Waifu thread?

Waifu thread?

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Hirasawa Yui

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Very yikes

Those digits tho.

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white supremacist cracker dumpster

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A pink

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Its uh
That guy
What up

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> A pink
Also in grayscale! I stand by my choice.

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I made a misteak


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did you empty your bag contents onto a bun?

No, why would I do that

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you ever try it before?

No, why would I want to?

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>page 10

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That's Crohn's waiting to happen

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kill yourself or a family member

I already have that. Come on Blood, you can do better than that.

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I rather just kill you

At least it looks yummy
I'm not Blood, I'm Akane

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im your sister

>I'm not Blood, I'm Akane

instead of killing him can you kill me

swallow my cum

me too

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My sis doesn't know what Sup Forums is


Of course :)

no.. only my bf's c u m

Absolutely :)

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hello hello

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Your nigger faggot is showing

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this language is uncalled for

halo halo?

your smile is cuter

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bend over you stupid bitch im shove the cutter up you pooper


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but i poop from there...

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Dont you want me dead?

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you degenerate!!!! dont you get you bleed death

Why don't you call him nigger faggot anymore?

i have the best waifu of them all

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absolutely not!

oh my you plan to wrench it around in my asshole?

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checked and how's you?

hello cute

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wasted once again

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Have a beer, blondie

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nice 3s :)
hmm i miss those box cutters.. we're not allowed to use them v.v

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eeeeereeeeeee!!!! stop lewd speak! cut you up! with cutter

what a year

For you
Evenin' comrade. How goes you?

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same thing!

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I love ya blondie.. I'll drink this next one in ur honor.

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nice hand im going to pretend its mine tonight


You don't have to pretend, I can hug you

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what ya doin tonight with all that alcohol?

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Pretty sure you do

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i go good comrade. how's your evening?

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Drinking and crying then sleeping

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dont cry remind of niggers get shot makes feel happy

Life getting ya down again?

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I'm doing alright, just waiting for it to be late enough for me to let myself sleep. I'm tired as hell. Just listening to music in my room.

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Oh always, there's a reason people enjoy roller coasters

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I want Whitney's milkies

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blondie u need sex mayne... u too depressed. Go get a prostitute

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doing pretty much the same thing. how come youre so tired?

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Obligatory claim.

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>whores frontline

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I dont want to just fuck some bimbo named Diamond who has daddy issues

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blondie u got dem daddy issues urself. Just go get that pussy already. Shit ain't even expensive.

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She’s an anime character because of Halo Legends

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Dude.. we have a hitler poster..

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I like to think that I have a morsel of self-respect left, if I do that I'll feel even worse

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I dunno. I haven't done much. Past few days i've just been really low on energy.

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self respect? The richest of the bunch fuck whores all week long.

I wonder if french prostitutes are any good.

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