Hunger Games thread

Hunger Games thread
City edition
First 24

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The Crossover Bug

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Buckets of cum

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The AIDEES bug

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Bane room

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Dung beetle

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There's a second HG for anyone that wants to play another one at the same time


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German 6th Army

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Terror Kitty.

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Can I call you Monfays?


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Futa Bea back at it again

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WW3 Waifu

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Hide yo kids hide yo wife

Nutella Girl

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Shut it down

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Useless goddess

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Reminder there's a second game running simultaneous to this one

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Big Tits Kylie

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The Arbiter

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Juice crusader

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3 more

Gun Nigger

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Barron Trump

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We have 24, but I'll wait a few minutes to wait for some new IPs
Everyone else ready?

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Kick the jew of shut it down and add escanor

Oy vey

Let's roll!
Swapped someone else out

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But don't worry, I'm sure he'll be taken out by someone else...probably
kermit makes friends with da hood
Kylie finds some romance in the middle of the chaos
Nutella buys some special chocolate from the arbiter
How about you try cats next time, freckles?

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Hey Freckles, this cat might be dead but at least it won't run away!

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I wonder if this shooting will make the news
>Runs away from Megumi
German Soldier...Why?
Seems like the Arbiter has more dirt in his robes that he'd like to show, eh?
Looks like Bane lost his touch after the batman movie
Ebola outbreak in the city! African americans most affected!

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KR gets hot
Escanor finds a new chilling spot
Uhh, I think you got the wrong cat, Blue...
Kermit's infinity glove goes to work
Ebola strikes again!

Ah fuck, I can't believe i've done this

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Now, back with the regular programming...

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RIP Helling

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F Spidrmin

Freckles' hallucinations drove her off the edge
Didn't you learn your lesson last time, cathat?
Kermit ain't the only green fella in this city
>Mecha Ebola Aliens
We're fucked, aren't we?

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Bruh Escanor's just been vibing for half the game
>German/Jew event
I'd be careful if I were you Baron. Your dad has history with that chick
Hmm, guess the Arbiter really is female after all...

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Stick to banking, Shlomo
More like standing uselessly
Wow,that mental breakdown really fucked the arbiter up

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Someone pull up the anne frank fanfiction lol

All that vibing finally caught up to Escanor
The Arbiter should take some diving lessons from the jew

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Oh shit, who made everything bouncy?
Everyone fukin' dies in the aftermath

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Bump help as rate is slow

Will there be a new game after this?

believe it or not, this is Maximum Deathrate

Not from me

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I'm guessing the cloud was Zyklon B?

Stop reading my mind

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Oh hey a feast
Oh hey place bets
>Ebola Chan
>Crossover bug

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The jew got what he deserved

Ebola chan

Ebola chan's been going hard

Crossover Bug


Damn anons, your jinxing game has been at an all time low, did someone lift a curse or something?

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Not as nice as winning, amirite? Congrats to the Alien virus waifu!

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thanks for the game

Thanks for hosting

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damn 5 kills
thanks for hosting

>5 Kills
Yeah she earned it

Thanks for playing. See y'all later tonite

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new game