Holy fuck...

Holy fuck. My sister (far right) in photo just got home from work and i hear her talking to my room for a long time and shes visibly upset both speaking in our arabic dialect.

I listen since this is out of the norm. Sister works retail at a mall. Apparently some guy my dads age was in her store and long story short slapped her on the ass. Mall security came and took statements and might be pressing charges. My sister is 19 years old and is seriously the nicest person ever and most timid ever.

All i have to say is wtf is wrong with the world? What will happen to the guy? He claims he meant to pat her on the back. Will he just get charged or will he go to jail?

Im still in shock. I want to kick the guys ass. Im also at a loss for humanity.... i mean who does that????? Especially when youre 40 or 50

>Arabic dialect
That’s what she gets for not wearing her Hijab. Westernized slut.

More of her? To check if she's holy

We are Christian not muslim but we are arab

> I slap girls asses all tha thyme, I'm styll LiViNG LeGeND Ku$H GaNG CaREFwLL BeaR

I need to inspect her body to check if everything is fine

K fuck off.

Daaaauym your sister does got alot of junk in the trunk tho, I don't think you can blame the guy that much

That's called Chaldean you autist

Notice how youre the lone person on this thread who thinks that. Maybe take a closer look at your life you sick fuck

Who gives a fuck? Your sister is perfectly fine you giant drama queen faggot. If I bump into you in the street do you think your going to die if a stress induced heart attack the day after?

Humang has regressed into a flock of scared, helpless, inept sheep. Move the fuck on you pathetic white knight.

Bumping into someone versus a grown man walking up and SLAPPING a part of your body are two different things especially when youre a woman

Let's be honest here dude, If she dresses like that she basically wants male attention. And she might act all timid and nice at home but you can easily tell what kind of girl she really is. Got more pics?


Yeah.... since when is dressing in jeans and a leather jacket asking for male attention. I think youre just as fucked as the guy. Maybe youll grow up just like him you fuck up.

Fucking idiot. Reread what you just said

That’s what she gets for not wearing her Hijab and reading a bible.

Ahahahahdsjhdjfsdkfhsdkf so funny.

>Tight jeans accentuating her curves
What the fuck kind of degenerate family are you letting her leave the house like that? If anyone should be charged it's you guys.

Um in what world do you live in where she cant go to work in jeans like that and not expect to be accosted??? Because thats not the saem world i live in.

Did anyone save before it got deleted

No it got deleted a while ago before any of us could save it

Maybe she was asking for it by giving him the eyes

Uhhh no what happened was he was obviously creeping on her the entire time. When he finally walked up to ask for help she pretended like she didnt hear and kept folding clothes. Thats when he did it to get her attention and claimed he was trying to tap her on the back.

nah he removed it to quick. didnt give any of us time to save

Sounds like bullshit to me.

Why would she pretend she didn't hear?

She obviously wanted it and got caught.

Why on earth would she want to have her ass slapped, in a retail store, while at work, by some legit mall creeper whos old enough to be her dad.

You are either fucked in the head or trolling. Why would she come home visibily upset and crying telling my mom?

She had her back facing him when she was folding clothes. She was hoping he would get the hint that shes busy doing something and to go ask the cashier or somebody else. She never once made eye contact with him from what i heard

>Woman playing the victim for attention
Geez that's a first

Oh please give me a break. What youre claiming makes zero sense. As if she wanted to have her ass slapped by a creepy old man at work. Honestly when you saw her in the photo did she look like a deviant? No, shes a study freak, a academic, the NICEST person ever, who would have helped that guy had he not been leering at her the whole time he was in the store prior to

Should get raped

>our arabic dialect.
So... Have you given serious thought to moving back to your former country where women are not disrespected like in America?

You mean the guy should?

Ummmm i dont know what your point is. That I shouldnt complain when my sister is accosted at work? If thats your arguement well id love to see how youd react if it was your sister