Play Overwatch

>play Overwatch
>start to hit it up with cool girl from Russia
>we chat more and more
>chat on messenger later
>things start to get hot
>she asks me to see my dick
>I execute
>goes offline immediately
>what the fuck
>the next day
>get a facebook message from random russian dude
>turns out 23 yo Svetlana was actually 32 yo Grigori
>he is blackmailling me for 500 USD or else he'll send a pic of my cock to all my FB friends and familly
what the fuck do I do ?

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who cares let him post it theyll think it was another person

yeah but my face is there too

so? you got a small dick? if not then all well if you got a small dick well sucks to suck but i mean thats 500 bucks tell him to suck a dick and do it

You fuckin coomer

haha thats what you get for being a desperate incel

>No such thing. Never happened. Fake news.

Unless your face is in the picture, there's nothing he can do.

Bargain for 400$

Play along like you're gay and suck his dick

Happened to me when I was in high school, that’s what I get for browsing kiwi farms and stupid fucking chat rooms that attract autist weirdos like me , I told the guy I was legit broke as fuck and he said just send me what you got , so I sold a video game on eBay and sent him the PayPal balance , it was like 17 bucks or something, seriously true story , never heard from him again

Post the screenshot here and we will deepfake it for you OP

Then you have plausible deniability if/when you are exposed

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Why the fuck would you send your face in any type of photo to a total stranger? And also how did he get your FB contacts? Should’ve used a fake account on kik faggot.

let him, who gives a shit?

This... doesn't even sound real.
Who the fuck even uses facebook?
And how/why would one give out personal information?

You might be borderline retarded.

Ghost him... He gets nothing, I doubt the trouble of adding all your friends is worth for him. If it was a revenge then sure,he'd have some motivation, but this is business for him, you don't waste more time if you lose. Plus he doesn't have a "reputation" to maintain like: oh shit it's Grigor, that guy doesn't fuck around.

Also make sure there is no way he can contact you in case he tried to prove that he is serious.

You can hide your friendlist on fb

shouldn't have been such a gullible fucking autist then. accept your fate and don't degrade yourself even more by paying the guy

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tell him you just screenshoted his convo and will send it to his mother, father, aunts, grandma and all his facebook friends telling them he is asking for dick pictures online

Yeah. You're a dipshit. I'd delete social media for at least a good span of time. 6months-1year. Block his e-mail address too.

Do not play overwatch.

Give him 500 balls

He can post it wherever and whenever he wants to, he has the damn picture.

Protip: how is he gonna send it to all your friends if you delete facebook acc and recreate?
It's possible tbh but worth a try

Plus, you're autistic and you shouldn't have social media

don't give it, fucking retard. even if he has the money he can still post it. very poor sense of judgement

let him who cares

This happened to a girl I knew, she just got everyone to report it and it was removed within less than an hour. Pretty sure you can make your profile private to anyone that isn't a friend.
Be less dumb next time.

I want to essentially execute this maneuver but with a girl I have hidden camera footage of, and instead of $500, a blowjob.
Think I got a chance?

You are a fucking scum

First off
Fucking normalfag
Second off, why the fuck would you send a dick pic? That's an old trick people use, you should know better.
Third off, as long as the picture doesn't show your face or anything anybody can use to identify you, you'll be fine. Tell him to do it, bitch. Use those exact words, unless people can tell it's your dick.

I just wanna bust in her mouth
Is that so terrible???
And then watch her swallow it.. too

Pretty lame threat against a dude. Own it and you'll be the most popular man in town.