We rate each others wifes/gf's

We rate each others wifes/gf's

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Kik me your wives and gfs

A+ to those tits

More ?

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I’m going to say you rate her 4.5/10

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What would you rate her body

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raunchy wyty ho

Wowza, she knows how to pose. I'd love to come all over or in between those tits. Keep them coming if you would, these are amazing

I'll go for it. Here's my wife

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3 sorry
lack of boobs :)

Magnificent, keep them coming

the love of my life

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That looks delicious, any of the front ?

Really if you rate his 4.5 your's is like 1 better than a hand worse than flashlight :D

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I think the guy was predicting that people were going to rate his OWN wife a 4.5, if I read his comment correctly...


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8.5 would smash for sure

So far nothing in thread above a 5.

Incredible potential, I think

Were you talking about mine?

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Show 1 pic with whole package

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Delicious, I'd be at that all night

Go to an ass thread jesus so dumb to post just an ass pic in a rate thread kek

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Looking at the picture I already need a restraining order on her. Shes not pretty enough to handle her obvious level of crazy

This is high tier 8-9

Not even close to whole package dipshit

Batshit, but good kitty for sure


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Still a 4

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I don't know why I would not rate her 8 or 7 maybe 6 at best but somehow I want to marry her


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What do you think guys?

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Hot milf, 5 on what is shown but I have a feeling a that grade is a lot higher without the clothing

Need nudes now

I think you should show her face. Body looks above average but nothing great

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Reply to the pic you're talking about...



I loved her in MAD magazine.

>Reply to the pic you're talking about...
This one

Rate these

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8/10. Great shape for a decent size of tits.

Gotta be nice sliding between those

What do those titties look like ?

7/10. But petite flat-chested girls are my thing.

Thanks, have a request?

More rates and such welcome

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Bush -2

Pov blowjob on all fours with drooping tits?
Perhaps titfuck? Or breasts pushed together.

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Love to see a BJ or those big tits covered in cum

Rated O for overposted.

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All 4s shot, dont have bj

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Cumshot? 7/10 right now.


Pic too shitty for rating

Brain cancer girl, is she a pasta now or same fag?

Those really hold their shape. Fuckdoll quality.

Rate my wife's titties

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Only cum pic I have

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Any other hardcore. Would like to see her handling dick.

I make her call herself my fucktoy all the time

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Biggest drawback? Breast size?

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You ever MMF with her?

Built like a 2x4. Flat and skinny just nothing to get excited about

Nice view

Same fag. Just wanted to see what everyone thought of my brain cancer girl

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which is better to fuck?

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I appreciate the curving hips, the suckable nipples and the impecable innie pussy myself. Chest area is a bit underwhelming.

left will leave a nice lipstick stain halfway down my cock

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Hips are because legs are open bet when she stands up they go away. He nipple/areola seem too small and looks like a basic pussy.

Shes pretty hot, i’d love to see more of her. Also i think you should knock her up.

You sure she can make it all the way to 1 1/2"?

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