or over. Not for children.

Yeah, not surprised she turned out being a massive fraud. The deal where she lied about being forced to sit on the floor of the train for 8 hours when there were dozens of videos of her being given a first class private train cabin free of charge was a giant red flag about how entitled & fake this privileged rich white girl was. Surprised her parents were able to blackmail companies out of €9 million Euros before federal police finally started investigating.

Kek! France24 had on one of her "advisors" claiming all the accusations are false. They're really panicking.

>samefagging this hard
neck yourself

Not surprising. BBC News gave her parents softball questions during their interview this morning. The media will protect them as long as possible.

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>10 responses
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>Be Greta
>My dad played with my pussy when I was 6 and now he’s making up for it.

>1/10th of 1% as brave as her

brave (def.)
ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.
"a brave soldier"

The mouth piece for her wealthy parents, hardly brave

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I took a huge shit once.

The difference?

It actually produced something and kept someone healthy.

How was it similar to Greta?

It also looked like a potato.

Quads of truth lol


as if her puppetmasters weren't boomers

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>not denying it directly


Look at the bottom of the page , dip shit, there's 10 unique IP addresses & 11 posts in the thread. Do you even know what"Samefagging" means? Grab a shotgun & blow your fucking head off, underage cunt.

>parroting the same lines as the Kremlin

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Did he?

>still not denying the samefaggotry
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>doesn't know what Samefagging is

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Secured the ballots for the last Afghanistan election....yeah that was a pretty scary time. But not as scary as going to first world countries to complain that they aren't doing anything...instead of China or India. But yeab

this is Sup Forums, you expect facts or good stories?

>still not denying it
samefag is triggered lol

greta has become the face of the oil companies. /they are going to rake it in in the age of new energy and there is fuck all you can do about it.

suck it

That doesn't mean what you think it means.
If she were actually brave, she would be hounding china and india about their massive fucking pollution issues. The pollution produced from almost every 1st world country is completely eclipsed by china and India. She would be going after the rising chinese run industry in africa to ensure it ends up with regulations that it desperately needs. She could do some good with her position in the spotlight, but instead she wasted it.

>even now, still not denying it

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she never said china and india get a pass

Electrician here
I giggled a lil

question for you. If I have a double outlet panel in my bathroom and I need to install a GFCI to bring it up to code, is there a way to know which one is carrying the load to the other? I don't need to replace both, right?

You can't deny the quads.

i just love her

Uhh...I won't be retard my entire life. Let her have her 15 minutes

Imagine being so triggered by a little retard girl you concoct desperate lies about her on a robot dancing site.

Samefag replying to his own sad desperate post and lies. Imagine the power of Greta to drive fat neckbeards to such depths of assblastery

>P.S. Queen of Sup Forums

Seeing who were the former 'queens of Sup Forums' i would spare her this dubious title

>bait shit


watch out, he gets mighty triggered when you call out his samefaggotry

Only an uneducated white nigger would be mentally weak enough to get triggered by a teen retard girl but to also brag about how he’s so unhealthy his shit looks like a potato. Well done, genius. Luckily for you I like paying someone to change my oil

Master electrician here. Yes replace both. Also during installation of the new GFCI, make sure to test the biz scrub line; you’ll see it’s port with the box out. Just wedge the end of a flat screwdriver in the space between port and box. This will tell you which one to switch.

When did she show "Bravery"? Did she charge up the beaches of Normandy or something?

I didn't believe in "White privilege" until i saw her at the UN. She came off as a entitled little cunt and a puppet. Like her problems are worse than that what's going on in Syria and the Congo.

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i got good marks in school without being special needs

that something she couldn't

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Good luck with that mind control

>charge up the beaches of Normandy

It's called being a puppet, no courage here son.

I installed a basketball net while standing on high bobcat with 2 other guys. One wrong step and we're talking broken body/death

He will post that I don’t understand samefagging then reply to his own post and say “I know amirite guise?”

As a man who was a union iron worker specializing in high rise rigging and bridge steeplejacking that this is a joke.

underaged reported

Low teir b8

I stayed in school

I kek'd

Imagine taking this bait

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it's not a bait in the common sense as it as a way to start a discussion.

so...replace both but figure out which one to switch...riiiight

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You misunderstood my post. I’m a master electrician not a grammarian. My bad. I meant that once you’ve removed the outlet you can insert the flat end of the screwdriver in the first port like orifice you’ll see. Call em bz’s in the trade.

Ive performed cpr in emergency rooms, given insulin shots to countless diabetic patients, and i cont to take care of people that were abandoned by their families... sure shes braver than me...

The fact that so many Zoomers are using "boomer" incorrectly and confusing them with millenials says it all.

Yes! Yes! Yes!
It says...that people sometimes confuse the moronic labels affixed to “generations”

Fucked your mum

I’m confused: are you pretending to be a dr or a nurse? Or just some creepy fuck who hangs out in the ER, insulin at the ready? Cuz you post with the mental acuity of a 16 year old pizza place employee

I wrestle down psychos.

Who is this Arian angel?

Googling all sorts of combos of words in your idiotic shitpost turn up nothing.
Citation needed.

someone who rather be blacked at 12 than be considered in the same human group as you are

"You know what I'm gonna do? Whenever someone asks me what white privilege means, I'm gonna print up little cards with a definition and a picture of Greta Thunberg. She is exactly what that is. She is a wealthy white child who skipped school and made the cover of a magazine for doing so. And yet, I tell you this man. Growing up on the south side, I can't tell you how many people in Chicago are fighting for their lives for a better future, and they get nothing. Think about, like, what's going on with the violence in Chicago. You know how many activists are Greta's age who are risking their lives? How about these people who are in Chicago who know how bad it is, standing up and saying, 'I refuse to go to school until a cease fire.' Nobody cares about them. But hey, you give her a yacht, bring her to the U.N., slap her on the cover of a magazine, and you just stolen her childhood. Yeah, you know what man? I'll tell you whose childhood was stolen, the girl who died in Hong Kong. The girl who died in Hong Kong. And there's more than one, but there's the big story. How about the girl who lost an eye. I think more than one. Yeah, those are people who have lost their childhoods. Okay. Not you, whose wealthy and privileged and gets to sail around the world, and be on the covers of magazines. For shame." - Tim Pool

Passed the NCLEX in 2011, I am a nurse you half lit lightbulb.

1/10th of 1%? Okay, so like 0.1%.

Well. I once held a door open for someone.

This guy is just saying what we all thought when she spouted that dumb bullshit.

Chicago's gonna get wiped out by tornado swarms caused by the global warming you don't giveashit about, so who cares how they struggle? And they shoot each other anyway - it's not like anyone from the outside can help them with their little problem. To make it work, they have to crawl from the jungle on their own.