G/fur Geeey edition

g/fur Geeey edition

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Post hot tops

Love showing off muh tail :3

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Show dick

Imma gonna fuck dat jackal.

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I'm always down

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Nice cock
Do you prefer receiving blowjobs or rimjobs?

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I love receiving rimjobs to be honest. I'm very submissive and enjoy my bum getting all the attention.

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Got FA?


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Very cute sona user c:

He's muh pride n joy :3

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How are you all today?

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More like this?

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Kinda horny, but at the same time, not in the mood.

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Where'd everyone go?

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Oh well that sucks i guess.

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Out planning to ambush dat jackal booty.

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Kinda wish someone would just suck me off, so I can be done with it.

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Cub thread if anyone's interested.

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where's the boi when you need him

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Oh how do I join in?
No thanks.

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HB doesn't give oral. He has a thing about his mouth.

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i get that

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Close your eyes and stick out your bum.

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i need spanks

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I can do that for sure.

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Wish i could fuck somebody right now

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do it then

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No ones there

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Wish I could die right now

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not allowed

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Why tho

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go in the street and rape someone. A good fuck is fuck that can't run fast enough

Why not?

It doesn't matter

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I dont wanna fuck an ogre that cant outrun me tho :(

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i won't allow it

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But you're a sub, you don't get to make decisions!

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Maybe some good words can help..

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They don't

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Wished I could help ya with that ;_;

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put me in my place then

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I'm too depressed, you'll have to get someone else to do that

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But why? Whats wrong? :(

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Many things

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then i'll cuddle you better

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Bottom or top?

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I wish you could because that's the only thing that would help me right now

fucking auto post, I don't even know what happened there

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We all have problems.. come on, try to stand above it, you need willpower to overcome this depression

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i owe you many cuddles for one day

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I don't deserve cuddles

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I only bttm if that helps.

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I'd cuddle if I could dash.

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I was depressed too, if you dont want to overcome it, you will never overcome it.
Willpower is very important.

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Well since i only top it would really help

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Okay dude. I've been depressed my whole life, and after 15 medications I'm just as bad as before. I get so tired of people telling me to just "overcome" it and stupid like that. I didn't ask for your help.

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Post your bottom.

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I'd cuddle, kiss, hug, and just be there for you to use how you want

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gfur server

I don't want to use anyone, I just want to feel loved by a woman and make love to her

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You better be rough >:3
Liek dis?

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Chill groups nobody scans the codes they just message edition

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That's fine. Then we can just cuddle and make love.

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Just train to be an olympic runner and then you can catch any twink

If only

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Lies, shows as a Sup Forums general server called leaf :p mine is actually furry