Ask a guy who's fucked pornstar Karla Lane anything

ask a guy who's fucked pornstar Karla Lane anything.

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Why not?

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How much did you pay?

Didn't pay anything. It was for here site.

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which vid

How didn't your pelvis break?

I've always had a thing for her

Fan 3some in Vegas
Idk she wasnt that heavy lol
She was awesome

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Its on her fans only profile I believe. It was a fan creampie tour, and I heard she actually got pregnant. She could've been pregnant with my baby.

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Jesus, Mary and Joseph

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I know shes gorgeous

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Lane? She's big enough to be the entire freeway smdh

Fuck off

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I wanna fuck her in the ass.

1-10 how good was it

She's fucking gross, when you say porn star, do you mean fat ugly stinker who fucked on camera or is she actually famous?

Howd her pussy smell?. Did she have that musky fat girl smell

How much did she paid you?

I licked her asshole
Shes very famous. Award winning
She smelled good

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Hope you wore protection. Don't want to catch the beetus

Bareback and came in her

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Horrendous, she is probably the least attractive thing I've ever seen. Vast numbers of deformities, the head looks like an african bull elephant without the trunk and ears.

Floppy tits
Mom belly
Hairy snatch



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