I'm a fren who's in need of frens this christmas

i'm a fren who's in need of frens this christmas

what's on your mind today

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Where do you live anaon? If I’m near you I’ll spend Christmas with you

Hi user. I just wanted to say that I *love* the picture of Pepe you posted where he is crying. It is SOO CUTE!!!! AWWWW!!!! Here's a hug for making me smile---> *hugs* Please reply back with a hug!

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i'm in the netherlands

can't wait for 2020 to be here this has been a very awefull year

Just chilling and playing pokemon swsh like the dirty sell out I am. Thinking about how people operate in functioning long term relationships because I have grown bored of each one I have been in over time. Dating a girl I really like now, but I can only ask myself how long is it really gonna last

i've never really played pokémon so don't really know anything about it to be honest

i've never had long relations because i seem to break them all the time my first relation lasted three months if not shorter when she broke up with me because we had constant arguements feels bad

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look at how gay they are

It's hard to find good friends cause everyone are assholes. I never had problems making friends in public till about 2012 I consistently started noticing nobody knows how to have friends without pissing them off. I literally stopped trying cause it's so bad now. Same with girls. I'm good looking enough to pull pussy but as far as a good gf that's a laugh. So your not alone dude if I was near I'd come smoke blunts with you and take you on a ride in the Supra. Cars and drugs make a man happy

you're the type of guy to post dick pics in dick rate threads so other dudes can rate it

Fuckn lol

Did you ever notice the arguments were never your fault? Did you ever start any arguments

same problem here used to have a lot of friends back in the days but when we all graduated we lost contact because we all went our own way and that's how i kind of lost friendship

i'm always active in chat websites such as tinychat and jumpin and ezcape and i'm a chill person but people always seem to judge you from first appearance and talk shit not sure why when you're trying your best to refrain from making enemies

i'm definetly not alone and pretty sure that there are more people looking for a hand out and this might be the appropiate thread for it

I'm not a "type of guy" I'm god incarnate and only what I think is relevant

well i'm 24 now and i was 16 back in the day and she was my very first girlfriend so i didn't really know how to deal with it

pretty sure i've been the reason for arguements but i'm also pretty sure that there have been moments where i've not been the reason

eitherway it's been a bouncy relation it's been fighting and being good on and off we had our best christmas and birthdays and celebration days but then again we also had our horrible days it was better for us to split and go a seperate way even though it did break me

fuck you frogposter. keep your problems to yourself.

hey how about you try and make friends instead of being such a miserable S.O.B

are you looking for a hand-out because it seems you are

TO EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD THIS GUY PROVED MY POINT trolls and assholes and people who claim they are who they aren't I'm so sick of negative motherfuckers like what happened to you where you had to come here and comment some asshole shit

I can agree, 2019 has been the worst

basically people with daddy issues or mommy issues come in here and post that because they feel lonely and they need someone to fulfill their emptiness

OP is a liar im watching him with his friends on cam rn

yeah it's been a weird year i worked for this company for ten months straight doing the same shit over and over and got bored of it asked if thereis anything i could do for them besides that and was told no

decided to find a new job didn't work out got unemployed with no money for six months straight trying to survive

can finally start on a job i like in 2020 so i hope this year ends pretty quickly

Awww poor guy he probably didn't get his tendies

We are Sup Forumstards for ever, so that means we are Sup Forumsbros for ever.
Hugs, Sup Forumsbro!

stop watching me also i haven't made friends so far but that's why i'm most of the time on chatting websites because that's one good way for one to make friends if you're not very good at being social in real life

i feel bad for people who have real life issues and try to cope post to help theirselfs out it's whatever you can't really change it

hell fucking yeah Sup Forumsro

i've been coming to these websites where you can chat and get on cam and talk to be more social because i'm rather introvert and bad at being social so it's a way to get started

u sound like a retard. go back to plebbit

don't think that has anything to do with plebbit to be honest

i don't use plebbit or watch plebbit but i'm pretty sure there would be a way different vibe

Here's a penis for you.

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lurkchat luvs u

i love lurkchat that's why i've never stopped visiting it

i think you're posting this in the wrong thread :')

all frogposters must die

fuck you hater we all know pepe is the chosen one

Check this and don't forget to thank me


who's that and how old is she even?

but thanks eitherway fren

im rich user, if i sent you $100 on a scale from 1-10, what would it do for you? be honest because i could otherwise perhaps come up with better things

>be honest because i could perhaps otherwise come up with other things
god the english

well money would mean a lot to me because i've been unemployed for a long while and i'm going to start working next year

but on a honest side i'd rather have a friend to talk to because that's worth more than money because money is not going to make me any happier than a good friend IMO

money doesn't last very long because you're going to spend it on something and it's vanished

my english isn't great either and there is no excuse for it but at least trying is one good effort

i know, that's what i thought
work, user, taking control of your own life is where happiness starts

being sad and depressed is due to a lack of control. had you had the control you would've figured out something that could've made you feel better. you wouldn't dwell on these things. Being unemployed and worthless' one of man's worst enemies. Not having a purpose sucks ass

Thought about joining a discord to talk shit in? Live alone?

> but on a honest side i'd rather have a friend to talk to because that's worth more than money
> money doesn't last very long because you're going to spend it on something and it's vanished
uh you are so stupid. imagine being able to eat or pay for a roof over your head versus blabbering about "frens". yes money is definitely worse than a friend. kys froggy!!

agree i'm going to start working next year so i'm really looking forward to that not only because i'm going to make money but also to socialize again and to gain experience

i don't have discord i've made discord on the past but never really got to join any servers because i couldn't really find any of my interest

surely there are now just haven't took the time to make a new account yet

you must be american

Why do you think Christmas has a special meaning?

not sure why you're so mad and what you're mad about you seem lonely you need a friend in your life?

you really think that compared to friends money is going to make happy?

elaborate illerate cow

i don't think it's special it's just that it's once a year so you want to make it good each year except for being a downer each christmas and sitting in your dark basement all day dwelling on sadness

might be a american could also be a very grumpy german

Somaliswede kek

you're from sweden? well it's a pleasure to meet you

>once a year
and why the fuck does it have to be December 25?

i don't know these are questions i honestly can't answer

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fuck off i'm not that emo you degenerate pleb

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Hehe *Wink wink*

u should kno everyone here hate u. just being honest with u

>elaborate illerate cow

you're from somali from sweden? well it's a pleasure to meet you

>just you

don't even try

Sup man. I fucking hate women. What about you?
My plans for the future: I'm gonna eat my own shit maybe.
I love pepe. Peace

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so when are you going to explain what makes sense about what you replied

I love pepe,
going to work next year and make money,
going to try and be more social,

going to avoid all these fags trying to shit post

no, i'm not from somalia or from sweden user did you read?

''kno'' illiterate cunt

Pepes head reminds me of a butt. Maybe it's shreks' butt because it's green.

I think your problem isn't how to make money. Everybody knows how to make money. It's an easy way. The harder way is to save money! How do you save money? Nobody knows! Try to save money.

grill detected

Hello this is OP on his phone

I agree. Making money is easy I just don't know how to handle money because I spend it on useless shit

No I'm a goy as we speak but I'm not jewish

Also Pepe's head does look like a butt

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Get barbecue'd

Not a grill I'm a boy

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On phone can't run WEBM's :(

The world is ending in 2020. I've got a gut feeling. The water levels are too high. Political tension grows. BBC Cucks etc. Nothing is more valuevable than your soul. Take care of it. Soul is not a black bbc thing. Soul has no colour.
Believe in yourself and the things that you do

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Quote of the century

i dont give a fuck. get off your phone

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Talk to yourself. Love yourself.
Guys will always be better than women.
The penis is there to be eaten in case you're hungry.

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The first Bad Thing™ starts between 2-3 January.

There are three Bad Things going to happen:
- some celestial Bad Thing (asteroid? solar cycle & EMP?)
- some Big One happening (St.Andreas? Yellowstone caldera?)
- some serious war (nukes? financial?)

Sure thing, most faggots will be taken off guard because they were watching porn or eating shit food

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If you ever see a woman you hate i will share with you my secrets.
Do not let them catch you looking at them. If your eyes meet, stare at them until she looks away. If she doesn't, continue staring.
Alternatively you can stare at their boobs or ass. Let them know you're there.
Don't hate them. Know how to deal with them!

I'll be your fren, what is up my user

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Make me coont

>eating penisses

No thanks

The earths' EMP is already moving in direction of Russia. This means that the ice will melt even faster. Do not be afraid to relocate your living. Be wise and you will live longer.

Nothing much user counting the days waiting for 2020 to come it's hopefully gonna be better than 2019

most of the people here would rather fap on 'pics you should not show' threads but i don't think 2020 is gonna be any different from 2019

Greta Thunberg is like a scavenger, feeding off the remains of humanity.
The planet is already a dead corpse. Don't let her lay eggs!

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Greta Thunderberg is a prime example that fetal alcohol syndrome is real

i hope that you become happy and be better soon anone!!

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This place is crawling with femanons posting pics of themselves in BBC threads. 99% are self posting.
Black is wrong
I make money
I buy wedding ring
I make the proposal if i want to.
Fuck you

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Fuck yeah let's do it fren i'm down to make steam and discord if anyone is down for that

Let's be fwens

what's on your mind?

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over the time Sup Forums became more gay with furry threads and gay threads and such we should burn those