Indian hate thread

Indian hate thread

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Post bobs

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poo in the loo

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Indian here AMA

Why do you people like to be hit and electrocuted by your 100 year old trains?

just go to any of the 20 wwyd/fb insta nudes threads on Sup Forums and start fucking with them. they are all pajeet

Its probably a rural issue when people lack education or lack awareness due to substance abuse intoxication or mental illness

Only in India is where you will see a PSA with shit mascots reminding people to shit in toilets and not in the streets and beaches

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Brother makes a good point

I'm confused cuz India's the 2nd largest country behind China. So what's the largest English speaking cointry OP?

Why? What's wrong with Indians?

Meanwhile in just 10 days the world will see a shining star on the global board. India becomes officially a superpower. Making it straight to the 3rd place. I am proud to be indian. These are phenomenal times


Lmaoo my gf shows me all the random thirsty Indian guys DMing her with cringey ass compliments. She's probably been posted in some of those threads

YAY! Let's all play with cow shit!!!

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The countdown is ticking. Less than 10 days until India is officially a superpower. I hope you understand what this means to your safety. You will have the chance to apologize to me who is an indian representative of the great infia nation on the internet so i expect everyone who mocked india or generally had a treacherous tounge towards indian culture to formally apologize. For your own safety

The USA with a 3rd the population of India is the bigger English speaking country? Ohhh. Umm cool.

OK, sweetie.

India will RISE!


I sense some mad pajeets in this thread

How else are you going to grow your pinus to 1 feet?

Indian women are hot though

does the smell of curry turn you on?

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Once they reach 30, not so hot

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I'm from Northern England so you bet it does

Careful, what if a the chaddest of all Pajeets messages her?

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>Once they reach 30, not so hot

That goes for all women. Wealth and an easy life can help age more gracefully.

There are also "statistical outliers" in every race....

You mean the final boss of tech support?

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Dont forget to delete on 12/31/19 11:59pm your indian hate folder completely and forget about everything you knew about india before. A new India will be born at new years eve and you will watch in awe as you witness a so sophisticated such powerful and sovereign nation you have never seen before. INDIA. This will be our time

Fam your country doesnt even know its own language. You all communicate by clicking your tounges and shit.

rollin' in poo

If you're a white guy that hates Indians you should kik me
My kik is iluvwhit

top b8 m8

no thanks pajeetie sweetie

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what, are you gonna start wiping your ass or something spectacular like that?

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