"In particular...

"In particular, research in Denmark has discovered heavy cannabis users are substantially associated with the development of schizophrenia and bipolarism. "

haha y-yeah, b-but weed is good, guyse, right? haha
it's not like all friends who smoke weed often are crazy? haha.. some have this e-emptiness in eyes. Others behave weird. Yeah, but Jimmy and todd, who are dumb as logs are fine, lol.
So it must be safe.
And all those researches that were pushed by weed selling lobbyists, those must be true, right? weed cures cancer and stuff, r-right?
I am hearing voices or being depressed often just because I am tired, haha, not because of weed.
It's not like something that dramatically alternates you perception is bad, pffff

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So you're the ones who have been watching me and those voices I hear when the tv is off? Is that you also?

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you're missing the point. nobody with any merit thinks that breathing in the smoke from burnt plant matter is good for your body physically. we are under the influence that your opinion on the substance shouldn't reflect my use of it when me using it causes virtually no harm to the individual who disagrees with my consumption of it. you are entitled to your fake ass troll ass opinion but regardless of all of that a 65 year old man who thinks that smoking weed is a gang problem that makes you hurt people is making laws saying i can't buy and use it to enhance my snacks and anime.


Alcohol is just as, if not more normalised than weed. Both are bad for you, especially when consumed frequently. Any person who tries to convince you otherwise is either ignorant or putting their head in the sand to their own addiction problem.

That said, when used infrequently there's nothing wrong with a couple of beers and/or some tokes of weed.

As for the medical benefits, smoking definitely alleviates chronic pain. If you can get medical grade, it'll also have the right levels of THC/CBD for mental issues too. Nothing more wrong with this than the fucking opiates the hospital will get you addicted to. Unlike coming off weed (which is just some minor irritability/depression for some folks, if anything at all) opiates will fuck your life up.

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The dose makes the poison, right? I have bipolar disorder. Would I say that Mary Jane caused it? No. Would I say that no drug helps when you're depressed or manic af? Yes. Weed might exacerbate your problem, but I really doubt it can be the sole cause of schizophrenia or bipolar. Most people have a genetic disposition towards these mental illnesses.

I'm on antidepressants and lithium and still enjoy getting high, sometimes more, sometimes less. But never in my right mind would I blame weed for my condition.

That being said, I didn't start smoking weed until I was maybe 18 or so. I can't speak for the retards that start smoking today's weed when they're 12. Weed has changed a lot and it's way too potent in many cases. Some studies apparently show that your brain develops less well when you start smoking at an early age. But hey, it's no worse than alcohol. I'd say a lot better even. At least weed does not make you choke to death on your own vomit.

subjectively correct. however, i am somehow virtually unaffected.

This user gets it. OP's a retard, of course if you smoke your dome off every day you're gonna end up all slow n shit, but I really wanna know OP: why you scared of a plant man? You can't like make a death cocktail with it (like every other drug) and it really just makes you relaxed or anxious. I think you should loosen up and smoke down OP it sounds like your nut tubes are knotted.

This hypothesis assumes the heavy users were not mentally disturbed prior to use. The truth is, schizophrenia often emerges in the early twenties when people would have been using for several years, and a lot of people who use drugs are self-medicating depression. Basically, there is a higher number of people with emerging mental disorders who begin using pot, and therefore, the pot-using group will have a higher number per-capita of mentally disturbed people when compared to the non-pot-using group.

>wat is causality
Weed ameliorates the cognitive symptoms of those disorders, which is probably the reason it's more popular in those populations.

Very reasonable user, I agree.

It's a double-edged sword. It can really go both ways. Let's say you're a paranoid schizophrenic. If you have hallucinations, hear voices etc and then you heap a nice case of weed paranoia on top of that, you're not making things better. On the other hand, I'm sure some schizos will say that it helps them blend out their symptoms. It can go either way.

correlation is not causation. people with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are likely to want to smoke weed. please use your brain.
cracking your knuckles doesn't give you arthritis- having arthritis makes you likely to crack your knuckles. your arguments are stupid.

simple correlation =/= causation at play. educate yourself on the concept.

you do not understand the terms or concepts you are attempting to talk about.

are you fucking retarded?

This is speculative, unsubstantiated and narrow in scope. Some people can experience negative effects, immediately or over time, but they are a minority. If you want to shill something that is ridiculous, shill trump. Faggot.

oh my god, the autism is real


How fucking retarded do you have to be to make a post like this?

I’m not that user, but between the two of you it’s clear who is.

>it’s not him

You have to be genetically predisposed to developing schizophrenia.

100% less than you.

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You literally just said weed is good for you, are you doubling down on your autism?
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I usually don't take things to heart here, but this time I'm curious. Which terms and concepts? Paranoid schizophrenic? Hallucination? Mania? Depression?

Apart from having bipolar disorder myself, I spend quite some time working with people who suffered from mental illnesses. So what's your point, user? Did you read somewhere that all schizos and people with mental disorders smoke weed to alleviate their symptoms? Or are you just one of those guys who has figured out the world and now tells /b how it works?

Come on, talk to me motherfucker.

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>"In particular, research in Denmark has discovered heavy cannabis users are substantially associated with the development of schizophrenia and bipolarism. "
Self-medicating more likely. Many mental issues surface during puberty when the hormones start to flow. Things can go wrong.
There are probably a number of borderline cases where the problem would have stayed dormant but the drugs brought them to the surface.

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First thing first. Source please? And then one must check who made the research, is it pier reviewd and who actually paid for said research cause i know few drug manufacturing corporations that would love to have cannabis be on banned list for ever as natural plant they cannot patent it.

More users we have and more openly its researched more we know about it and from what i have seen minuscule minority developing schizophrenia and/or bipolarism is barely even worth to consider comparing its health benefits vs using synthetic pain medication, where you have to increase dosage as it looses its effectiveness. Given i have to eat pain medication for rest of my life, i much rather use cannabis regardless its possible negative effects as i personally know what synthetic pain medication does over time..

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“people who smoked marijuana on a daily basis were three times more likely to be diagnosed with psychosis compared with people who never used the drug. For those who used high-potency marijuana daily, the risk jumped to nearly five times.”


-New England Journal of Medicine and it’s British counterpart, the Lancet.

Why do you care what i do with my body on my time that affects no one but me.

Even if it makes me as dumb as a log why does it matter to you?

Who cares if I'm baked out of my mind while sitting next to you in a theater.

Also I vape all my weed so your health concerns are not quite vaild. While it May still be harmful in some ways it is so far proven to be many times more healthy and thats good enough for me

TL;DR OP is a faggot

Fair enough. Now do the math on broken families and alcohol consumption. Far more relevant, but hey, alcohol is legal, right? I know that the argument is unfair, but so is the fact that weed is illegal while alcohol can be bought anywhere.


"Hypothesis" This isn't a dissertation, homie

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I don't smoke anymore but weed really helped with my ADHD and anger management issues. It drastically improved my social life and made me more self aware.

I don't support the excessive use of smoking weed but I can definitely understand the thereputic effects of weed.

"In particular, research in Denmark has discovered heavy cheese eaters are substantially associated with the development of obesity and digestive påroblems. "

haha y-yeah, b-but cheese is good, guyse, right? haha
it's not like all friends who eat cheese often are fat? haha.. some have this painful constipation. Others fart. Yeah, but Jimmy and todd, who are dumb as logs are fine, lol.
So it must be safe.
And all those researches that were pushed by cheese selling lobbyists, those must be true, right? cheese cures osteoporosis and stuff, r-right?
I am fartys or having stomach aches often just because I am tired, haha, not because of cheese.
It's not like something that contains enormous amounts of lactic acid is bad, pffff

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I smoke all day and I wanna kill myself


a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation.


but do you want to kill yourself as a result of your smoking?

Or are you smoking to help numb the depression?

I can confirm. Developed schizophrenia at age 17 from a year of daily weed use. Just stay away from that if you know it runs in your family like I did. If not, 1 psychosis won't ruin your life but don't be an idiot and continue to use after that.

Not our fault you couldn't handle it.

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Also one marihuana won't make you crazy unless you have really bad luck. Just use on occasion and if you get paranoid or other ill effects just stop. If you are getting only positives. Go ahead. Schizophrenia doesn't happen in a single use. Unless you are 0.2 percent of the unlucky few

This is exactly correct. Weed can only give you Double Brain Syndrome if it was already dormant in your mind. It can then trigger as can.... any stressful event.

Yo dawg he be using like professor words 'n shit.

To all the weedfags, this is what happens when you do ''light'' drugs in your teen years.

So don't do light drugs in your teen years. Problem solved. I highly suspect you might be a faggot. You should get that checked out.

Exactly. Schizophrenia is a genetic disease.