Name my band, Sup Forums. And be nice

Name my band, Sup Forums. And be nice.

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5 men and baby man


Bear County

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'Open Source Virgins'

KFC and the Stay Puft Men

Bearded shavers

Rust belt escape plan

The minimum wage tang clan

Remember Drag kings

Aborted pig Pustule. Anal fissure and the busted cunts works as well.

The Grateful Dad

gut bucket

Cream Day

Fleetwood Big Mac

Pancakes at the Disco

Depeche a la Mode

The Beached Boys


Walmart For My Valentine

Minimum wage against the machine

The milf_banditos or clit_tossin_no_surenders

Pedo Republic

Heroin City fiddlers

The cock mufflers

the chunky brewsters

Dick chaineys gang bang tang

30 seconds to mars bar

Limber Bellies

Jew Cucks on the Block

Sex offender registry of sound

Chris Hansen's Lonely Hearts Club Band

color me fatt

The Onion Blossoms