No Rekt Thread?

No Rekt Thread?

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another thread about to turn racist

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dont wowy uWu
see Black lives matter to blacks even more than to any other race

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That's not rekt. I'm pretty sure he's just an absolute madlad and did that on purpose.

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lol are you retarded? he posted the version of the video that's played in reverse...

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poor fwoggy

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He's in a better place.

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Is it me or did the U.S. pass some shitty FBI law that no longer allows blood and gore on /b? Seriously, you guys are a fucking disappointment.

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O my fucking god
Have you fagots forgoten what a rekt treadis, its nit robery, its not a nigger geting punct,

Rekt tread is wherepeople get tourtured, killed, chopt intu pices, where humans die in horrible ways, not this retarded shit.

But what did i expekt, soon enough the are gona come some rotten sacks of horseshit ruining everything, wanting to remove porn from b, make rekt tread just nigers punching echoder, whats next you absolute wastes of cum

Post them

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Go make a real rekt thead on you own or you are just part of the problem.

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Just another chinklet

check em

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Rekt is not the same as blood and gore, retard.

Every time i made a peoper rekt tread those shit cover stains just post those retarded nigers punching eachother

Fuck me, you must be a nigger with that spelling and ape rant.

Post some shit or fuck the fuck off bub.

Make one anyway

Get out than nigger

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Finally someone who can think alone!!

Rekt is not gore!!

Why do they cry when they drop the coffin? Punk ass niggers were disrespecting the dead nig anyway

well most of the time even in the proper rekt threads its mostly the same webms going around and I look maybe once a week or every 2 weeks at these threads. I think adult gif is a better place for them anyway.

Always some retard thinks rekt = gore.

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Ta daaa!!

Alright then, give me your best gore. Because let's face it, who gives a flying fuck about 'rekt'

Gore is always Rekt but Rekt is not always Gore.
Also, fuck the idiotic way you type.

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You're wasting image limit space.
Nobody cares what face you were making when you saw that.

Rekd as fuck

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I think it's kinda hot. I don't know why I got such a strange fetish

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That's Cringe, not Rekt.

Now THAT is the most fucked up thing I have ever seen.

It's a nanny dog. It's the upbringing not the breed.

That was the funeral for Anthony Cumia's mother.

Just go to best gore then. faggot.

those timbs tho

>it's the upbringing not the breed

whoa skills

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Why not just sit on a fucking toilet?? Why fuck up a whole room?

Why isnt she doing this in a toilet?

The fuck did he think was going to happen?


it's ElectroBOOM.
That dude puts live wire in salty water and put his fingers in it.
Straight savage

post the webm cunt

>No Rekt Thread?

Ah yes, Classic Costes

I don't have it, nigger

Why was the bitch naked

She's clearly in a hospital

Complains no blood, posts nothing... Nigga what?

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i'm not an american, what are the niggers saying?
whats a opp?

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Oh there's my charger.

This was revenge - a frog ate his other arm.

So he was the kid on the slide, then?

No shit sherlock

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Oh yeah good point, I forgot hospitals dont have toilets.

this is in reverse dipshits

Hospitals aren't going to treat you in a fucking toilet.

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pipe down, nigger

Imagine being this stupid

that guy gets all kinds of pussy i bet

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stomping on her head when she is down is a pretty black thing to do

any details other than "niggers are niggering"?

It's a tranny

That is a very specific fetish. And now I have a very weird boner. Goddamn you Sup Forums!

Pretty good driving, there.

sleeping habbits. you must never be without your seatbelt when driving. but they knew better, aparently

>It's a tranny
if I met a tranny with such a nice ass I would lay her down,too, but I wouldn't pummel her head, thats for sure.

I reckon this one is way up there.

isnt' that old? but still a good kek

Yep pretty old.
It’s just so well timed and over the top that it’s sheer unlikelihood makes it amazing.

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