You have 10 SECONDS to name something dumber than traveling by aircraft

You have 10 SECONDS to name something dumber than traveling by aircraft.
>protip: you literally can't.

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travelling by 2 aircraft
or an American

letting niggers in your country

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If it's just safety, then literally any other means of transportation.

By helicopter?

>posted on an american image board
>in english

Traveling by hot air balloon?

Traveling by car/truck


A Trump voter.

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onna Jap owned image board

travelling by motor vehicle

Zike Bike.
If you like.

have you ridden an Amtrak train lately?

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Pilot here, ask me anything about flying and I'll tell you why it's incredibly safe.

donald trump has not been impeached

antifa is an anarcho fascist terrorist org

communists aren't people

why'd your wife leave you?

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Conservative Americans

English isn't American.... It's English.... Like.... From England.


Travelling by cold air baloon

thanks for posting on an american image board in english. Just remember youre a guest here.



Hope you know that once in the air and just a tiny malfunction and you will crash and burn. Not like a car or a train where you just stop it and check whats the holdup is. Fire on flight=certain death Loose screw=death with a rollercoaster hullbreach=lose consciousness instantly and never wakeup again
Pilot sleeping=prolonged agony in a tight fuselage unable to improve the situation just wait and smash

gå knulla dig själv

you aren't being a good guest bjorn

Travelling in literally any other mode of transport has a higher risk of death than an airplane nigger

So technically any type of transportation is dumber than planes. I’m guessing nobody in here has been in a plane crash but someone in here at least has been in a car crash

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اذهب يموت في النار

sweden has an ugly written language

Aircrafts are incredibly safe tho. I mean, you can travel by boat if you want to get around the world otherwise, I guess.

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not elon musks™ hyper loop

The plural word for aircraft is aircraft fam.


Traveling by boat is pretty fucking retarded, OP.

This exactly and im a pilot. Master caution is on on all my flights. I fly 747 and we have on every flight master caution alarm. We simple ignore ot by now and take naps or try and fit on airline brand condoms. Must say united got the best quality so far in airline brand condoms

Why would airlines distribute condoms, and how would you ask for them?

Я бyдy тpaхaть тeбя, кaк Пyтин тpaхaeт Tpaмпa кaждyю нoчь. C гигaнтcким кoнcким члeнoм и бeз cмaзки.

>mfw i actually have some United AL condoms.

you literally just ask if they have some.

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Come join us user, you don't have anything better to do anyways, right?

discord gg/bVvJDeG


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This is such a larp

No larp. You can track me this weekend flight from SFX to tokyo haneda UA4630

You do not fly 747s. And planes aren't close to falling out of the sky.

t. actual pilot

Travelling via any form of transport that uses long chain hydrocarbons as a fuel source.


England? You mean loserville?

being afraid of an aircraft

Ok boss

traveling using a segway


This is how the American Revolution was won

A Boeing engineer.

What's your background?

OP, american, flat earther, sjw, religious people, any1 saying theres more than 2 genders...

Using a lava submarine to travel underneath the tectonic plates across the planet by volcano.

no that movie sucked

having proof that trump fucked kids on your pedo island. wayyy more dangerous than flying on an aircraft.

>schizo glownigger