Being white but not supporting Nazism

>Being white but not supporting Nazism
Explain yourself

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Nazism is different than white nationalism.

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Donno, they are just stupid i guess

Don't want or need all the hate.

The difference is that I'm not a socialist

Your grandfathers, who fought the Germans in WWII, might not have been so eager to fight if they had known their granddaughters would be fucking niggers.

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Being white isn’t enough to support being a nazi, you fucking retard fag, Nazi’s only wanted a certain type of person, being just white doesn’t qualify you, but your doing great. Keep up the good work.


I'm white but not a pathetic incel

What if you're an albino nigger?

ya, cuz supporting failed ideologies seems to be a winning move, just like communism.

Hi my names Clayton and I’m a nazi


Because I like beating up nazis.

bad economics

I see this argument alot. And I hate niggers as much as the next neet, but: americans were literally commiting suicide if they were denied service in ww2, I think they were a bit preoccupied with the jewish white genocide agenda instead of thinking all of the things through including near future, they had faith and romantic feelings going on for them and these things overshadow almost any kind of factual knowledge.

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Being retarded and not knowing terms

I'm not white but I like fucking white girls.

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Who doesn't?

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I can stand on my own successes in life,
I don't need to grab on to someone else's successes
just because we happen to share a skin color.

Look what you did you beautiful spic.

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zig hail!

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I don’t support losers, cucklord. Same reason I’m not a filthy Jew.

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Ashkenazi Jews are the most intelligent demographic of people in the world, and I honestly feel lucky to live in the same country as most of them, (second only to Israel, which is literally a powdered up shit hole in the middle of the desert.) Jokes aside, yeah there are greedy assholes of every skin color and every religion, but the contributions to first world society made by Jews are profoundly abundant for such a relatively small demographic of people.

Furthermore, black people aren't universally cancer. African American "nigger" culture is terrible and violent and reprehensible, yes. But Nigerian Americans and Ghanian Americans are extremely hardworking people, willing to work or join the military for the opportunity to attend college here, (and still pay for it,) and culturally compatible for the most part with Judeo-Christian values.

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They are also the ugliest motherfuckers I've ever seen, I think that plays a part why they are so talented at other things

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What do you mean? There are obvious examples of hot Jews as well as Africans.

I'm sure all those Ashkenazi Jews with their beards and twin tails and shit hat's and rat faces produce 'some' good looking Jewish girls, but I wouldn't know because I don't fuck with swine.

Actually you're thinking about isreali Jews, the askenazi Jews don't produce anything close to something above homely.

i have literally seen black, Hispanic, slavic and even jewish nazis againts zionism vs cuck white bois shilling for isreal with in 5 meters of each other.

Hate is foolish and leads to nothing. Being proud of your race should not automatically be related to far right ideologies.

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why would I support a bunch of losers?

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Lol looks like you're just hating on white people genetics at this point, seeing as Ashkenazi Jews trace their roots back to European people.

See the NY Times article in the above comment.

Hitler purged the SA because the leader was a sausage jockey

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this. Also racism and assuming shit about people because of their skin color is fucking retarded.

cause im not a big ol closeted faggot

'cause when you swine are out of kikes, commies and niggers, your masters will need something else to burn. And you'll be the next to go to the ovens.

You just haven't realized it yet. Top kek

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im not a incel

>Being white but not supporting Nazism
Because I ain't a shrivel socialist group party goer and rather chill with whoever I like. I value on what the person bring to the table rather than following some type of preacher idea.

I'm a white spic.

I don't like the overt socialism that comes with Nazism. Uber nationalism is cool, but trying to make the state THE religion is lame AF.

peace bro

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My grandfather's neighborhood got bombed like 8 times during WWII

I'm proud of bein' white and a southern Confederate solider

>being a fucking nazi
kys yourselves

go die fag

not retarded like half this board

>implying I don't

Army request denied
We are not paid thus fuck off no free army for u

I'm not a fucking moron. Go make friends with Leftist Communist're both basically the same thing.

Sure you do
Not even niggers love their own race, and who can blame them?
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Throwing good money after bad.
They lost. Accept the reality.
I understand that nursing a grievance after a catastrophic defeat can be consoling but no matter what fantasies you come up with you can't change the facts of history.

>history is over goyim, the jews won

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Probably because I have more than 1 brain cell