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Nice thread, retard.

still better than the other YouLiveYouLearn bread, faggot

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Ho Lee Fook

I'm dead

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I have something for you.

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Niggas doing the ultra marathon drink coke mixed with soup.

double niggers

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Well fuck...i actually chuckled...dammit, I wasnt ready...

Well played OP

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Olives are fuckable.
If you have enough of them.

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reverse centaur wouldn't have arms. fail.

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His plans would work if we bring back slavery

Eat a dick

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If it brings him more votes, he'll do it

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Didn’t laugh. But this kind of covers me too well.

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I'm not proud to say this but I keked

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Digits check out

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OP 2 minutes ago
Reply 7 hours ago

Methinks this may not be legit


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Is it bad I got an erection from this

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that awkward moment when you don't say anything cos you can barely feel it.

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God bless this man!

Trump 2020

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this is why I've kinda lost sympathy, people can't learn.

A lot of it can be done. For example US healthcare is the most expensive in the world adjusted for wealth by a huge margin. Turns out that if you're not giving billions away to greedy bastards, the money can actually be used for a good healthcare system.

On the other hand the faggot wants to dump the military and plant trees instead.

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It's fake

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If thats real, this man is my god.



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lol u mad?



Israel version

you joke lol?

Is this real? I hope this is real.

Yes it would count the limbs a centaur has 6 limbs so wouldnt a reverse centaur have 6 limbs?

too good to be true

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literally me

Yes. They can, but they choose not to. It's easier for everyone for the survivors to be blameless little angels and big bad [thing I don't like] is the devil. It keeps it simpler and removes all possible responsibility.

"did you rape": past tense, so the answer is 7 regardless of the outcome