Any of you faggots have tattoo? post em

any of you faggots have tattoo? post em

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imagine being this fucking degenerate

I thought about getting one but never really found anything very appealing. In recent years I just think they look like shit. They never seem to add to anyone who has one and make good looking women look worse.

>not getting them to make old people scared of you

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Here's mine. Adding more to it in February.

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I actually respect this. Most thots will just fuck you and not ever let you know. At least she is committing to honesty

this is just cringe. but the HIV degenerate should be hanged. she's a menace. at some point she's going to infect someone and condemn that poor sod to death

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imagine how pathetic you'd actually have to be to tattoo some autistic japanese drawing on to your skin... oof

Faggot detected

Imagine being so self-conscious to the point you let other people decide how to live your life.

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not even him but you're probably one of those faggots who's scared to get a tattoo because you cry when you get a shot

how bad did this one get infected? be honest.

fedora wearing, overweight faggots desperately trying to convince themselves their body pillow and extensive collection of whatever crap japanese comics are not the hallmarks of extreme autism

seethe on, faggots

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I'm glad I didn't get the douche bag gene that makes you want tattoos.

Yikes. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Keep trying.

>tfw have to spend 1k before I can get my hands done

Same here. Cannot possibly think of anything to mark myself with

Nothin rly special, except for me ofcourse

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I really like that, where is it from ?

Use to be you had a real meaning behind them or mostly that you went to war (yakuza too). Now it's "I wanna 4emeber (mom,dead kid, brother)" or 'fuckit, might as well'. Best burger response "My body, my rules." Way more an insult to culture and less making themselves a deep, interesting person. Buddy put it best, "I don't need tattoos; that's what scars are for."

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My own design

No, that one is fine. had it done over a year ago.

This one, however...

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Not finished yet but this is what I got

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No because I'm not degenerate

Looks like that one time when Bam Margera branded his ass

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did you have some drug addict do this at his home?

Why did you get a tattoo of minor Nintendo mascot Kid Icarus?

When I've posted that before people have absolutely insisted it's a brand gone wrong. This is how it looked once the antibiotics had done their job

It just got really irritated the day after I had it done. Entirely my fault, but the tattooist gave me a free re-do

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Thanks, it's horrid

A week away from irreperable damage, apparently. The infection was just about to enter my elbow, at which point I would have been fucked


post your tatttoo's then.

>Buddy put it best, "I don't need tattoos; that's what scars are for."

Fucking cringe


no in fact she advertises she has it which is better than not

I don't believe this is real. There's no rule against having someone draw something on you with regular pens and markers. Why someone would want this other than to wear to church, I don't know.

I'm sorry I don't have any, because 95% of tattoos look like shit

What the... I almost puked.

NGL, kinda cool. Does it have special meaning?

People with tattoos should be exterminated like jews

This is my largest one, apologies for phoneposting I don't own a webcam. Did it myself at 3am in the mirror with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a cheap ink gun in the other when I was like 17. Ik it sucks but I kinda like it, it's got my crackhead energy to it, very "me". Also have a small pot leaf on my ankle.

Forgot to add the picture oops

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>this is my largest one
>apologies for phoneposting
>doesn't post anything

Why do you kinda like it? It's awful


Yeah, I felt like doing the same every time I poked it

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Kinda for that exact reason
Sorry bro I'm hungover as hell I just forgot to pick the file lmao

you can suck my TEXANS dick ...just saying

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Yeah, post your unique and basically unremovable biometric identification signs for the FBI database.

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Diving helmet, Texas... What does this mean?

I can't hate a Cthulu tattoo.


It means that you are a faggot.

Thanks for the reminder!


she literally got the tattoo to warn people she has HIV

>posting positively-identifiable marks on your body
>on an anonymous imageboard

I love tattoos and the whole process, not beucase they are cool or i like to show of them. It just makes me feel good for few days after and the whole process of thinking what to get and the pain everything relaxes me and gives me few hours off the regular day grind. Some people go to movies, drink or get hooker and i get tattoos

Fucking hot. I like it

Love it

>Imagine being a nigger
I doubt the police will ever have a reason be looking for me.

Awesome. I love tattoos

Fucking love it. Harry potter. Might get similar next time.

always read before you fuck

That pussy so hot


Pretty cool. Tattoos ar great

Nice. Arent tattoos fucking awrsome

Yesss tattoo love. So great

Funny. Love tattoos

That one I designed myself using my own Elder wand as a base. I've seen other DH symbol tattoos and they're all just so identical

haha, love tattoos!

Same to me.

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Yeah i take one using my own invisibility cloak as a model

It's real. Made a couple news outlets because the dumb bitch was whining that she couldn't get a job because of it.

If any of you know what this is, you’re a real one

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Yeahh boi tattoos are best