Friendly reminder Miranda is pure, faggots

Friendly reminder Miranda is pure, faggots

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she's a defiled, plowed and worn out toy now

reminder that you're spending your time obsessing over a d list celebrity.
you lonely worthless faggot.

why does it matter?

Fuck off, Dan the Van.

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Forget his name.

Fucking love Miranda

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Do you believe Miranda posted at yesterday's thread?

Calm down, pedofag.

Her poor asshole

Waiting for her drug dealer in this pic
No question

Did you see the thread late night
She posted pic of cheerleader outfit then quickly deleted file

Post pic please.

Why have a scene like this Dan

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Didn't have time

Also nothing against the gang fuck larpers

But I find more humor / interest
in the stuff that actually happened / could of happened

Wonder what happened afterwards. C is so brilliant, love her writing style.

Based Op is always right. I wonder how her holiday season went.

Probably she is telling some true, mixing It with fake stories. Also she knows the basketball players names. Interesting.

Why is her nickname The Ghost at USC?

There some Pulitzer quality writing in the dan/ Miranda threads

Offset with chernoble level retardation involving 50 person gangbangs. Such is Sup Forums

Coke binge and black out drunk

She posted on insta once.

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Mixed with sex or was she drinking alone with her dog?

I hope not, what type of music do you think she was listening too?

>Didn't have time
Why are you lying.

Actually, gangbangs happens at USC often.

Miranda nudes?

How do you know about that?

Hopefully not the cure again
too sad

No one believes 50 basketball players and zero cell phones

I was just asking. What happens?

thanks Sup Forums

No, never the cure, unless with more than six people. I wonder if she has any plans coming up this summer.


Can I ask you about Dan, C? Do you regrets what happens or you believe you did the right thing to be famous and rich?

You make Miranda sad and she doesn't to talk anymore. Feeling proud, faggot?

>getting plowed by dan the man

sure thing bud, keep telling yourself

Was she even here user?

Maybe she should talk in order to give the next crop of victims a chance and some semblance of support. Feldman did it years ago, time for more to step up.

Fuck yourself. Miranda is pure!

She is rich and her reputation is completely clean. No point of doing It.

Her silence is what makes her reputation unclean. Telling the truth would reflect well on her precisely because of what happened.

Funny powder, funny powder!!!

'I sucked Dan's dick to get icarly'. That would be so good for her reputation...

She was a child. Honesty can actually be refreshing, and the public can be surprisingly forgiving. I suppose that can be hard to imagine sometimes, especially if one grows up around vultures.

She was a scort child. Never forget it. That's why she will never metoo Dan.

Care to spoonfeed me? I'm not familiar with the term.

She needs to lift some weights JFC

Hooker, prostitute. She fucked Dan for money and fame.

She is set for life thanks to her feetjob.

Post the cheerleaders pic, Miranda. Please.

One man can dream.

Wait so Micheal Jackson?

You know the rules, jealous femanon. Tits or GTFO.