I'll just leave this here for you trump haters

I'll just leave this here for you trump haters

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Hey trumpcuck degenerate, just a quick question for you: Did you read the article of Impeachment?

"Overthrow" LOL.

op here: watched the entire 8 hour hearing on c-span. did you?

I could care less about dems and especially trumpetts. My question is why wont mitch McConnell do a fair trial? Doesn't that mean you have shit to hide?

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Mitch is probably the most corrupt, horrible old bastage in the entire DC region.

I agree that pos needs to drop dead.

LIVE: youtube.com/watch?v=RtVox0X1NNk
pwn the fatass!

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If they don't send them to the Senate then they have no meaning. Even one of the lefts hand picked scholars said if they don't send them up then Trump was never impeached.

Pelosi is refusing to deliver too

And yet House Resolution 755 clearly states he "IS impeached", which was voted on and passed. Kind of one of the reasons they worded it that way was to shut down retards like you who would cry about technicalities. Way to still fall for it.

any. president that has charges laid against them would technically be impeached so yes he is impeached but until the senate approves it (they won't) he won't be out of office. dems have nothing, and just cause you don't like someone you can't try to get their pee pee slapped. trump is gonna win again because of this shit... people can see how butthurt dems are about it... in fact there will never be greater case of sore losers in the history of humanity. since the day he was elected they haven't stopped.

It doesn't matter what it says, if she doesn't certify it and send it to the Senate it is invalid. Constitutional scholars all over the country, both right and left, have said so.

>and just cause you don't like someone
Yeah, nice try at redefining the issues there. They didn't impeach him because they didn't "like him", I think it may have had to do with the shit ton of illegal activity his administration commits.

>I think it may have had to do with the shit ton of illegal activity his administration commits.
If that were the case they'd have laid real articles instead of contriving the bullshit they did.

And yet, the Democrats still insist no-one is above the law, maybe they should start reading the constitution and the part where it clearly states the process. Kind of one of the reasons this happened was to satiate trumphaters and get it over with cause of re-election of congressmen, retards like you who would fall for that. Way to fall for psy-op.

Who gives a fuck. Was all dems who put these two charges on paper. They aren't a 10th as bad as what they accuse him of daily. ..and the allegations won't stick anyway. Its the only card you bastards have to play.

Yeah..what they actually charged him with is soft as fuck

Prediction: Pelosi will certify it and send it to the senate. The senate will not even hear evidence and it will be rejected. Dems will get a participation trophy. Trump will go down in history as an asshole who got impeached. Rs will win elections, Dems will look like asshats and lose more seats, and we'll have four more year's worth of march towards fascist dictatorship. Then the world will discover why America has been spending so much on the military, and the world will begin the process of becoming united (administratively) under US rule.
Terrifying, eh?

If they were worried about illegal activity then they probably should have addressed it in the articles of impeachment that they drew up. They didn't; they only addressed the "Trumped-up" charges if you'll pardon the phrasing.
He's going to be put on trial in the Senate (if they ever fucking SEND IT to the Senate) for abuse of power specific to an instance where individuals with second and third hand knowledge have testified about what they have speculated based on what other people have told them or in some cases on the basis of no inside knowledge of the events at all, but the people who actually have firsthand knowledge and the produced firsthand sources indicate that no abuse of power took place.
And he's being put on trial for obstruction of justice in the instance of refusing to cooperate with proceedings of the House Judiciary Committee, which have repeatedly been called out for having been conducted outside of the traditions and legal precedents of the House and which in terms of United States Law he had no legal obligation to comply with.

I really wish everyone would stop acting like this isn't about the man. It clearly is. It's about the man and only about the man, it's not about his behavior or anything he's done or any law or any standard. If anyone else were doing even what they've accused Trump of doing, they wouldn't care. It isn't actually about serving justice, justice is just the excuse being thrown in front of it all to try and make it seem legitimate, and they didn't even do a good job of putting that up as the facade. It's about an agenda, and the man that's the target of that agenda. That's it.

Shit like this is going to give us a majority R House and Senate in 2020, and unless Ginsberg can hold on to life that means solidly that R will hold all three branches of government.
This is not a place we thought we'd be so soon after the Obama years... dumb motherfuckers...


boomer-ass meme but still correct

Imagine being this deluded. Wew.
Stop ignoring the crimes described in the articles. It'll serve you well.

Good luck.

>Terrifying, eh?

Sounds great!

Liberals think they have the right to not cry.

What fucking evidence? Adam shits witnesses were all liberal hacks citing heresy. The ONE who actually had a convo with Trump and asked for a direct answer about ukrain...was told I want nothing from them in return! None of the witnesses would raise their hands that he committed crimes. Yet they still moved forward with this bullshit. I don't care if they have a Senate trial or not. Better for the Dems if Mitch votes and tosses it. If there's a trial...The dems will not come out rosy........

>What fucking evidence?
Your reaction is priceless.

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>trial for obstruction of justice
obstruction of Congress. Obstruction of Justice is an actual crime.

Another OP already addressed this a few lines up...here's copypasta And he's being put on trial for obstruction of justice in the instance of refusing to cooperate with proceedings of the House Judiciary Committee, which have repeatedly been called out for having been conducted outside of the traditions and legal precedents of the House and which in terms of United States Law he had no legal obligation to comply with.

>liberal hacks citing heresy.
I know that was a simple error, but the implication of the Freudian slip is epic.
Worship your master. Ignore everything else.

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Oh look, you have no argument.

b-b-better just call me ignorant and hope no one looks into it, right?

Well...i was obviously mistaken after seeing your brilliant retort. Stupid libs......

The guy is live; take your discussion to him, he is taking questions from chat.

Lol i would kill myself having to watch that much time and money wasted on getting rid of some soulless meatbag puppet put in "power" to distract us from the real corrupt masterminds pulling the strings behind the scenes. Tell ya what, the day they capture all these warlords and criminals, they can televise the beheadings and i will watch that for as long as they broadcast.

Fuck the u.s. government

Dems bypassed the courts to ramrod this through. Nothing illegal about his actions there.they already had all the evidence they needed..Adam shit has said that for months

What have they concluded about impeachment or not? Anything referenced? I have not researched yet today.

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Start a blog, that way we can track you and lock you up.

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We won't know anything until their recess is over. Either Pelosi sits on it hoping it get some kind of political gain...or it goes the Senate and dies one way or the other.


-all the retarded, highschool grad, incel, constitutional scholars in this thread


It was for perjury, you fuckstick.

NYPA faggot

Except there was no perjury
"I did not have sexual relations"
Fellatio is not sex,
Never was perjury

Elect Peter Buttfag?

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Try again.

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Republicans be like:

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duurr cops don't need a warrant if you got nothing to hide.

Sounds like a party. Fuck Israel and Mexico with the same orange cock.

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Yeah Im sure he's got this all figured out, despite having never figured out how to eat a salad or work a treadmill. Im not going to be lectured by slovenly subhumans.

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>Fellatio is not sex,
an oral message?


Sexual Intercourse
And Sodomy
are all distinctly and separately defined BY STATUTE
sodomy also being a personal favorite of mine

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We can only hope the suicides that inevitably follow Trump's reelection in 2020 will unburden the country of some of its useless dead weight :^)

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I blog daily. But ever since belly eyelash turned 18 its been a dry well of inspiration

It's like a cop pulling you over for doing 50 in a 45:
But he doesn't write you a ticket, file any paperwork or take the matter any further.

Technically you were pulled over by the cops for speeding but 'wolf all happened.

Bernie isn't socialism. Bernie is for government subsidies. Learn the difference, it will save you $trillions

First time I've seen this one. Captures the attitude perfectly. I wasn't for Obama but once he was sworn in I wasn't hoping for economic collapse just so he would look bad..

Obstruction of Justice.
Obstruction of Congress.
Witness Tampering.
Violation of the Constitution.

That's just off the top of my head.

Suck it.

>Obstruction of Congress
Of the two, that is the only one you got.
They are prohibited from adding more once it gets to the senate.

no proof

only "opinions" and "hearsay"