Do you want to go to the fag bag?

do you want to go to the fag bag?

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Soon this will be a punishment throughout elementary and middle schools

You fags have too much time on your hands to come up with this shit. Go get a real job and contribute to society instead of degeneracy


go away funny hardon

and then you just start wailing away on the bag till it stops screaming in agony. you dont stop till one of them dies. the other gets to make out with the corpse for the rest of the day before you let them out

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You can't stop it
>the change has begun

Why am I getting hard

If it's with a cute femboy.

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Yea but no one wants to get in with me.

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i would get in with anyone that also is cute but if your just a normal guy gtfo

only if he's cute

No that sounds gay user.

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well you also would need to be cute

When you hear that they enjoy it
Well shit

>just a normal guy
I'm a fat ugly guy I wouldn't even get in with me

This was drawn by a self-hating closet faggot.

sad, you could always dominate 2 femboys/traps and put them in the fag bag

this isnt funny
I remember this shit from summer camp
camp instructors are the FAGS not us

Sounds good just replace the two guys with a guy and a girl

Yee I wanna do that

You do understand that this would fuck up their wrists and shoulders and the pain would prevent any "sexy time" right?

I assume they aren't being suspended by their wrists, but by the rubber bag, and it's just to restrain them.

Arms are lax. Def suspended by the bag

I'm posting from the fag bag.
Very crowded. Will update.

Anyone have uncensored version?

you're gay

Trips of truth checked

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seems like a suffocation risk

Thank you, appreciate it.

yes pls

all homos go in the BAG

Bodybag will be enough

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gay is wholesome

>delte this

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