Fat girl sex stories thread

fat girl sex stories thread.
positive or negative, whatever.

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Wish I would have one

My wife is fat and really short. We have a pretty active sex life. Anything specific you're wanting to hear about?

anything interesting happen during sex because of her size?

Ya know, I never really got the whole larger women aesthetic until I had a rough patch in my marriage and cheated on my wife with a fairly plump girl.

It wasn't healthy mentally, but my god was that some raw fun.

Best part and worst part of sex with her.

I was fucking her hard doggy style and the side of the bed she was facing broke so we were leaning forward and down. Instead of stopping I pulled her hair towards me and just shoved as hard as I can inside her and kept fucking until I filled her pussy with my cum.

To be honest I love all that fat to grab on to and all that cushion from her big ass as I fucker her doggy. Thing I think I hate most is not being able to pick her up and fuck her just about anywhere but that's not that bad.

do you know how much she weighs? you must have been fucking pretty hard to break the bed during doggy.

also that sounds hot as fuck

She's a bit more that 300 lbs. She's like 5foot 3 and I'm 6foot 3. She's so cute and the sex is very hot. Just can't get enough.

The smell

5'3 300lbs she must look like a cube

>positive or negative

There are no positives with a orbit that large


Yeah I guess so. I never thought about it

I had the same concerns, but it was really the opposite of what I expected.

Unless you're trying to fuck literal trash that isn't actually a problem. A woman with extra around the waist knows that they require more maintenance in the restroom.

Fucking a married fat woman ten years older than me. I'm 23. Tbh it's okay but she really misses stamina during sex which is really the only downside. Also boobsweat. Besides the fact I'm not physically attracted to her shits fun. Just don't want to be stabbed by the husband

I’m a mega fat bitch. I was having sex with my husband and I wasn’t on birth control. We decided I would ride on top which is hard for me but still really hot. My tits just flop in his face the entire time. Anyway I’m riding and he tells me he’s about to cum so I can make sure he doesn’t cum in me but as I quickly tried to get off, my knee gave out and I ended up slamming back down on him, hard, and he came in me.
Also plan b doesn’t work for women over 200lbs lmao. Luckily no baby happened

My fat wife

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Pic pls. Clothed is fine I just can't grasp what this looks like

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The last fatty i stuck my dick in covered my bed in dingleberries. Disgusted me from ever fucking a fat chick again, im 4 years sober off them rolls

Haha the same thing happened to my wife and I. She doesn't have to much stamina when it comes to cowgirl and when I was about to cum she couldn't get off and Bam, she's filled with cum. Luckily no baby as well.

>Start fucking fatty female co-worker after a breakup as a slump buster
>holy shit best sex of my life
>she lets me do anything I want
>gradually get more and more aggressive
>calling her a whore, piece of shit, disgusting pig etc
>go to her house every day after work, drink her beer, she cooks me supper and I fuck her in the mouth, pussy and asshole
>she gets all sweaty from the fucking and our bodies make a gross suction farting sound with every thrust
10/10 would recommend

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She was the friend of a former roommate of mine. Both from Malta. She came to visit and we somehow ended up having some sort of affair for a while. She was fat but also knew how to give herself some style; she really didn't look bad.

The sex was actually quite nice because she was not one of those totally self-conscious ladies. Went right for it and it was fun. She wanted me to spank her ass, but I'm not much into that. I guess that would have been her kink.

The only thing that pissed her off was that my cock would sometimes slip out of her during cowboy position, which is not the ideal position when fucking a fat girl anyway.

8/10 would do again.

Goals TBH, chick in pic has some huuuuuge milkers

What is it with fat girls doing extra in the bedroom? Is it really that you try harder because of the looks or is it deeper than that?

fuck YES! is that her user?

haha it’s really a struggle. My legs get weak if I ride for too long. For reference im 5’7 360lbs. Your wife sounds like a little chonk. I bet she’s cute

>5’7 360lbs.


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>For reference im 5’7 360lbs
Yeah thats kinda how I imagine all women that visit b.

I think for me personally it’s deeper. I have a fat fetish/feedism fetish and along with that I’m also into some other things. I definitely don’t have to try harder. Men are begging to get with me contrary to popular belief. The is no shortage of men for me. Most of them worship me because I’m a cute ssbbw and that is their ultimate fetish/desire, so really I could be absolutely lazy during sex and they wouldn’t care.
But my other kinks kinda go hand in hand with my fat fetish kink. Like DD/lg, hucow stuff, etc. it just makes me more open to trying things and having fun

Wife is 5'9 and 260lbs. Pretty much perfect tbh.

Tits or gtfo

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As a big woman, what is your favorite sexual things to do and your favorite position and what you love done to you?

Guess that's a long way of saying yoh just enjoy sex. That's healthy. Tbh I don't fetishize bigger women but the woman I'm fucking is really attached to me and visited me every day for a week when I was in the hospital. Her insecurities are kind of cute. Sometimes she clings really hard but if I have doubts I just remind myself that I'm an idiot for not appreciating someone liking me so much, although it is related to her self image. Which is a shame. Glad your weight doesn't do jack shit to your self image.

Fucking fantastic

Doggy. Fat bitches all love doggy.

Sorry it's telling me the pics I have are too large and it's all I have on my phone right now

Wife is 5'8" 235 and I can confirm...

Those fat girls I fucked loved head. Then again, who doesn't love head.

Can confirm as well. Also there aren't many options if you want to go balls deep.

My favorite position is riding on top. I love having all my soft belly resting on his chest and my tits in his face so he can appreciate it all.
I think my favorite thing is having someone worship my body. Oiling my up and massaging all the luscious rolls and just appreciating it all.

A lot of big woman are insecure because they’re told they are ugly and gross all the time, most of them don’t realize the amount of men that are genuinely into fat chicks. I was insecure when I was younger because I enjoyed being fat and I got bullied about it. But I found the fat fetish/fat admirer community and realized that’s where I belonged. Didn’t have any issues after that.

how do you stand out in a sea of dudes trying to smash

The only time I've fucked fat girls is when I was popping their cherries.. After that I lose all interest.

Thanks to the harsh dealings of life I now have a BBW/chubby fetish and I think a cheating fetish...
>wife became a total cunt over a few months
>got close to a mutual female friend/co-worker/roommate of ours
>genuinely nothing romantic/sexual
>wife gets reasonably concerned about us
>handles it insanely however, flys off the handle and this needs its own fucking post to get into
>leads to us talking about my wife behind her back, but we did try to remain positive towards her
>we both got ballsy and admitted we would do things together in another setting
>wife keeps getting crazier over time making us even more confused
>finally snap after we were all drinking and wife pulls more minor drama bullshit
>go see plumpgirl and try to vent
>blank spot of memory where we were talking about stuff and drinking more
>we say something about how no matter how much we want to, we can't and that neither of us have the balls to do it anyway
>pull plumpgirl to me and start making out
>panting like animals, genitals throbbing and hands grabbing all at each other
>trying to fight it off and stop
>she pulls at my zipper and that sealed the deal for me, no turning back
>absolutely fantastic blowjob
>turn her around and pull her leggings down
>literally the tightest most wet pussy ive ever felt
>begs me to cum inside her while I say her name
>bust the biggest nut in probably months if not all year
>proceed to freak the fuck out for an hour with her because of what we did
>calm down after a couple cigarettes and agree that "I don't know what you're talking about." is the best option to take
>that mentality didn't last

Lived with plumpgirl for a few more months and did some more things really I shouldn't have.
Turns out it was the BC my wife was on, fucked her real up mentally and we're cool now.

Idk about that. Missionary she can open up better than any skinny bitch Ive been with. She takes it better too. Fat chicks can take the pounding.

Just depends on the girl and what she wants. For me, I am not interested in one night stands or random hookups so automatically most of these guys get ignored. I can’t answer from another perspective but I imagine if you just don’t act autistic and start sending dick pics and “show vagene” shit you’ll be fine

Damn. No the thighs get in the way for me. Upper legs can't go fully forward but maybe that's just het dexterity with her legs.

Also how do I ease her into the idea of swapping? She said she once fucked 4 guys at once and loves to be adventurous succesfully. Don't want her to think that she's not enough.

wife is 5'4 about 180lbs, does she count?

straight up BC can fuck most women. Met my wife when she was the fiancee of my former best friend. Complete cunt. Got on an iud and her personality 180'd. we get friendlier over time and she eventually shows me bruises friend left on her from months of abuse so she said she was going to leave him after i offered her a way out. 6 years later and never been happier.
>pic related

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Make it about her and not you

Here’s another story, but a negative

>be talking to guy for over a month
>go on several dates, going well
>really like him and decide it’s time to smash
>bring him back home after a date
>things getting hot and heavy, we undress
>I look down to see a small dick
>can already tell it won’t work but decide to play cool and try anyway
>try soggy position and he can’t get into me because ass is too fat and his dick is too small
>after several awkward minutes of trying I tell him it just isn’t going to work
>he asks if he can jack off over my ass
>take pity and let him
>he leaves, I let him down easy after that

yikes that was the worst experience of my entire life. My ass and pussy are just fat and if a guy has a small dick there is no chance of him getting in.
>pic related, my ass

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In metric that's 1.62m and around 82kg, sounds more like a decent chubby to me than a true fatty.

10/10 that skin those nails would smash over and over

Are fatties interested in belly button fucking?

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doggy position*

define small. like under 4 inches or under like 7 inches?

how small was his dick if you had to guess

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My wife doesnt like it, but she has a very small belly button for her size. like, i cant fit more than my fingernail in. but she also has that kind of belly that, rather than staying one solid mass, has a roll going across the belly button area.

I would say 5.5 inches or under won’t work. My first bf was around 5 and it was a serious struggle. Current is a solid 6.5 and we have incredible sex in all sorts of positions.

She has a double belly

Good idea. 'You said you liked to experience new things. Now I'm not sure you'll like this idea but we can swap. I'm totally cool with that'

Not your ass. Pic was uploaded to a different thread barely 3 hours or so ago. Liar liar. Unless there's some desperate dude posting pics of your ass, but I doubt it.

probably 3.5. It was the smallest dick I’ve ever seen in person. I felt so bad for him

k hold on gonna go kill myself

it’s me, I uploaded several hours ago. can timestamp if you want.

Marry me.

Or at least let me fuck like I own it with no actual financial liabilities

Tbh that's what I dislike. Never being able to give the woman I'm with the full size. Just makes me kind of feel bad even though the sex is good.

>pics too large...

oof. what's your dimensions? are you the 5'7 femanon from above? cause my wife is 5'6 and about 300. she used to be about 350 and that severely limited our sex life and i'm a hefty 6. now that she's down in weight, there isnt a position we cant do.


>ex gf texting me
>haven’t seen her over five years
>her husband just died a few days before
>comes over
>sits on the couch wanting to talk
>I grab her hand and take her to bed
>pull off her pants and panties
>she pulls off her top
>already hard
>she’s already so wet it slides right in
>much tighter than she was before
>after pumping for like a minute her pussy grabs my cock and is milking me as I pump her
>continue fucking and go deeper
>feel her pussy grabbing my cock again
>made her even tighter and I cum as deep as I can inside her
She said she hadn’t had sex in a few years, we talked for a hour afterwards and it’s like therapy for her. Tells me she wants me to fill her up again and instantly get hard and fuck her again this time on doggy. She came real hard again and milked the cum out of me in the process. She was about 270lbs, not the prettiest girl, but we had a connection and that made sex better than pure physical attraction

What is the ratio of white guys/black guys? Always seems like black guys are more geared towards thick/fat woman.

Yeah I’m the femanon from above. I think it just depends on the body. I haven’t had any major issues except with the micro dick guy lmao.

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Would you post moar ass pics for a guy with a big dick?

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Within the niche fetish community, there is more white men. But if I’m on normie dating sites like POF or tinder, it’s overrun with black guys trying to message me. I only date white men so that’s a struggle. POF is the worst. I’d say it’s 10 black guys for every 1 white guy.

Dated a chubby white girl that was the daughter of an Aryan Brotherhood chapter leader i was in. She was a total bitch but her family was cool, we used to buy/sell guns and cars together, then fuck after. She was really self conscious about her weight though so she struggled with self harm and suicidal thoughts, so i left her because it was only a matter of time before she an heroed us.

Dated a skinny/skeletal vietnamese chick after that. She would let me pick her up and carry her around, use her as a human fleshlight, but i missed boobs/ass.

After we broke up i tried tinder, met a middle eastern chick whose thiccc, just had sex this weekend with her, shit was insane.

Dirty talk: 8/10
Riding skill: 7/10
Oral skill: 9/10 but she accidentally bit me at the end so 6/10

It was like fucking a big teddy bear, i realized i like bigger girls and i dont care what ppl think.

Also giant ass made me stop being so racist.

The bad thing is balancing that shit. Be involved so you can smash without guilt but not enough she calls you right before she an heros.

>member of aryan brotherhood
>fucked some filthy chink
>fucked some sandnigger
try to stay consistent when you larp, faggot

This girl could get off by me playing with her tits alone. I'd suck on them as she gave me head. Yes, they were big enough to do that.

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Looks great. More???

Own a slam piggy
Change your life

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Do they have any limits?

Ive fucked all sizes. I prefer girls built like thick pornstars, but who doesnt.
Anyway I was on wingman duty for a friend and I got stuck with a total pig. 300+. She had a tongue stud, so I thought a blow job would be a new experience. It felt like a cycloptic tooth in the middle of her tongue. Not good and I couldnt get off. Fucking awful all around. Saw her a few days later at the grocery store and acted like I didnt know her


Fat women are fun to fuck if they're not too big, but there are to many downsides than positives.
Their pussy always smells terrible
Fat folds smell
Can't pick them up
Most are self-conscious

my ex was 5'3, around 160ish. huge ass, thick thighs. not much of a belly. she had big boobs too, but saggy as fuck. I loved her body. she had a used up, sloppy look that made me diamonds. 4 years into the relationship she decided she would change. got a boob-job, so her saggy milkers wouldn't hang as much and decided she would start going to the gym with me. fine. she lost a lot of weight. one day she asked and I told her I preferred her more chunky. She flew into a rage, saying all that she was doing was so she could become skinny for me and whatnot. Almost ended our relationship. I guess it did end our relationship because after that she decided to cheat. Sex was ok. above average, but really vanilla. every single time I had to work a lot to convince her to do anal, and cumming in her mouth, or having her swallow was totally out of the question

>pussies always smell
not true
>folds always smell
not true
>can’t pick them up
lol true

if you’re fucking some smelly fatties then you’re going for some gross women. as a fat girl, I work very hard to maintain excellent hygiene

Nice try

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which thick pornstars?

Dodged a bullet tbh fam

What is your bra size?


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I’d take more.

>cant pick up
ive actually considered working out to be able to lift a fatty

Spread pls

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I once had sex with a fat girl. It was horrible. The end.

Banged this fat chick I got on tinder once, she told me she enjoyed it, but it's kind of hard to believe considering she just laid still like a starfish just taking it.