How do you think the person who made this comic actually looks like irl compared to her made up wolf character?

How do you think the person who made this comic actually looks like irl compared to her made up wolf character?

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Part 2

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Literally who cares?

Part 3

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You obviously do since you took your time to reply to this thread

hEy KiDs! sTeRiLiZe YoUrSeLf!

>the comic isn't about her getting forcefully impregnated

If you still have the ovaries you can get pregnant by IVF but not naturally. It just gives you more control, assuming you can afford it.

>2 years and no regrets
Let's check in 30 years.

Part 4

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for sure. what fuckin difference does it make. who even makes this thread.

>encourages furries to remove themselves from the gene pool

How can I support this comic?

woah poor sad bastard


>Implying that furries are part of the gene pool already


Bad skin and unkempt hair is a given. Possibly over or under weight but definitely not in the healthy range.


>How do you think the person who made this comic actually looks
I bet they aren't even a real wolf, so many catfish online these days

RIGHT! Probably just a dog. But most dogs you talk to online are really just hamsters.

Oh I don't doubt it

For the people reading this on an archive in 100 years, no one has yet literally become a dog at this point. Changing sex is still hard for us.

>prominent beard

>my body is a home
>I enjoy inviting others
crippled at this cringe slutty shit

Probably fat and bald like the comic book store owner in the simpsons

I have a number of artist friends with characters based off themselves, so I'll try to apply what I've learned.

She is overweight, her face scores less than average in appearance, and because of the resulting loss in femininity she's always been a tomboy. The closest things to her actual appearance are the bland clothing and pixie-cut, though her hair never actually looks good.

someone should tell them, with all that "free and clear" sex, they now have to worry about the over-presence of STIs. Good luck, furgirl.

Hideous. Also this “dont breed goyim” propaganda is sickening. At the very least target the niggers and arabs who have 13 kids on average.

Exactly fucking this.

Like, I watch Dingle Doodles on YouTube. She basically does D&D story vids. Most of her content is garbage, but she plays Homebrew Pathfinder so it brings back some fond memories.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Anywho, I always figured she was kinda short and tubby but overall close to her character.


Goyum face, large Jew nose, faaat, disgustingly long fingers, saggy grandma tits. Wide-as-fuck hips with a flat-as-fuck ass.

The "cuter" they make themselves look, the worse they actually are.

its actually a couple who makes it, they look pretty happy to me

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I'd say I can't believe my eyes, but every last one of you faggots that are talking this down because some furry chick wants to go giving out free pussy should probably find the nearest highway overpass and a noose to solve the only thing causing any problems in their lives; being a living, breathing dipshit. You wanna know why no one fucks you? Probably because you call them a slut for wanting to cum just as much as you do without seeing the hypocrisy. Stay thirsty my fags.

>You wanna know why no one fucks you?
I have as much sex as I want with my girlfriend. I want to know why no one fucks you, because then maybe I'll understand where all that cringe stuff about calling people sluts came from.

yeah, OP is trying to get people riled up over nothing. they arent the obnoxious kind of furry and she isn't obnoxious about her message in this comic. she is just a slightly mentally ill person trying to figure out life from her weird perspective and likes drawing comics about it. she didn't say everyone should get sterilized. she says for her since she was mnetally ill about it sterilization feels like it has been the right choice for her and it looks like it made someone else happy too.

i get it, op's a fag, but man you guys are also huge fucking fags for getting so worked up about this.

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Except that's a guest comic, so not those two.


thats Sup Forums for you.

yea you're right actually. AyCee is a genderfluid person who prefers they/them pronounds. They just got engaged to another furry, so I'll just assume they're happy too

Danger hair and beta boy. Seems to fit.

They are, and it's a problem.

The homeless will do anything to get out of the cold. Where is your noose?