Old fag advice thread

Old fag advice thread
Which advice would give a boomer to the younger generation? What would you do differently if you would be magicly reset to be 18 again?

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Life sucks and makes no sense, find the courage to suicide and free yourself.

rough day at middle school?

time spent with friends in real life is more rewarding than social media

I'm 30, you don't need to be young to hate life.

ok boomer

Harm noone. Live well.

So 30 and no courage

Exactly, unfortunately.

look at him! Le funny man!

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There's only one thing I would tell my 18 year old self. DON'T BE AFRAID TO FAIL. You'll be disappointed by failure, frustrated, disheartened, embarrassed and straight up humiliated by it. But keep doing it anyway. Get back up and do it again. This applies to everything in life. Failure forces you to exercise your determination. Failure builds resolve, inner strength and character. Do not fear failure.

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>What would you do differently if you would be magicly reset to be 18 again?

Skip all religious, spiritual and psychological bullshit to stick with zen.

What's zen? Could you describe the main aspects of it in short? Genuinely curious and interested.

Never come to this website

id get off of Sup Forums

did you miss the entire point of this thread?

After you get out of school and get into working, your only focus should be on freeing yourself financially from the system.

Live small and cheap and invest the majority of your cash for an early retirement. Only once you've achieved that should you entertain branching out.

No kids*


- Try to find earlier on something you enjoy that you can do for money. Have career goals and have some drive to achieve them. Life is a lot better if you're not working a job you hate.
- Get your foot on the housing ladder as early as you can. Be paying your own mortgage instead of somebody else's.
- Start investing towards your retirement as early as you can. Even a small amount saved early on really snowballs with interest.
- Don't get into debt. Don't buy what you can't afford. Even cars, go for a used car rather than new. Learn some basic mechanic skilss so you can do your own maintenance/oil changes etc. Even better if you can get by without a car.
- Spend quality time with loved ones. Time really is your most precious asset, you can not buy any more of it.
- Speaking of which, spend less time on Sup Forums and playing vidya. Do something productive instead, get outside, go for a walk, hit the gym, do some yoga. Invest in yourself if you want to be healthy in later years.
- Don't smoke
- Don't stick your dick in crazy
- Whatever you stick your dick into, wrap it up!

Good luck young anons. See you on the other side.


alright...... DAVE.
thanks for your advice...... DAVE.....

Don't do this, OP.

You need to free yourself from materialism. This guy is still a slave to it. What really matters in your life are your relationships. Money will come and go but maintaining healthy relationships will give you peace and add value to your life in a way that money never will.

You're welcome.

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I was just being immature
on a more serious note, thank you for the advice

I'm just saying what I should have done, looking back on it.

I'd have been in a much happier and better place if I would have followed this advice when I was younger.

no one gonna say anything here you cant figure put yourself if you're one of the few, the proud
the quick swimmers

We're all gonna make it brahs

The world is your oyster. I realized this too late (26). In 1 year I built lots of connections, a business, bought my own home, looking at houses abroad

I spent my first 26 years dwelling on anxiety, afraid to leave the house, at 26 I started cutting toxic relationships lose, confronted all my sources for anxiety, however scary they might've been

At 28 I finally took the first step of buying my own apartment

30 now, looking at apartments abroad. Nobody can tell me what to do, how to do it, what's right and what I should do. They failed for 26 years, fuck them. I've never felt better before. The earlier you realize this imo the better you will be in everything that you do. Not saying "fuck the world", but confront your anxieties. The world is yours.

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Oh, also not a boomer. I don't think boomers are capable of giving good advice

If all of us make it we won't be any better than we were.

The military knows it, the country is just clownworld.

Boomers are faggots.

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Virtue brings you to happiness.
Don't say anything you don't think, irony and sarcasm are your ways to cope.
Align yourself with truth and universe will reward you.

Start work. Education and the debt it incurs dont have the return they used to. An entry level job can often lead to management in less time than 4 years at college. If you really need education for promotions, do it on your company's dime with reimbursement.
No relationships. All the wasted chances at free ass bc I thought I was gonna marry every girl I dated from ages 15-25. Find yourself first, have fun and dont think about serious stuff until after 25.
Dont compete financially. Go your own speed and dont go into debt trying to one up friends who have mommy and daddy buying their cars and shit.

>Start work. Education and the debt it incurs dont have the return they used to.
good advice. this is true. i am living proof of it.

also dont take advice from /b


Put all of your money to lottery tickets.
Get more and more until you hit big.
Never be afraid to fail because if you buy 100 tickets you only want/need 1 of them to be the one.
Failure is necessary for success so start failing.

this is a logical contradiction

When all fails just "Nigger"

Your time will come

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Don't drink. It's a fucking demon and most of the country is addicted. By not drinking you will be smarter, more focused, and more energetic than 75% of people.

But don't make a thing of it. Learn to fake it and join the party. They want to feel better about themselves by thinking everyone is doing it.

Start drinking. It's a fucking good time and most of the coolest people do it. By not drinking you will be lamer, more nerdy, and more annoying than 95% of people.

But don't make a thing of it. Learn to join the party. You should want to feel better about yourself by thinking everyone is doing it.

1. Saved my money instead of buying stupid I had to have NOW !!
2. Invest if only a few dollars in something.
3. Learned several languages
4. Being patient
5. Accept the fact that no one owes me anything and I have to do what needs to get done.
6. Spend more time with Family, sounds corny but family is family.
7. More School
8. Learn more skills like, carpentry, plumbing, etc.
9. And I can't stress this enough, SAVE!! SAVE ! ! SAVE !! your money !

There's so much more, but this came off the top of my head

>ok boomer

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NEVER tell a girl if you got a temporary std, they will hold it against you.

But if you do, blame them.

>otay bloomer

Eurodisney is not a good idea.

Trump is exact proof of the opposite.

Kind and gentle people die sooner.

Bitter people live longer

Get a job in tech. Job hop every year till mid 6 figures. Live like a hobo and throw every spare penny into an index fund. Retire at 35.

Stop worrying about what others Do just be you
Get fit
be creative. A knight in shining armor never had his metal tested