Free money, no bullshit. Overnight $100 in BTC

Free money, no bullshit. Overnight $100 in BTC

1. Have a BTC WALLET
2. Install TELEGRAM:
3. Download AutoClicker:
4. Use this link to join the group:
5. Set autoclicker click interval to 40,000 milliseconds or 40 seconds.
6. Set ur mouse on the Faucet button and click F6. Make sure u dont move mouse.
7. Go sleep.
8. Wake up.
9. Enjoy your Profit.

Better than any fucking miner out there

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This is scam. Only socialists would believe in free money

Its your choice. i gain a ref sure. not hiding anything.
But you are sleeping at night.
Doing literally nothing but resting.
Just put your pc to use and see for yourself.

is this legit?

Fake and more than homosexual

it says i need to refer 10 friends to be able to withdraw


I prefer 'cheating capitalism'

pretty much

just like your stubborn attitude if you dont just try

pay a portion of your earnings for one time and you will be good without refs.
refs are good for extra commision

Cool, who isn't?

auto clicking what?
what is this explain?

where do i pay it?

You will be auto clicking the view ads button which has a cool down time of 40 seconds.

"You've got ₿0.00000992!"
Will show up after every click.
do the math and see its actually decent money for ads.

how much money potential to make?

Click the Account Tab.
You will see upgrade.
just get the first VIP level 1 and you are set. more money and no need for ref!

Give or take, depending on price of btc now and my calcs. about 150-200 a day if left running doing ads.


Price of Bitcoin = 7,589.93
0.00000992 = 0.075 cents

in 24 hours:
24 hours = 1440 minutes = 86,400 seconds

say you can do it every 40 seconds.

84,400 / 40 = 2160 times/day

2160 * 0.075 = $162

if this works OP you are god.
its nice to own an extra laptop so I would just leave it run for this task 24/7.

save some in BTC form as you never now if the BTC price will skyrocket. just incase

nigga, to withdraw you need 10 people to use your referral.
Confirmed scam. Saged.

Can you fucking read?

Click the Account Tab.
You will see upgrade.
just get the first VIP level 1 and you are set. more money and no need for ref!

Anyone believing this is fucking retarded

does vip level 1 cost and how much?

>Just download my scamware and i'll give you money, no really.

Not OP. But i can see its 0.0025 BTC. About 25 dollars.
Its not too much work to see if its real or not. Imma just try.

keep us posted

Telegram isnt scamware.
Just a social media people advertise on and you can get paid to fill in the ad audience

and you can pay that using the telegram account btc balance?
Yeah I'll see tomorrow when it has ran for about 12 years.

if they intend to scam and lie then its a criminal scam.
then its lawsuit time. xd

hah 12 hours I mean*