Anyone got more?

anyone got more?

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this everything i got

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I sent her a nice message on IG and told her she doesn't have a high enough tier on Patreon that I can pay to give my full appreciation to. I asked if she would like to become my findom mistress and have access to my credit cards. I'm hoping she says yes.

Name ?

Goddess Tiernen

don't have more but if you find it'd be a good fap

Who the fuck wants more of that? Saging this shit to avoid bumping that monstrosity up the board

Nabbed from her insta (bluetiernen)

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She needs to induce and start selling user her milkies.

oh fuck too fat

Can someone please delete this from existence and from my mind?

fucking hell she is fat.

is this like a us thin now?

Looks like a healthy breeding sow to me.

She is definitely down. She fucked up my bank account in September and I'm just now recovering financially.

Might I ask how big was the drain user?


Sure user. She drained $1100 over the course of 3 days. It would have been more if I wasn't so broke

What did she say afterwards?

She said she had lots of fun fucking my life up and that she'd love to do it again when my account recovers.

She seems too nice for that. If she was from CA or NY I'd believe you.


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You could always try for yourself!

anybody else ever get pissed off that they were born with a penis and are immediately exempt from achieving cult status solely for having tits and acting like a retard?

You have no idea user. It fucking sucks. I know a girl that is 24 and has never held a job for more than a month. She has a new car, moderate condo, eats out all the time...and it's all paid for by her fans online and probably a few in person sugar daddies.

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all i got


i feel your pain. i really wish i was a grill


The fucked up thing is that she doesn't appreciate it. She thinks she deserves it and much more.

This is the dumbest search in the history of Sup Forums... This stupid bimbo is a "lesbian" feminist who has no idea what sexuality means and has no nudes out there at all. some dressed up shit and her looking like a whoreslut tease, but that's about it.

and OF COURSE we are the ones objectifying her... fucking dumb bitch

I'm not a religious man but holy fuck- good find

they always do. they get drunk on pussy power and think the world owes them favors for having big flappy bags hanging off their chest and a slit that cleans itself. so long as they can keep posting vapid shit on ig and get random donations pinging up their bank notifications, they just keep climbing that "influencer" ladder