Do you want more?

Do you want more?

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I have a couple more... Couple better ones...

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....if you want them

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She's posted a couple on different accounts so I have a couple...

Very difficult to find

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please post

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I know she's posted more stuff I've always been unable to find it

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ask her

Haha, if only.....

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well, where does she post? She obviously doesn't mind attention.

It's been a while but she posted a lot of these on tumblr and her insta

tumblr stopped posting a while ago but everything is still up - reality-is-relative.tumblr - i can see that there's posts in private that I can't get to which makes me sad

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if anyone knows any tricks to getting things off of tumblr or insta.,.. but i doubt any such thing exists

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Post or GTFO

that is not me in the picture...

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I would just ask her on one of those sites if you really want them. Tell her you are a fan and would like to know where else you can view her content.

Ask once, don't be creepy about it and if you don't get a reply then leave it be.

Don't say she is sexy, don't say she is beautiful. Just tell her you liked what she was doing, you are picking up what she is putting down. You smell what she is stepping in.

how about you do it and if she agrees you post them here

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I was just trying to help you. You seemed like you really wanted more.

I definitely do. And you planted a seed in my head but I'm not that strong a person and I don't want to lose what access to her I do have. Definitely am thirsty af though

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It may get you more than you could imagine, or show you that you are capable of more than you knew, or show you that women are the same as you are and can be spoken to just as easily as you speak to anyone else which then gives you the knowledge and ability to talk to any woman you meet thereby changing your life for the better.