Why do Republicans pretend to be Christians when they are in fact as far from such as is technically possible?

Why do Republicans pretend to be Christians when they are in fact as far from such as is technically possible?

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Because pretending to be Christian guarantees votes from Godtards who think that if someone goes to church then the invisible magical man in the sky makes them holy. Or some shit.

Christianity was a mistake.

The GOP is merely a collection of corrupt rich guys who have assembled a carefully designed set of talking points to appeal to low-income, rural right-wingers and Christian reactionaries. These talking points though have nothing to do with their actual governance, which is almost exclusively aimed to give tax cut to billionaires.

It's false flagging. Everyone can tell repubelicans are demonic so it makes the church look bad by association.

Why do libs post a meme of trump being gay when all it does is offend gay people.

What you discovered my friend is a global phenomenon known as a moral double standard. This is something that affects every collective group out there. While advocating for something, we tend to be harsher on the groups we oppose than those we support. We don't like to be called out on it and if so then we easily tend to get overly defensive and attempt to justify our behaviour. This is a basic principle in a society. We want to be moral superior to others as it gives us a sense over being better and more righteous.

they know their base is retarded

Because both Republicans and "Christians" share the same butthurt: the butthurt that they are an oppressed minority and deserve to be treated better than anyone else.

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I'm atheist and Republican. Most Christian's have good morals. The left... not so much.


You mean they worship Satan?

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It's a new Christianity, Christianity 2.0

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Majority Mulsims.
The worst culture. Extremely sexist. Violent, extremely anti gay and anti jew. Beleives everyone should obey their law or die.
Libtards get wet

Majority Christian's.
Loosely follow their rules, try to treat people including gays with love and respect. Make it their duty to help people of all races. Even if it's all a show, what's wrong with it?

I'd rather love around smiles love and joy than hatred, negativity and mud.


because we know most people without moral guidance would turn into uncontrollably useless sacks of crap. it's just the saturday morning cartoon we put on for our more simple supporters. sucks when they really start liking jesus a little too much, but then we just call that denomination religious wackos, and sure enough they eventually become them.

It's not just Republicans, people of all political affiliations are told they aren't real Christians by gate keepers like you. None of it makes any sense. Christians are just people with a culture and or set of beliefs that impacts their identity or perception of their identity. It's sad though, when people get to comparing and decide they are too different to share the same label despite what they clearly have in common. This applies to a lot more than religions too.

lol. wanabe loser detected.

What makes someone look like they want to be a loser? Also, what's stopping him from achieving his desires? Is he just too cool for school?

some people got it. some people dont get to have it. life's a bitch

Outside this anonymous board I've got some serious loser credentials. Came here back in 08 through not4chan, so that should tell you a bit about why. Last year I lost my virginity at the age of 27, so that's a step up at least. But I live with my parents and have only ever been self employed, no real job to speak of.

Not that you care, sometimes it just helps me to see it all written out.