Why aren't you happy user?

why aren't you happy user?

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shit costs money and i don't want to work

nice quads

people are just so fucking confusing


I found this place a while ago. There was only two other people on there, but both of them left. We talked so much and I really got to know them. We had so much in common. When they stopped posting I felt empty. Who actually is happy anyway?

Because of tfw no daughterwife.

I have no cute bf to cuddle in bed
I have very little money
I barely finished my higher education
I'm sick at the moment

Wow, even online you’re repulsive.

Suicide literally would solve all your problems.

>no friends
>havent been laid for 10 years
>no money
>no purpose in life
what would make me happy user


i have considered it many times. i just dont want to go out like my mom did bit maby she had the right idea.

user, I'm not a pussy, I won't take the easy way out
I just want a cute bf then I'd have the motivation to do everything
or we'd just fuck like rabbits, either works honestly

She left me for some fucking nerdy loser. She only left cause I wasn’t doing well mentally. I fucking hate women like her. So many lies and broken promises, I just want to beat her and her nerd to death

i cant pick a class in any videogame.
this prevents me from reaching the endgame
what do? except an hero

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I gave up

Imagine losing your girl to a nerd lmao. Sucks to suck.

Archers are GOAT in every game.

please elaborate on that theorem

Health issues, paranoid, single, don’t have girlfriend. It’s not even about being an incel it’s about women always willing to give up rather than stay.

I am highly creative. I can always redirect. I am a Divine Spark making a splash.

Sounds like something am incel would say.

Imagine being a nerd like you. Yeah fag, when you’re an asshole to your girl she’s gonna go to the pussy orbiter. But hey, you’re not getting laid any time soon so that advice is wasted on you.

Prove it. Oh wait, you can’t cause you’re not getting laid either lmao.

I'm Indian,
its easier to get laid in other western countries. but harder in my own country.
white people keep stealing our women.

inb4:you just need confidence

I catfished as a white guy in my country. 300 matches in 3 days.
i get 3 matches in 3 days.

You’re just ugly. It’s okay though Pajeet, cause most Indians are.

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I don't know how.

You think that’s bad I once lost my girlfriend to a black dude lol. It was long distance and I don’t really care but in terms of the cuck meme it’s kind of funny.

Did you not watch Sesame Street as a child? Did you not attend kindergarten?

Clinical depression does that to a person. I’m not the guy you’re responding to, but did you never take a health class? Have you never met a depressed person? You’re just depressed, it’s not always caused by anything.

Depression is a meme. Like, just be happy lol. Just stop being sad and it’s gone.

No, it’s not.

I have no self-esteem.

Yes it is.