This is the new comfy thread for the floofy floof that cat lolis offer for us.

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Wickr is bigbadwolv. Let's chat about lolis. Or anything burdens your heart.

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Blow your brains out, literal retard chomo

Kill yourself 3D poster

Discord XwAmeC

Just a random server that we made. Can't post loli, but it seems cool

Why don't you both fuck yourself with a cactus if you won't post cat lolis.

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I tried to be fast, but I missed the end of the other thread...

Here's a neko girl receiving anal as requested, and I used as a reference for the girl

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The body on that one actually really isn't that bad, your quality is definately improving

The arm is too thin. And the head should be bigger to make her more loli.
I still have proportion issues like that quite often, I do need to be more consistent. But yeah, can't say I'm not improving.
I did spend longer than usual on this though


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pretty sweet

I think everything from the tits down is really good, the shading looks fucky in some places like the right thigh

pretty good, right nip maybe a bit wrong located

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Well it only means one thing then...
And that is, that I must be better tomorrow.
Calling it a day folks, spent too much on this one already. Have a good day full of neko loli

How about you give it more time instead of calling it a day? I mean, take your time, edit, come back with a good design.

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I want to roleplay a kawaii loli catgirl with someone. I want to be treated like a pet.

I pretty much spent all my free time of the day on it already.

How I wish that I had taken up drawing when I was a lazy student, and not now as a full-time-working adult...

Look. You took up all the free time today... save the drawing, continue the next day. Don't hurry them.

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Thanks for the original!

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No problem friend

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I did a couple minor edits. Really not sure it's worth spending more time on it.

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lewd nekomimi lolis best

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i think i ran out

That's illegal

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The eyes are too high up and so is the hairline, fix that and itll look a lot better

You're right. Side effect of stretching her head, I guess, though the problem was probably there from the start, just not as jarring.

Sadly it would involve a lot of redrawing since I've not really properly layered it, and it's not worth the work

ya all gotta be arrested

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Lurking... don't wanna die with pics saved lol

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Ok I’m sorry

I hope that's a fish and not a buttplug

haha unexpected

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Wrong board, arsehole

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loli chat?

wickr: glassesloli3rd

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This is the designated loli board, dipshit.

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