Post the last pic you downloaded

Post the last pic you downloaded.

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Well you were kind of right

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My last download was that lmfao but there is the previous one

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ew thats fucking disgusting

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I want to see a vid of it turned on.

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its kinda cringe showing this type of shit to other people but here

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Likes Hitler, thinks muslim immigrants are subhuman. Maybe he wasn't so bad

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1927 get

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dudes the next hitler
based soleimani

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Top kek

i was born on a dublin street where the royal drums would beat
the loving english feet they walked all over us
and every single night, when me da would come home tight, he'd invite the neighbors out with this chorus: come out ye black and tans, come out and fight me like a man, show your wife how you won medals down in flanders, tell her how the ira made you run like hell away from the lovely green lanes of killashandra.

It's not a ctrl v thread, faggot.

do you notice the lack of capitalization? i took time to back up the patriotic sense of being an IRA member

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wtf happened

That's not a Hoplita... That's Athena

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I can only hope it was loaded with bovine guts...

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whats wrong with her chin and cheeks?

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The original giga nigga.

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She’s ugly

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