To be fucked by Dan Schneider... It must really take a toll...

To be fucked by Dan Schneider... It must really take a toll. You're telling yourself you're doing it for your career - actually convincing yourself that you want this - but every part of you is resisting. Every muscle, every neuron in your brain, is revolted. His trail of cold, slimy saliva all over your quivering feet. His sausage fingers, probing and greasy. He takes them out of you and slurps at them as he did after devouring the fried chicken that some intern brought to him, just before your 'contract negotiation' began.

Afterwards, you know that he owns your body, but not your soul. You lost a part of it; threw it away rather than let him have it. You're just a bit more hollow now. It wasn't worth it. If you could go back and tell yourself not to do it, the younger one would tell you to buck up. This is everything you've worked for. How bad could it be?

So you're forced to replay every sordid encounter, willing the memory to change, just once. You lie awake in bed, wondering if it was rape. If in forcing yourself to stay still, maybe you raped yourself? You wonder if you could give all of this up. If it came to light that you let him do... that... to you in exchange for your fame you'd be ripped to pieces in the media. No amount of apologies to fans, or rehab or charity work would undo it. Even suicide wouldn't cleanse you. You'll never be able to forget. Never be free.

At least you've made it in Hollywood.

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user please.

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If they didn’t like it they would have said something.

He can fuck me if he makes me rich and famous. He's so fat he could probably only get the tip in with all that gut in the way.

Poor Miranda, Dan "don't call me that" Schneider get away with it. She deserves justice after all the kinky and repulsive stuff he did to her.

>tfw you can't travel back in time and save her just before Dan defiled her beyond repair
it hurts so much bros

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>inb4 thots
They're naive and caught at an execedinly tender age. They literally barely understand what they're actually getting into
>britney spears
>amanda bynes
>ariana grande
>victoria justice

Dan “get her in the van” Schneider

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>feeling sorry for this high priced Hollywood's call girl that regret selling herself later when her career is dead

I really want OP pasta to be true.

Don't be so rough with Miranda, please. She was too young to know better.

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Agreed user he is a monster, she deserves better.

What he did to her?

dan hold her tighter she's a fighter schneider

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I wonder how many times he creampied'd her feet, I hate and envy him at same time, hard to explain.

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Serious question here.
How he survived the Metoo movement? How? Why? HOW??!!

nigga has connections

Yeah, what a lucky bastard. Just imagine fucking the best young Hollywood pussy and getting money at same time. In a repulsive way, he is so based.

maybe because hugging teenagers doesn't count as evidence?

its crazy how a schizophrenic person can still be this good at writing

Hi C, how’s your caturday going?

Who wrote it?

Wonder if she is drunk wasted like last Saturday.

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>tfw Miranda is set for life while Jenette lives in poverty in a very poor one-room apartment.
not fair ;_;

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But he speaks the international language!

Should have gotten knocked up! Then she’s own his ass!

Is nymphomania an actual disorder?

Pulitzer worthy description.

Far superior to Shakespeares greatest masterwork

I would like the real Miranda reply to this. Seriously.

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user is right. Dan definitely had /has he shit together.

He was by far the favorite at his network because his production company was literally a license to print money.

Found somehow a "hot" wife that was ok with him assfucking teen whores on the side, some accounts also have her being involved with a few of the girls.

Became friends with the parents who in turn groomed their daughters for Dan, exploiting their own greed as stage mom's /dad's. Nothing short of genius.

Finally, even by the first, and most infamous, incident... Dan's bank account was so insane that whatever amount of money it took to make it stay quiet was not even a problem

If you were Dan, which slut would you have fucked first?

Poor Janette could not even finance her documentry on exploited teen Hollywood actresses. Her crowdfunding was even derailed for some reason.

user speaks the truth. Jamie Lynn's pregnancy got her a shit ton of cash. She is set for life unless she blew the money on stupid shit already.


If this isn't pasta, it will be soon.

Guys, can you honestly blame him ?

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Prime Amanda

This writing is the work of a true artist

Just imagine facefucking her like a beast while grabbing her ponytails.
Dan is a lucky fatass.

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Unironically, I totally believe iCarly wrote it. You can feel the shame, regret and self-hate.

Asking a favor since this today is an above average Dan thread...

Does this look on his face in this picture better represent his degeneracy or his disgustingness as a human being ?

thanks anons

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Never change, Dan. You are our hero!

Damn, she is a cutie. I want to protect and raw fuck her at same time. So conflicted.

He can’t keep getting away with it!

Good call on Amanda (in her prime)
Back them certainly fuckable as well as a complete slut.
Now, completely used up and bat shit insane as well.
Unfortunately, there is a noticeable difference between the " before Dan" version and the " after Dan" version of these girls.

>complete slut.
elaborate on this

Can you give me sanctuary
I must find a place to hide
A place for me to hide

Can you find me soft asylum
I can't make it anymore
The Man is at the door

I don't doubt it.

At the same time, many Nobel lauriets frequent Sup Forums especially the threads revolving around Dan, so either senerio is indeed a possibility

Talk a bit about Miranda "before and after Dan".

Impressive list.
Adding to your wisdom is the fact that you left off Jamie Lynn. Smart.

By not fucking her you saved yourself a unwanted teen pregnancy with a spoiled brat with a high profile well connected older sister. Well done.

Does Miranda have nudes like her slutty friend Mia?

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So, the rumors are true and Dan "trained" Miranda to be a cum slut, right? Poor thing.

Perfectly stated.
I have always tried to put Dan in the category of either blame or blameless without any luck whatsoever

This is a uniquely frustrating case.

Her poor asshole

Janette wanted to use this song in her short film about the industry. She could not even afford the rights to the song.
Probably does not matter as someone has put a cease and disesst order on the documentry. Seems she can't catch a break

Don't feel too bad for her user. She made around $180,000 in hush money per episode on icarly.

Continue to write your poetry Miranda
It is always welcome here

That's a song, The Soft Parade by The Doors.

It's the reason many of his supporters still root for the guy. These greedy sluts were like business tycoons in heels. Preying on Dan's weaknesses, of which there were many. Poor guy never stood a chance

Thanks user
What else in on your Playlist?

Just imagine the things Dan did to her to have to pay her so much money. Probably things that make her gang bang college stories look like children's stories.

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LA Woman, slutty edition ;)

True, it's unfortunate for her that he was, by nature, such a degenerate individual with the most lurid of proclivities

the only thing that wont get fucked by danny

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Not too familiar with the Doors, but at least that is one of there more upbeat songs?

>most lurid of proclivities
So, what Dan did to her again. All details please.

I don't believe he is a rapist, but he always looks so weird around his actresses lel

This is a "before Dan" picture.

"After Dan" is possibly less happy and also definitely less tight of an asshole

Part and parcel

Have any of you seen him in the jacuzzi with Amanda Byrnes when she was a kid

LOLI .... PIZZA....


Thanks user. just watched your link.
poetic. any other recommendations

In a recent interview, the child actor who played Neville on iCarly, stated unequivocally, that his asshole was indeed untouched, so can Dan at least get credit for that?

Do you want more of her? Just ask for pic.

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Some user had actually posted that picture
Disgusting (or not)

Can anyone give a qrd on how Miranda got the nickname "The Ghost" at USC?

He's from my city, which is fucking awesome

Dump your Miranda lewds. Thanks user

The Doors - When The Music's Over (Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970)

Just poetry, so many double meanings.

I like Mia, but this so much.
What happened with Miranda's previews, user?

Thanks going to check that out next

Darude - Sandstorm

Just look how innocent they were...
Why Dan ?

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What the fuck is wrong with you people? Seriously, you guys just fantasize about this shit all day?

She made a post on insta one time.

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>be Miranda
>go to Halloween party as Wonder Woman.
>get drunk and high.
>meet chad 1 and chad 2 (no doubt looking like Greek gods)
>drunkenly flirt and mention you have a fantasy about let’s say going to Paris to see a famous tower.
>chad 1 & chad 2
>three of them leave and go to chad 1’s dorm.
>cunt, cock and coke are abused for 2 hours straight.
>she has fun.
>one chad takes a rest and send a txt blast out
>”Wonder Woman dtf at chaddorm 1”
>the hours go by and between 20/25 chads turn up.
>they feed her booze, molly and coke from the bag like they are feeding a horse
>ten hours later chad’s tire.
>Miranda is so rekt and covered in cum chad 1 has to carry her home.
>she needs threes days to recover.
>the usc ghost was born.

Another story is she got hammered and smashed by the whole football team and when they finished with her she was covered in cum. Honestly, I think all the rumors are bullshit, but who knows for sure.

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why is a part of Sup Forums obsessed with Miranda? I'm sure she's living a great life now and it should be celebrated. living in the past only kills your future.

and seriously, i doubt she needs Sup Forums white-knights to support her possible sufferings of the past, she very likely has people close to her that can actually help.

>fantasize with a hot girl
That's pretty normal around waifufags, user. Are you gay or femanon?

Goddamn the fact that someone wrote this whole shit out at some point is just absolute cringe.

It's more than that, you dedicate hours to these threads and make up all this weird shit. Seek help.

Go back to trap-threads, jealous femanon.

Great taste user. There was something magikal about Jim.

>Just look how innocent they were...
>Why Dan ?
I think you answered your own question user.

Are you high or drunk again, Miranda? Love you when you are so rough with us, poor nerdy plebs.

Nice. How in hell I forget to post Riders On The Storm and

The End:

Hi, C. Post more shame-pics or song vids at your insta please.

There is an element of case study to it as well.
The narrative of whether or not an act of bad faith was indeed committed, and, if so, by which party