Best evidence sandy hook was a false flag?

Best evidence sandy hook was a false flag?

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Im trying to find the documentary but youtube’s censorship on conspiracy theories is ridiculous these days.

But a goos piece of evidence to get the ball rolling.
How did he get into the school? Its claimed he got into the school by shooting the door open, becuz fun fact coincidentally a year prior to the shooting the school got a HUGE security budget increase that was something like 10years worth of prior their security budget combined, so they had this new security door put in where someone behind a desk would have to buzz you in, but obviously if Adam Lanza did go in loaded to the teeth, no one would buzz him in right?
Well it turns out someone MUST have buzzed him in, becuz the police radio of the the first officers on scene have then shooting the door open becuz they couldnt get the door to open due to the new security system.

Also Adam Lanza also allegedly committed suicide (Epsteined himself) after the shooting, but there was footage shown all over the news during the shooting that shows a news chopper filming another man, is full tact gear, mask and all, fleeing the scene, running through the woods bu the school and do you know what follow up they gave after apprehending this suspicious character?
“It was just a coincidence, he had nothing to do with the incident.”

Also also coincidentally the same time this evident for going down, i cant remember if it was just 1 mile or a hour away, but concurrently the DHS was doing to training exercise.

Also also one of the crisis actors from the boston bombing was there. Lil brown lady with glasses. Who coincidentally was also at the Watertown shoot out after the Boston Bombing, same exactly woman, same glasses even, but different name.

Found the documentary, literally had to find his vid on James Holmes the Colorado Batman Theater shooter to find his Sandy Hook doc, becuz youtube is that controlling on info

Forgot the link

They also claimed but then back peddled becuz damage control, that the reason Lanza got into the school was becuz his mother was a school nurse there for 5 or 6 years.
They even interviewed this old lady who allegedly worked at the school to corroborate that statement.

But then it turned out his mother literally never worked there or had any connections to the school. So who told them his mother worked at the school? And who was the old white lady who was allegedly working at the school, gushing over how sweet and caring Lanza’s mother was?

And even if that retarded is true, why would anyone if their right mind buzz in the deranged son of the school nurse who’s got a tac vest and rifle, trying to get in the school to shoot it up?
Becuz mind you, the official narrative is still that Lanza got in through the front door were his car was park.

That good enough for you, champ? You asked.

If you want something even better check this out 9/11 War Games.

There’s a reason no jets were scrambled to stop the allegedly 4 hi-jacked planes.
They were busy doing literally the exact same scenario in a training exercise that very morning and then chaos and confusion issued when the “real” scenario started happening.

You better not be some FED poster trying honeypot people into giving info you can either flag them or flag the content they link.
That’d just be gay, even for a FED.


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Okay thats retarded, can someone escort the Qanon tard back to the senior home.

>Best evidence sandy hook was a false flag?

There isn't any. Only Alex Jones worshipping retards still think this was a ploy to terk er gerns. Newsflash, nothing happened with regards to gun control. It's at this point everyone knew the debate was over, when it was acceptable to massacre young children and still be able to buy a AR-15 the next day at Safeway

Look at the ears you moron.

This actually brings up an interesting honey pot i found during the wake of sandy hook.

So people started going on about crisis actors, so this one guy on youtube pops up and they go into how you can identify people based on their ears and thus identifying crisis actors, and started exposing this elite family who were allegedly parents of dead kids at Sandy Hook. I wanna say it was the greensfield or greensberg family? Maybe.

Point is, it was a real means of identifying people, but then after being so thorough originally about crisis actors and this family, he goes into insane shit like Alex Jones and Bill Hicks being the same person, Tony Hawk and Shawn White being the same person, etc etc, effectively discrediting all his prior info on the crisis actors and anyone using the method of identifying someone by their ears.
Essentially protecting said elite family and other crisis actors by exposing them and then discrediting the exposure by slandering themselves and the methods used.

Isnt Virginia still trying to start a 2nd civil war by trying to bring in the national guard to literally terk err gerns?

Also you have no idea what the evidence is, you’re talking out of you’re ass. The fact you think Alex Jones is anything but a literally controlled opposition shill to discredit conspiracy theories, just proves how ill-informed you are.

Go back to redd!t with your NPC bullshit.

>you’re talking out of you’re ass

Bruh, there’s pictures. You can see he shot the glass out next to the door to get in.

But.. but.. don;t know those pictures were faked? The cops and parents and crisis actors and everyone involved with the false flag hoax doctored the scene after the fact to make it look liek he got in that way

You, alex jones hating sheep, ,you

.... are.... are you that retarded? I literally explained how and who shot the door out.
You are so fucking stupid, dont even bother try, just accept your role as an NPC.

Literally no one said the pic of the shot out door was faked....

>“It was just a coincidence, he had nothing to do with the incident.”
I want to see these pictures/video

It should be in the documentary i linked iirc. It has been like 5 years since i watched it, so not 100% sure.

>just accept your role as an NPC.
Just as long you accept that you're an inexperienced troll

I... was joking.

Maybe becuz im not trolling.

And if trolling and/or gaslighting is all you have to offer, im not even going to bother with you.

As always in retarded Alex-Jones-tier threads.

Sage goes in all fields, kids.

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I think you’re retarded honestly. Just cause you “explained” how the door was shot out doesn’t mean shit. You are talking out your ass. Crisis actors lmao give me a fuckin break.

What are you implying by highlighting there’s only 6 posters? Who is confused about how many posters are here? Why does that matter?

Full documentary

These threads are typically one insane dude spamming into the void. Same goes with Global Jewish Conspiracy threads.

If there was anything legitimate to the theory Alex Jones wouldn't have been successfully sued by the parents of the children who were shot. Its laughably easy to demonstrate the kids existence with medical records, birth certificates, and all that. The school existed, and so did its students. Now, the kids are dead. In order to contest that, you have to assert that these kids never existed in the first place. Which is really some 1984 level bullshit on your part.

Talking out of my ass? Yeah i made multiple walls of text becuz i dont know what im talking about, sure what im saying could be wrong, but to suggest im talking out of my ass, again proves how much on an ill-informed NPC you are.

ITT A bunch of muddle brained dumbfucks try to disprove a national tragedy because it said so on Youtube.

>Still needing evidence.

You can still take on the lonely job of a truther. As for me, at this point every apparent america-hating or even "america-loving" politician is guilty until proven innocent.

From now on, to hold public office, you have to have no privacy and have to be able to prove your innocence on every single thing down to picking your nose or off the the firing squad with you. For now, any opportunity for corruption is sufficient proof for corruption charges.

"Is it at all possible this photo is shooped? Then it doesn't count"
"Is it at all possible this woman could be an actor? Then she doesn't prove your innocence." etc.

But its not... i mean im spamming shit cuz OP wanted answers, but nows its just devolved to NPCs bitching and dismissing shit

Id rather be an NPC than a retarded tinfoil hat wearing flatearther.

Spotted the shill. Why fear discussion? If your view is the truth, then it will survive the acid test. Silencing discussion is a police-state tactic. Why are you on a basket-weaving image board spouting police-state tactics?

At the very least, don't be surpised when your posts don't have any effect on free-thinkers willing to discuss things. Aristotle did it. Crysippus did it. Would you outlaw their doings?

No one suggests the kids didnt exist except alex jones becuz he is literally controlled opposition shill to discredit actual evidence and
no one is
“disproving a national tragedy” to even frame it like that is just retarded, disingenuous and ill-informed, it’d be like saying 9/11 truthers are trying to disprove 9/11 when its literally the exact contrary, people are trying to prove what actually happened and not the lies we’re consistently being fed.

Or so you still believe Adam Lanza’s mother worked at the school as a school nurse for multiple years?

Newsflash: YOU are taking on the role of the insane retard spamming into the void.


Lol classic NPC response. Someone really needs to write you some new dialogue trees.

The trouble with you stupid ass conspiracy theorists is that you are completely incapable of applying the logic of Occams razor to anything. Which is more absurd? That some asshole took a gun to an elementary school and shot a bunch of children and teacher? Or that the GUBMINT created a MASSIVE and far reaching conspiracy involving actors, a fake school, or just willingly sacrificed a ton of children, all for the sake of What? Some vague ploy at gun control THAT DIDN'T EVEN WORK?

To what end? What's the point? There is none, its just fucking MADNESS. The difference being, the madness of the shooter is more easily explainable than the madness of every single "agent" involved in the supposed scam.

You can't see that. Occams razor need not apply because then its too easy, too simple, too boring, and that doesn't excite your little brain. Get fucking over it stupid.

How is it to the void if its specifically to provide what OP wanted and countering the NPCs REEs of denial?
That doesnt seem very voidlike.

>Or so you still believe Adam Lanza’s mother worked at the school as a school nurse for multiple years?
That doesn't sound very far fetched to me. What's so unbelievable about a woman who lives in a town working at the school of said town?

The false-flag evidence is fake too. It's all fake. Op is a mirage. Everything I dont like doesnt exist lmfao

You can't use "crisis actors" as evidence since they're made up to prove this conspiracy. It's like saying the Bible is real because God said so, and God is real because the Bible said so.

if you have people in your life that actually care about you, take their advice and seek professional help

there is no conspiracy, if you try to fuck with the families society will fuck you harder

>countering the NPCs REEs of denial?
Imagine being this delusional. How does one get through life like this?

Our government has killed our own Presidents for less. I can completely accept they'd be willing to murder children to further an agenda.

Not saying any of this is real or fake. But applying that theory to well laid out plans is not what the theory was for. It pertained to basic scenario's.

I bet we can sit down and go through WW2 and apply the theory to many battles and outcomes when in fact they were all laid out in advance.

To go simpler. If a murder happened and there was some "iffy" evidence or perhaps planted evidence. The theory would apply to dismiss all these things and just with it.

The best video on utube was deleted

It was an interview with shooting
" victim " an hour after movie theater
False flag

He was holding his shoulder
After a bullet tore apart is upper body

Best part...." it really hurts"
Bandage was from a first aid kit

Fucking hilarious

Occam’s razor only applies when you have the all the evidence and is consistently adjusted when new variables are introduced.

Like for example, the police having to shoot open the front door becuz of the brand new security systems.
Meaning Lanza, if he entered through the front like the official story says, would have had to be buzzed it by staff.

Now what is more likely? The official narrative being disjointed like Lanza’s mother working as the school nurse even tho she never worked there a day in her life OR a retarded staff member seeing a deranged man with a rifle and literally buzzing him in to massacre some children?

But no, you’re right, just trust the media its more likely they’re telling the truth, becuz they dont lie or make shit up, now if you excuse me my throat is sore i need to visit the kind and caring school nurse Ms. Lanza- oh wait, she’s literally never even worked here even though we interviewed an alleged member of staff who gushed about how kind and caring Ms. Lanza, the School Nurse, was.

..... You’re kidding right? Another fucking NPC.
She literally never worked there a day in her life.
Yet somehow the media ran with that narrative for days even brought an alleged member of the school’s staff to talk about how kind and caring she was as a school nurse.
Even tho she literally never worked there a day in her life.

Yeah. The news gets shit wrong all the time. That doesnt mean it's a cover-up.

..... im sorry what? Are you suggesting crisis actors didnt exist and dont exist outside of this conspiracy theory?
That they were make up for this?

Thats just....... do some homework, honey.

There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

They don't exist.

>Our government has killed our own Presidents for less
You're using unproven conspiracy theories to support further conspiracy theories. Try using Evidence.
>I can completely accept they'd be willing to murder children to further an agenda.
Sure, I can too, just look at Iraq. The difference being, these are American children. "The Government" isn't a big faceless blob. It a bunch of American citizens, and regardless of what you might think about the soulless nature of government drones, the vast majority of which do not support the murder of children any more than you or I do. If some plot to murder american children on american soil was implimented that shit would leak so fast you'd think it was kept in a colander. EVERYTHING LEAKS.

But the real key here is
>to further an agenda.
In what was does this further ANY agenda? The agenda of rounding up peoples guns? Well that backfired spectacularly. The agenda of getting people to KEEP guns? WHY WOULD THAT BE NECESSARY?

The fact is, there IS no agenda that is in any way supported by this act. No swaying of public opinion, no further repression of our rights because those results DIDN'T HAPPEN.

So which is more ridiculous? That the Government engaged in an absurd, pointless, life destroying boondogle against American CHILDREN, for NO GAIN WHATSOEVER. Or, that some random psycho path decided he wanted to shoot up a school?

>She literally never worked there a day in her life.
Do you have proof of this claim?

I'll take psycho killer shoots up school and politicians use it as a platform to further their personal agendas for $800


That isnt just getting a detail here or there wrong, that isn literally, bringing someone on live tv, who allegedly worked at the school, backing up the detail they “got wrong” (made up.)

.... ok NPC

DO YOU HAVE ANY PROOF SHE FUCKING WORKED THERE? NO. The media came out and retracted/apologized for getting it wrong, but never acknowledge they literally had a staff member corroborating their story of the nonexistence school nurse Lanza.

so fucking what? You know why they had some person who "worked at that school"? Because they put out a call to anyone who might have worked there or had any relation to the event. And SOME asshole did what they always do and said "Yeah, i was there. Totally" while lying through their fucking teeth. Fuck some people CONFESS TO FUCKING CRIMES, that they had no hand in.

Yeah, the media fucked up here, they just took that person on the air without verifying shit because they wanted the hot scoop. That's way different than somehow being in cahoots on a mass murder of children.

So you fuck up on vetting info that the mother worked at the school, so what do you do? You fuck up even more by not vetting someone claiming to work at the school.

Where's the video of this?

Even the best evidence doesnt support it. It happened, that's life in America.

Why do you want it to be a false flag so bad?

How about instead of interpreting shit that may seem reasonable, you just nut up and actually watch the documentary that i posted early in the thread?

I mean if you’re certain you’re right, no harm comes from testing that, besides an hour or two of your time, which you’ve already spent a good portion of bitching in this thread instead of just watching the documentary.

I know one of the parents of the victims.
I'm not getting into this too deep because of a bu ch of tin foil hat trolls.

But yes, it really did happen. Anyone else saying otherwise can go back to sucking the dick of that fat fake, Alex Jones at his fake media website.

Enjoy, im sure you’re too much an NPC to get past even 10 minutes, but fingers crossed

user. She was a nurse. The confusion was that she was initially claimed to be a kindergarten teacher. You are conflating her real job with the confusion over her being a teacher. This is disingenuous.

No the specific video you retard. I'm not watching a gay documentary for mentally ill people.

There's a ton of false flags in America. The fact is, the government is probably trying to take your guns.
The main defense of keeping guns is the second amendment, of fighting off the government in case it goes bad or something.
Well news flash: a government which stages this many false flags is bad. If you want to keep your guns, use them the way the constitution wants you to and destroy the government which wants to take them from you. Destroy the American government.

It's a tragedy whether it was staged or not. They're not disproving it, they're simply stating there's more to it than once believed.

The Boston marathon bombings were staged and planned by the state to study the enactment of martial law on a township.

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Best evidence is the proof that comes out of a gloryhole if you send enough time sucking cock there. Do that for a few days and you will have your truth

Do you people even know what false flag even means? It doesnt mean it was 100% staged, do you think when people say 9/11 was a inside job/false flag, they are suggesting no one died? That it was all a charade? No.
They’re saying to govt did the attack and are lying about the official narrative.

>There isn't any. Only Alex Jones worshipping retards still think this was a ploy to terk er gerns.

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She was neither tho, i remember the kindergarden teacher thing too, try retracted that and said she actually the nurse and then retracted that as well.

Pretty sure its covered in the documentary.

You dont get to nitpick and demand specific shit, you want to learn, you take it all or nothing, and knowing you’re an NPC, it’ll be nothing.

When did my post say anything like that at all? Don't assume I don't know the definition, there still isn't enough decent evidence to support it being a false flag.
Not enough was done and not enough came from it for it to have been a false flag. It's just a bad conspiracy theory.

Documentary is a pretty strong term for misleading info, taking things out of context, and an incel narrator

So you don't have proof. Got it. You're the one trying to convince people of your mental illness. I like how you fold immediately after one question.

You make the claim, you need to support it. That's how evidence and arguments work, underage.

>Alex Jones is anything other than a meme generator

The killing of kids to enrage the masses to sway public opinion on gun restrictions is so evil I'm shocked the American government hasn't tried it at least once. When no one is accountable and it can be pinned on a nutjob patsy, you can get away with any atrocity. Saying it can't be so simply because it didn't work to the degree which the result was intended doesn't disprove it was an inside job either.

Wait what, are you suggesting if a false flag doesnt resulting in what they intended, it doesnt count as a false flag? Isnt that like a post-hawk rationalization or something? Also a retarded qualifier.

go dig up the kids graves and see if there are bodies in there

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I gave you proof, you want to nitpick and get an instant download of it when it takes literal hours.
You want to be spoon fed info like the well trained NPC you are.

But you’re the one making the claim crisis actors were literally invented for the sandy hook conspiracy..... im the one telling you how retarded and baseless that assertion is.

You gotta start citing real sources man. This is the problem with conspiracies. Shit you saw on Sup Forums is not evidence. Wacky videos aren't evidence. It's all made up by crazy people. Save money, go there and see for yourself.

THe trouble with us is we don't allow shills to apply the logic of Occam's Razor fallaciously. This isn't a "slippery slope" fallacy scenario to apply the razor to. Occam's Razor is for when there are too many conditionals in the syllogism, and/or those conditionals are unlikely to be (but possibly) true.

For example. "Everyone should get the flu vaccine". Why? Because "if most people don't, a flu will spread and many will get sick". And "if many people get sick, they'll all call off of work at the same time." "If no one is at work, many places will be closed". "if many places are closed, daytime shoppers will become bored and or furstrated". "If many daytime shoppers are bored and frustrated, they are likely to commit crimes". "If too many crimes are committed, people will become distrusting of the community and we will never recover from that".
"Therefore, in order to decrease crime, we must legally require everyone to get the flu vaccine." Anyone who disagrees is trying to encourage crime.

The example is deliberatly obnoxious so that even leftists can say "okay, that's a little silly". But that may be thinking too highly of leftists these days.

.... ok boomer

Wow, you don't sound crazy at all.

Ad hominems won't make you any more right.

I'm saying that not enough action was taken for this to be a false flag. Not enough was done during the attack and not enough was capitalized on afterwards to merit the notion that it was planned by the government in any way. It was a random act of violence, it's up to you to prove otherwise.

I'm not that user but you're going to have to prove that crisis actors are a thing and when they've been used before, and taking pictures of people who kind sorta look similar isn't going to be enough.

I'm not saying they can't exist, but I'm definitely not going to say they were used here.

>Implying that people with billions of liquid capital are going to leave any evidence around.

When "mere coincidences" happen too many times, you become suspicious no matter what. Plus, the character evidence is overwhelming. The powers that be have proven themselves over and again that they are capable of anything to get what they want. It lowers your credibility when you ask everyone to ignore the effect of a long criminal history, combined with character evidence and a suspicious amount of "mere coincidences".

>It is impossible that she lied.
>Recanting isn't a sign of a possible liar.

The only logical position to take here is that "we don't know". Taking her for a liar or an honest person based on what was given to us is clearly bad judgement.

So Obama didnt use Sandy Hook to try and get massive gun control established? But was shot down (pun in tended)?
Like just becuz it didnt result in what they wanted, they tried to get gun reform.
As the proving crisis actors, nah, im getting sleepy, spent too much on here to dig for old and obscure vids/docs going over crisis actor enlistments.

I know there was a big one for the Boston Bombing, they were stupid ad put recruitment ads on craiglists and it detailed what was expected and the training and it references these makeup kits with a specific term that was referenced in some other recruitment stuff.
Only reason i could even find the sandy hook doc is cuz i remembered the dudes James Holmes doc, i have no clue how id find the boston bombing one going over the crisis actors again.

So you think big tech companies aren't censoring the internet?
Please find me one of the many videos of the Waco missile strike that happened a few years ago.
It was caught on multiple camera, clear as day, a missile strike. Not a fertilizer explosion.
But as long as big tech suppressed the videos, it never caught the public eye. No one cares that Monsanto did it.

Anyone seen one coffin? One funeral? One funeral procession?
One burial or one tombstone?

Why do you think it was Obama's decision? What evidence do you have to lead you to that assertion?

Do you really think that I'd the government was going to hire actors to lie to the nation during fake terrorist situations they'd recruit on Craigslist? And not just use the field operatives they have?

Strange, tried looking at it on Youtube but it won't let me click on "I understand" that it's controversial content.

Wow. They both have a head, eyes, a nose, mouth, and ears. Totally a conspiracy. Making my tinfoil hat right now.

>Best evidence
Since when has evidence mattered to you lot?

posting in a gay frog thread