Why is Ted Kaczynski anti-technology?

Why is Ted Kaczynski anti-technology?

What was his problem with computers and stuff?

Must not have known about Sup Forums!

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he thought Ai was going taking over the planet was inevitable

so he went after the leading scientists

Who let you on the internet?

Was Ai even around when he was unibombing?

Ted kozinski was just trying to save us from the technocracy.
He failed, here we are.

Well we have Sup Forums tho

because he was the una bomber

Here you go: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ted_Kaczynski#Summary

He was right

Not trolling here....

His writings are very interesting and well argued

Yeah, he's a nutter - but that doesn't mean he's not right

BONUS: "ship of fools" is more and more relevant

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Other than being crazy, he was also very smart. Smart people tend to hate most things because they see how cretinous said things are.

The internet was a mistake.

he was a smart man in the way he saw problems coming the majority people lacked perception or willpower to comprehend.

but he was also a fucking idiot that killed people, which is not justifiable by any means. he could have been on forefront of the trans-humanist resistance, but he went down the dark path instead and became a terrorist.


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He literally wrote a fucking manifesto. Why don't you read that?

He despises everything that makes humans dependent on something that could one day be gone.
If society were to break down now, meaning no power, no tap water, etc, would you survive the next 10 years? You've grown up with a fridge, with malls and grocery stores and clean water whenever you needed it. You are weak. You are trapped. You can't decide to venture off into the woods and live out the rest of your days there because your upbrining has made you dependent. Personal freedom is only a faint memory for mankind.

i'm reading his manifesto and fuck me, he was right. everything he feared has come true

Honestly whats even the point of living alone in the woods without technology and sustaining yourself like an animal day to day. societies exist to share this burden and innovation has made it easier, being preoccupied with getting food for most of the day must get really dull after a while and you are constantly in danger of dying. Kaczynski seems to have a idealized romantic version of nature and freedom, people can be far more happy, productive and useful if they live in a framework which enables them to care for something else than basic necessities

yeah, we have a cesspool of ideological strife and porn addiction that's used as a honeypot and psyop on a daily basis

if all chans were deleted tomorrow i would not miss them

He was happy living in the woods, but of course that's subjective.
What's not subjective is the fact that for as long as you live in society, someone else holds power over your life.

yeah, this is isolationist anxiety bullshit

society gives you the tools to make yourself powerful

if you dont use them, that is your fault

that makes me wonder why we're here, if not for porn and degeneracy, is it all just nostalgia or laughing at this clown world we live in?

He's not even against society. He just realized that society can't sustain intself without technology anymore, meaning that all these modern commodities we have are an existential threat to our species. If you live in a world where literally no one ever had to really feed themselves, that means the system is bound to collapse if something goes wrong. Something not so far fetched would be a solar flare. End our power grid, you end most of our lives.
>if you dont use them, that is your fault
Using them is okay. Needing them to survive, that's what's dangerous.

Computers are putting people out of work, don’t take breaks or vacation.

For example the garbagemen that pick up my trash every morning, if they dont show up I wouldn't know what to do with it. Those are tradeoffs I gladly accept to have this stuff off my mind. But ofcourse you are talking about the "rich and powerful". When was the last time they influenced the direction of your life? Assuming you live in a first world country, you can do pretty much whatever the fuck you want with your life

>He just realized that society can't sustain intself without technology anymore

Society never existed without technology.

Yeah he was a piece of shit who lacked credibility or humanity by killing people and terrorizing the community. He could have blown up inanimate things of value, and empty buildings and would have eventually become famous for that if he wanted.

So far it seems that technology is constantly lifting up the ceiling as humanity grows. Even a solar flare wont fuck up the world because generators and electrical grids can be designed with this type of problem in mind. I would argue that the world before the technological revolution was far more susceptible to natural or man made disaster than we are now, people on average are far more likely do die from overeating than from warfare and natural disasters can be managed or even prevented because the world is built on global trade and innovation. Whereas those two things alone wiped out a lot of people and whole civilizations in the course of history

"Modern leftish philosophers tend to dismiss reason,science, objective reality and to insist that everything isculturally relative. It is true that one can ask serious ques-tions about the foundations of scientific knowledge andabout how, if at all, the concept of objective reality canbe defined. But it is obvious that modern leftish philoso-phers are not simply cool-headed logicians systematicallyanalyzing the foundations of knowledge. They are deeplyinvolved emotionally in their attack on truth and reality.They attack these concepts because of their own psycho-logical needs. For one thing, their attack is an outlet forhostility, and, to the extent that it is successful, it satis-fies the drive for power. More importantly, the leftist hatesscience and rationality because they classify certain beliefsas true (i.e., successful, superior) and other beliefs as false(i.e., failed, inferior)."

This--->> And also who says we wouldn't mostly survive?

After initial panicking panic buying and looting, the water would still be there, just in the reservoirs instead of flowing through the pipes, cattle and crops would still be on farms too.

Most people wouldn't know how to hunt or live off the land, but many others would who would start to teach those skills, as would army personnel be able to teach on a larger scale.

People would start to ride on bicycle and horseback largely again, and to use carts etc.

Assuming there was no more petrol mass electricity ever, there would be steam trains etc.

It really depends on what kind of disaster scenario were to occur, if any.

He was chosen to be tortured in the MKultra program at university, so he was probably never happy ever and was deeply damaged and probably could not stand living in a society.

He had a right to be very angry and disturbed, but he still had no right to terrorize and kill people.

Technology, or better, the system, forms everything around into something that fits into that system. The system will make us improve technology/itself and make us it's puppets. Day by day we will fit better into the system. The end result is total surveillance, horror and slavery.

I wished Ted would have had a word with RMS on that topic, because I'm sure much of this dystopic shit can be prevented by using free software.

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he argues that technology has made man occupy his time with surrogate activities due to how easy it has made living, because as long as you put in a mediocre amount of effort into living through school (you could also go on welfare and in some european countries receive basic income for nothing) then all your basic needs will be met so you'll be left with surrogate activities which exist only to kill time on a psychological level and are as a consequence unfulfilling. i disagree with him though since consciousness gives man unsolvable burdens like attaining a meaning to life.

DId you think that one out carefully? Google and facebook and twitter and most of the others are free software.

for me it’s a mix of nostalgia for the beautiful and unique place that Sup Forums once was and a desperate need for emotional validation that I get by posting pics of myself in trap threads.

I know that Sup Forums will never go back to being what it was in the 2000s, but I hold out hope that some day there will be another place where the same magic can exist. Deep down I know that era of internet is over tho :(

"free" software. you pay for using all of those with your data & surrendering your privacy. west is allmost become as braindead as the chinese, who blindly accepts anything in exchange for comfort. they'll never get rid of their oppressors due to their submissive nature.

A lot of geniuses went insane in their later years.


There is a very interesting anti-communist rhetoric. Essentially, he acted as if he was in a gulag because he thought that was the outcome from people he interacted with. I completely disagree with a lot of his assumptions about things. Academia is a breeding ground for the mentally ill. Even the more lucid types will go nuts trying to deal with them and get the wrong take away about the world. He'd have been a nutter even if he had the internet to talk with people over opinions about. He's about as old as Hilary Clinton or Obama, you really think either of them would negotiate him into not acting like a fucking loon? They'd probably take foreign money from a tax haven and get a bunch of media outlets to complain about the guy till he wants to go live in the woods alone.

Free as in freedom.

If you can't use them, is that still your fault? Kaczynski was smart, but he also lost his mind. His actions and thoughts were not the doings of a sane man.