Whats up poorfags? ;)

Whats up poorfags? ;)

Rate my new chair i bought ;)
High end luxury gaming chair
Im gonna enjoy long sessions on my computer with no back pain

Enjoy your backpain if you dont have one of these bad boys

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lel 'Gamer-Chair' equals comfort

try harder

>Buys somewhat expensive gaming chair
>Thinks that makes him wealthy
>Still lives with mom
>Probably a fat and ugly sperg
Who are you better than again?

Posture is a hoax. It doesn't matter how you sit as long as you don't strain your back.

Greetings fatty. I'm glad your money can buy you happiness.

im very happy for you OP. I hope you will enjoy the chair.


Where did you get that money from?

I hope you dont get back pain

>Whats up poorfags? ;)
My Aeron, nigger.

I bought a titan on black friday. I like it but dont think its comfort. Its a very stiff chair and takes a lot of effort to break in. All in all i like it but if i would of known it was going to be this stiff i would of looked for other options.

My gaming chair is a trucker chair welded to a sturdy office chair base.
Not something you can buy on amazon. I’ve slept in it before it’s so comfy. Specifically designed to be sat in for 12+ hours.
Has been in my family for over 20 years. I’m the 3rd one to receive it and I’ll probably give it to my son someday.
Your chair is sub-par.

haha ive got one off a Casino.
They design em to make u stay...

Kys old boomer

>I've spent 434€ on the marketing promises attached to a chair, because I'm so incredibly out of shape sitting has become an arduous task on my frail body.


>high end luxury gaming chair
That's an oxymoron if I've ever seen one. If you're gonna drop $400 on a chair get a fucking recliner, dipshit. Gonna be way more comfortable than that gimmicky crap. Hell, a $150 "regular" office chair would be better cushioned than that meme on wheels.


want to try to say it to my face IRL? Ill fucking smash your teeth in kid

Man I may be poor, but sometimes I just wanna buy milk for my cereal without my card getting declined

Luxury chairs go to 10k easily.
It's just 400. That less than an upper end GPU goes for. How long did you save for this?

Gaming chairs suck ass. Fancy colors with no comfort at all.

Shut the fuck up

Get a life loser

about 500 USD kek

Did you suck some bbc for money?

Want to try to say it to my face?

I’m 25, nice try though.