Help me Sup Forums

Help me Sup Forums

Im a 19 year old boy, who is desperate. I have some serious money issues. I work full time and go to college (goverment pays for it/ computer sience) but its no use. I need to help my family out financially every month. No matter what i do i gain debt month by month. I really dont know what to do, but i feel more tired to wake up every day. This takes a heavy toll on me both mentally and physically. I dont know how long can i keep moving ahead but its not like anything seems to change in the near future. Its like an evil spiral. Im not sure what am i supposed to do to change this situation. Any tips from those who been in a similar situation? I need you guys. Please help

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Give up

Do you want a genuine suggestion? Cuz you wont like it.

Post a pic of yourself, full body.

If you’re remotely handsome and remotely in shape (and honestly even if you’re not.)
Become a cam whore.
Even if you’re straight and only limit yourself to jerking off, you’ll get paid a fair amount from whatever donation goals you set.

The fact you’re 19 will sell well too, lot of the gross old faggots on chaturbate and other cam sites, will pay plenty to mess with a 19 y/o even if they cant physically touch you.

Well im pretty skinny. Not in shape at all. My face isnt bad tbh. I tought of the same thing multyple times before. Im not sure if i could bare the shame that it comes with but if it is what it takes im down to do it. I have no idea how to start it tho

Fuuuck, this really seems like the only reasonable thing to do. This shit is so humiliating. I will set up an account and see what i can work with.

You got kik? I’ll give you an honest opinion/rating or w/e if that helps

Ive known a couple dudes who had to go into it cuz they were that desperate for cash... well one was kind of just a pervert who also wanted extra cash lol

Maybe for first time try wearing one of the fashionable asian face masks, so you dont have to show full face, tho if you have any other identifiers like tattoos, its moot unless you cover them up with bandaids or something

Sell drugs.

What is obligating you to give your family money? Do they simply not work/disability/ or legally not able to? Seems to me that's the biggest problem. At 19 you really shouldn't have to fend for anyone else but yourself, so what's going on?

Quitting college is the immediate correct move. What is your current job? If you're already putting in 40 a week and getting less than 400 a week then trust me, you don't need much experience to find better.

Forklift jobs are easy, low skill, fairly plentiful and should start at least 15/hr. Stay away from the food & delivery industries.

Both my parents are disabeled. My mother never had the chance to work (shes incapable to do so). My father did work for a long time, but his situation got a lot worse then before and hes been hospitalized. So its really not their fault. Quitting college would be the right move, but it seems to me that its my only lifeline for the long run if i can make it.
I work beside an electrycian as his right hand. I have no school to do it myself but have quite some experience from doing it for some time now. He pays me fairly well for what i am capable of. Im not american, live in mid europe so im not sure about the wages but i make a bit less then 40 dollars/10 hours

So you mean i should send you a pic of me? Im almost 100% sure im not the right guy to get in that industry but there are wierd fetishes for sure.

Yeah, tho should do it over kik or something so youre not showing everything to everyone.
I’ll give ya an honest opinion and try to help boost ur confidence a little.

I suppose I can't help as much since you're not American. Is there any government sponsored disability programs that can assist? Either with rent/mortgage payments or assisted living?

Accruing debt and paying for that debt with more debt is the worst thing you can do. Figure out what's costing you the most (in terms of interest payments) first and work it eliminate that. If you have balances on high interest credit card, see if you can find a transfer card that will let you transfer money from a different card, and will charge you no interest for usually a year.

Next step would be to get with a bank that you or your family has been with for a long time and see if they would do a short term loan to take on the credit card debt. There will still be interest but it should be at least half of whatever a credit card is charging you.

You need a new job, if you like the work you're doing try to find a company that will put you on a payroll. Someplace that allows and pays decent overtime would be key.

College can pay off in the long term but usually prepare for at least 10 years after graduation for it to pay you what the industry says it should. So unless you have an apprenticeship already lined up with your field, I would postpone college until you can afford it (scholarship's are nice but right now you need money, so you gotta work.)

Don't listen to these morons about getting naked in front of a camera. Restrict outgoing money, move in with family if you are not already. No loans of any kind unless it's helping paying off existing debt. Housing, food, and only a sliver for entertainment, everything else goes towards paying off debt until you get positive.

I agree, but that is a long term thing, he still needs to bring in cash becuz he isnt just paying off debt but needs to send money to support at least 2 disabled family members, meaning he needs cash coming in, not just cash going out.

Fastest and relatively most reliable option is the oldest profession.
There’s also like scavenging thriftstores and re selling shit for a slight profit or more illegal options like bootlegging and drugdealing, but thats arent really good options.

old gay guys will pay a lot for a HJ,BJ or Anal

Yeah i conpletely understand you. Im not expecting any help from the goverment since its a shitty ass country (hungary).
I will see if i can do with anything about the creadit card thing you been Just saying but im not sure how theese things work here. I will do my research on it.
About the working situstion its really not as bad as it seems. It might sound bad for you, but this is the best playing job i could find so far. I will ask for a payraise but will see if it has any chance to happen.
And about college. Fuck. Okay. I knew this but, fuck. This really is heartbreaking for me.
And lastly, thank you

Yea i see. Im doing my best not spending money on useless shit. Im moved in and the debt is only growing since i need more to pay the ones already here. The most money spent is on medicine which is fuckin expensive you know? Thats why im really desperate right now

I really need to start makeing money quickly before its too late

Well do what you gotta do to survive, just know the graces of the universe is in your favor for taking on as much as you have to take on at such a young age.

Remember, nothing lasts forever, especially the bad times. Focus on what's good in your life and let be your motivation and momentum, you will find a way out of this eventually. Good luck!

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My kik’s pats808 hmu when you’re comfortable

Im not doing it sorry, i Just really cant do it
But thank you for all your advices, appreciated
Thank you