I'm going to steal that car in 20 minutes, watch it live here:

I'm going to steal that car in 20 minutes, watch it live here: skylinewebcams.com/en/webcam/united-states/nevada/virginia-city/virginia-city.html

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checked.. now have to do it

Maybe I will

You won’t

How do we know it's you, you fagget?

So that's your truck and you're going to drive it to work at 1135?

Proof faggot


Hurry the fuck up

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The wait continues...

I'm a bit delayed, gonna be a 25 min drive

So you driving your car to steal a car

niggers aren't smart

Aaaand I’m gone

Fucking dumbass

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>25 min drive
>to steal a car

somethings not right with that boy

Timestamp, going now

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i hope you get shot


it's a truck not a car


fucking hurry up slug ass

holy fuck he did it, this guy is insane

hurry up, fag

ding ding ding 6 minutes and still nothing ding ding ding


how much time left?

Thread nr 382912828 of OP promising to do something on a public livestream. Dont waste ur time, friends


We're waiting....

op is probably full of it

lame ass thread

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OP won’t deliver, it’s already been 30 minutes.

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he says hes drivin dimwits....

or most likely skn a dick

Police is near guys, hold on, watch stream

He's gonna have fun getting through those construction workers

you have been bambozzled

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jesus imagine living in that shithole

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Wave to the camera so we know it's you

OP is stealing Christmas decorations with a skylift

rofl construction workers, glhf

Aaaand now roadworks have turned up, see you guys the next time OP fails to deliver.

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have fun getting caught, dumbass. that is if you ever even get there

20 mins has past, abandon thread

op should have done it faster so he wouldn't have to worry about the workers

op = gay and wont deliver

>niggers actually believing that the nigger will do this and actually watching the stream kek

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Me trying to watch this fucking thread

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OP please deliver with skybro there

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Watching them removing the decorations is better than watching OP

y'all leave the trans/rekt/celeb threads for this?

where the fuck is op?

fuck of coomer

Because someone will be stealing it at the time mentioned.

does everyone in this town drive a truck/SUV?

yee its true


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much more entertaining

Yeah because its so likely that someone else will steal the car now, right?

Go circle the block at least once so we can see you on camera

Imagine being the guy holding the sign

aight since OP is being autistic lets play iSpy
starting off easy i spy something green n square

already tributing in the latest thread

is this real, or some sort of virus?????

op faggot


its real you moron

trash bin

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Shut the fuck up bitch... Huuttchoo... Eeetchhoooo..... Gyyeeettchhoooo....

ITT we wait...

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one day you all will learn...
the internet people never show up

Fucking kek


Worst post in Sup Forums history

Is that not OP suspiciously hanging around across the street?

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The trashcan on the midle left, I see an OP who doesn't deliver

ding ding ding

iSpy with my little eye something useless

so much this, came here to comment THIS
fuck off faggot
if we wanna see paint dry we'll see paint dry

I thought that myself

I sort of like watching skybro removing christmas deco, so im not that upset OP is a faggot

The fucking trash bin.
I spy something brown and square.


Hurry the fuck up OP...... I Swear,,,, This IS Me. I Will fucking Kill you if you don;t do it. You now have to do it or Im gonna fuckeng MURDER YOU.

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greatest post of today

rofl that guy has to be OP across the street right?

this guy sus
has to be op




op at least show us you're near the car so we know you're not lying and we can stick around

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That’s a fat fuck... so yeah.

op will never deliver

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ding ding ding

OP stop loitering and post a picture of the crane

Ye op looks like a fucking nigger with that waltz, if he whuz smart he would jacked the car already. only a fucking moron stands around the crime scene for that long.

The brown sign on the upper right

facts if he's legit he should post a different angle of the genie

stand next to the trash can so we know it's you

Waiting on op to get into his own car

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