Hi everybody. I'm russian zoomer

Hi everybody. I'm russian zoomer.
Ask me about something

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Do you like putin and if not why do you hate your countries huge amount of tradition?

How broke is Russia really? Over here we think of it as this shabby freezing cold rundown eastern block thing going on but I recently saw a movie where it looks as good as any western nation.

Do you play escape from tarkov? How fast is your internet? What city are you from?

How popular is Garage 54? I watch the dubbed videos but i wonder how well known they are there.

It’s true, Russia is a backward country. the average salary in the country is 300 dollars.
Russian films is bullshit.
Sorry, i'm bad speek English.


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No i'm not play EOT. I pay for the Internet 4 dollars a month. I am from Saratov, the city of Balakovo. can I say redneck

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>Messaging service
>Torrent site and client
>PC Operating System
>Mobile phone Operating System
>News app
do you use?

Are you good at school?

I do not know what is this

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Favorite Russian dish/beverage? Mine is Kvass

What are your favorite PC games and favorite 2ch boards?

>>Messaging service
>>Torrent site and client
>>PC Operating System
Windows 8.1
>>Mobile phone Operating System
Xaomi 10.
>>News app
I do not follow the news.

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Is your family rich?

Why do you browse Sup Forums?

ohhh i love kvass. We drink it every summer and it’s cheap. My favorite dish is borsch, and lemonade

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Max Butler gets released soon hopefully if they havent turned him for the 3rd time ha. Hows business been?

No, my parents are divorced, my mom makes $ 400 a month. I'm "broke boi"

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through Omnichan

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My favorite games DA Origins and Shogun TW and the witcher, because there is Slavic mythology.
I like Sup Forumsred board and Sup Forumsnime board

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Favorite anime?

I graduated from school and college, and now without work

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Welcome to NHK, Clannad, Usagi drop.

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I hate Putin because he rules Russia for 20 years in a row.
In Russia, as well as yours, black oppresses us. not niggas, but Chechens. They fuck our women.

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Hows the dump business?

very bad

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What music do you listen to?

i printed some more hentai images but the colours didn't come out right
what a pity

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are you the user I gave advice to on how to emigrate to the US?

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I like american hip-hop. Like Uzi and Carti, waiting for EA,WLR
From russian music Grazhdanskaya Oborona, Egor Letov

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Yea shit kinda changed when san fran guys went down some years back. I threw in the towel when laws got heavy.

No, I'm not him, but I want to emigrate to you. I'm here the first day, I came from 2ch

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do you know anyone who has been killed by all those roaming packs of dogs?

the main 2 cities look like that , but most of the country lives on the outskirts, where its a definition of a shithole

well first step is you've got to listen to better quality hip hop. here, let me help you, young Russia nigga.


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Do you play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.?

I do not understand you, which dogs?

Very nice man!
Didn't know that last one but I like it sounds real good and the video recommended a lot of good stuff too
I like Kino

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Yeeeeah, bratuha, i play this. Mlyyyyaa ya maslinu poimal.

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>Haвaльный 20!8
Aхaхaх пятaя кoлoннa пpocpaли вы вce пeдapaзы

You like Victor Tsoi? You watch "Иглa"?

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O здopoвa /б/paт, paд yвидeть тyт хoть кoгo-тo ктo гoвopит нa пoнятнoм языкe

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Дa cижy инoгдa.
Хoтя фopчoк cкaтилcя в cpaнyю пapaшy, 98% бopды - пopнyхa блять. Пpичeм лaднo бы пpocтo пopнyхa, тaк нeт, фyypятинa, тpaпoтa, жиpyхи, кaнчинa нa фoткaх и пpoчee. Cпacибo Пyтинa зa нaши Pyccкиe дyхoвныe cкpeпы кpч лoл

YES! Kino! Victor Tsoi! He's an amazing great artist!!
No I haven't listen to Иглa, my friend

ohh i like los santos radio, always only listened to him in all parts of gta.

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check em son
same user here. that is actually Freddie Gibbs and another dude named Curren$y. but yeah, they are the best of the best. you've got great taste so you will have no problem emigrating here, friend

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Бля, a я cюдa тoлькo впepвыe зaшёл и aхyeл oт вceгo этoгo мycopa в б, пиздeц блять я дyмaл здeшниe инцeлы aдeквaтныe и гopaздo лyчшe нaших, нo пиздeц тyт кaждый втopoй тpeд пpo фaп, милфы, нюдcы, мaняфaнтaзии o eблe c poдcтвeнникaми, пиздeц тoк чтo читaл тpeд гдe кaкoй-тo peтapд cфoткaл cвoю мaть и вылoжил этo cюдa, и eщё пoкaзaл пикчи гдe кoнчaeт нa eё тpycики и пoдглядывaeт зa нeй в вaннe, a здeшниe aнoны eгo хвaлят, пиздeц eбeyтыe кoнeчнo.
Я хoчy выyчить aнглийcкий и пoэтoмy cюдa пepeкaтилcя шoб oкpyжить ceбя aнглoязычнoй бopдoй, нo пoнял шo в здeшнeм б cидят кaкиe-тo oзaбoчeнныe кyкoлды кoтopыe нoют пpo тo шo бeлыe тянки им нa дaют, a тoлькo нeгpaм. У нac хoть в б pyлeтки кpyтят и ecть зacмeялcя oбocpaлcя тpeды

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Hy дa тyт пиздeц.
A я yжe бyмep лoл, 30 в 2020 бyдeт cyкa нaх.A cюдa впepвыe пepeкaтилcя кaк двoщ в 2009 yпaл, дa.

What was your major in college?

How do you want to come to the US without money, because you said you have no job?