Hookers/escort thread

hookers/escort thread.
So i'm seeing this escort for $500 an hour. Am I getting my moneys worth? Would you?

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I love that ass
Would you Sup Forums?

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no takers?

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I like the schoolgirl costume.

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last one, I have to leave.

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I'd hit it. Not sure if fire 500 though

500 seems excessive

she looks like such a whiny faggot, probably gonna rob you and give 19min handjob

I'd get pussy for an entire month with that money

If I'm not cumming deep inside her I'm not paying that money

I am fucking not paying 500 bu for that girl !!!!!!
You must be american, right???? I mean you can find any girl that looks better than her in any club in miami or california what??

I have spend 300 bucks to 550 bucks / hour for escorts in other parts of the world and they were SUPERMODELS not that girl you show in the picture!!!

Keep in mind, when this bitch shows up, she may look WAY different than she does here. Find out how old this pictures are

you can go down to your local full nude gentlemens club and pay about half.

Girls, of course, vary from town to town but I mean, if you're willing to drop 500 bones you are willing to drop some gas for travel I assume.

Bonedin dot com

you're welcome Sup Forumsuddy

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trips of truth

500 is only acceptable if you make like 10 grand a month honestly

if you make less than 10k a month you should probably not be spending 500 on this escort

I'd hire an escort. Tbh just talking to someone and having a laugh before fucking, the girlfriend experience sounds pretty good. Does this feel forced or is it sincere? I'm not an awkward betafag but packed some extra pounds and not the best looking, well groomed though which is what I think would be most important if I were an escort slash hooker.

no sex is worth $500 you incel faggot

I have been with 6 escorts in my life.
All 6 were north and eastern european and I met them in Europe. I paid around 350e to 450e hour.
The experience was great, probably better than a GF. Most ask you for personal photos cuz there are some high class escorts that sleep with men they find atractive.

I have found really good relation with some of them that I have spend one day or arrange another visit or take them to travel for a better price. It was fantastic and the line between faking or not is very light when you develop a stronger relation with your escort.
I enjoy if they enjoy also.


For $500 you could pick up a slut from the local mall and have her repeatedly.

how can you be this retarded

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you are paying her 250 times the minimum wage in my country
send money plz ;-;

Well go suck OPs dick then

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Yeah it should be a good experience for both. No joy in making someone uncomfortable, that's why I'd avoid Eastern European women as an escort. Even though I enjoy their bold and dominant attitude most European women over here are not doing escorting by consent. Dutchfag.

All easter european escorts I ve met were into modelling and were free to do whatever they want. They werent slaves or whatever, those girls Ive met in London, Paris, Swiss

Yeah guess you get what you pay for. So how much time is enough time to enjoy it for an escort as its different for a hooker? Also I enjoy a bit of coke, that shouldn't be a problem right?

For €350 an hour. I hope you used to nut deep inside them. If you paid that money only to finish inside a condom then you are a faggot

Nice trips. Also a condom, extra stamina, more self control. It's not that bad but oral with it is a joke.

The problem with hookers is that they charge you for how hot they are, not how hard they work. I talented 7 outclasses a fullofherself 9 any day. You shouldnt be spending more than 250

does she have a penis user, if so yes its ok.

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Y'all just mad I can afford a $500 hooker

with 500 id could get 2 or 3, not worth spending 500 on just 1

Obv Oral withouth condon is a must in a GFE service. Sex is with condon, oral not.
I mostly take an hour and if I really like the girl and there is a nice conection I can negotiate the price to spend 1 night maybe going out to a club or dinner.

There are others that probably you would like to take them for travel or whatever, but thats expensive.
Now I have a gf and also I have an escort that we have a very close relationship, but she lives very far away. So I would like to take her for travel to an island or somewhere very nice in India or Caribe.

She knows I have a gf haha, so she knows she only can text me to my other number and no likes in my instagram photos haha. She is the best

If you like 8+ or hotter Latinas, go to Cartagena, or Bogota. $125/hr. Google 'Nenas de Bogota'. Highly recommend it ;)

>Americans paying $500 to fuck a hooker

Fucking lol, in the UK you can find local escorts online and most charge like £100 for an hour at their place or £150 for an hour at your place. I've seen some charge as low as £70 for their place

I know no one will believe me, but fuck it here we go. My ex gf used to be a top end escort, and now she's "retired." by that I mean she doesn't post ads anymore but her regulars still pay to fly her out for usual day visits. Her hourly rate when I met her was 300 and she worked almost daily in Nashville. At that time she was mid 20s, pale, and honestly sexy enough I could understand people paying for it. Of course I was in the deadbeat bf role. Most civvies don't know but a ton of escorts have boyfriends that don't really do shit. The woman just wants the emotional and physical support because the job is so isolating. I went on some tours with her tour, basically set up the room for her and then got spending money and was out in these cities doing my thing while she worked. Before you ask yeah it sucks for your gf to fuck for cash. They get jaded with sex real quick. But I was security and over a month made $8k as my cut since I'd post her ads while SHITposting here.

Fast forward to now. We're broken up but still friendly. She even flies and stays with me for a week and we fuck. Having said that, people paying for her blow my fucking mind. She buzzed her hair and wears what I view is an obvious wig. She got implants that are too perky, don't bounce or move. And she tanned to the point she's pretty damn dark. And with all that said, her 2hr rate is $1k. She doesn't do an hour and most of her work is fly me to you shit. Guys dropping thousands to spend time with her. It blows my mind.

Why am I saying all this? Because I want anyone who thinks dropping $500 for an hour to spend with someone who you can only judge based on their pics that could be years old to rethink their plans. Don't get me wrong, I met a lot of escorts, and most are chill and nice chicks. But they're just chicks. You could find a cutie just as reliable on tinder that isn't whoring herself. Save your money and invest it in yourself instead of supporting some depleting asset whore.

$500 is fucking ridiculous although I have heard escorts are just generally more expensive in murrica.
Probably because it's legal everywhere here so there's actually somewhat of an economy around it.

What do you? Skipthegames or Eros? Cause I want to get an escort(texas) but I don't know what is better or has better girls