Chatpic thread

Chatpic thread

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Chatpics have watermarks..
..OP fucks up again.

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Imig is pretty much the same thing

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It’s not

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Anyone know why i cant rate or post or even chat on chatpic? Im apways getting the message "ooops you cant vote/chat from this network" am i banned? Any idea?

Need to refresh your browser and the site is really glitchy

Using a vpn?

Would love that site if it the people weren't so obsessed with fat hogs

Not him but I use a vpn all the time on there. Works just fine.
Or dudes posting the same clothed pics over and over

Yea that too. Pretty fun to post exes on all the same. Occasionally find someone with real good win

That site is unpredictable as fuck.
You either get ditch pigs or average chicks.. nobody posts hot oc.

Hot oc pops up at weird times

I tried posting an ex there, and it wasn't worth it. There's only ever a couple hundred people lurking, and that includes bots.

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Fuck is that her?

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looking for more of that chick


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Na.. Just didn't want to reply without a pic. Not enough pics get posted.

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Dont really know of any other good places to post besides threads here unfortunately

Bump for that

>That site is unpredictable as fuck.
that's the beauty haha

Youre an upstanding user. On phone otherwise would join you.

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> that's the beauty
Sometimes it's far faaaar from beauty

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agree but Ignore button is our blessing there

Thanks.. I'm on phone too, but with unlimited data.

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wow! is there more of her? room?

I'm just scrolling to random spots in my archive

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Any chance of a pic of your ex here? I'm curious

kk thanks

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Sure.. This is her.

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Definitely hotter than the chicks getting posted on there most days, I see why youre frustrated

room: /r/GoWild/#jada

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she's cute

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Yeah, I have literally hundreds of pics and some video at home.. but the audience is fickle.

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I know that feel. Would love to see more of her some time if youre interested, have Kik or email?

Holy Fuck the digits itt!

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add new room in #GoWild

Only a work email and no kik.
I may post her sometime when I'm bored enough.

In the meantime, have a different ex.

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Oh.. Wow.. a fully clothed Facebook picture.. how daring..
..that's another reason chatpic is shit.
There's a lot of that kind of posting.

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Well ill just hope im lucky enough to wind up in the same thread. And no complaints about that, nice braid on her

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She holds the record for 0-to-Orgasm by my hand. We were biking in the fall, and it was cold out. We stopped to make out on a side trail, and I finger blasted her with my hands down her pants. I suppose the heat from climbing, and the cold of my fingers did something magical because she needed to cling to me for support as we stood.. her knees had given out from cumming inside of 30sec.
Kinda miss fucking her tbh.

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damn thats intense. Super memorable when you give a girl the leg shakes. First time i ate out my ex from high school her legs were shaking uncontrollably from the orgasm, first time she was ever eaten out

there is plenty of FB pics everywhere including Sup Forums Sup Forums

it's a part and parcel of living in a big city

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Back then I had a blonde so tight and orgasmic she'd squeeze me out and push away a half dozen time's whenever we fucked. Great innie nipples and acorn shapped tits too.. mainly because she was 15 at the time.

that's epileptic seizures

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damn dude thats the dream. would kill to go back to fucking eager teens

I didn't stop doing that until I was ending my 20's.. Lol

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> /r/GoWild/#Zoe19

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man i need to find where all the slutty teens are while im still in my mid 20s

Unreal girl.. Fapping to that later for sure.

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Just be around where they congregate.
Heck I've struck up conversations in a Starbucks that have ended with my dome being polished in the back seat of a car.
Girl's this millennium are easy as fuck because that's what they're told is normal.

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Nice, more

Still tossing up random pics

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you must be one smooth motherfucker then. Best motivation for getting in shape for the summer too. There's some swim holes around here that i bet will have a bunch hanging out at them

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Is this a current chatpic? Like we’re pulling from chatpic 15m board and dumping our likes here?

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can be why not

I have a story related to that.
Was at the local lake and had some "Gatorade" bottles filled with Palm Bay to avoid the police confiscation.
Made sure to be filling the bottles in the parking lot in view of a couple of girl's.
Only took them about 45min to ask for one. Easy peasy from there on out.

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niiice. Any apps that are useful or better off in person?

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I've always had better luck in person.
An ounce of charming confidence goes a long way.. For some of them it's a foreign concept. Just be personable and exploit opportunities. Works on all women.

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