Loli is the absolute peak of the humanity. Every aspect of it's being is next to perfection such as her body...

Loli is the absolute peak of the humanity. Every aspect of it's being is next to perfection such as her body, her sweet voice and gentle personality. It's like a literal angel fell upon you in person and it's presence alone is enough to make every cell in your body shiver in pleasure. There is no better miracle compared to a loli on our human world. Don't even change my mind, because deep down you know it's true.

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Truer words were never spoken

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I wish I could have a child bride

Just go to the middle east

Nah fuck that, just find a qt gf, get her pregnant and the fuck your kid

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incest is an abomination

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Nothing in the whole wide world comes close to the pure love from a loli

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Is it true that orgasms are more intense for little girls than grownups?


Do you know from experience?

Kind of. I knew a person who told me that. At the same time I had the strongest orgasms when I was a boy. Perhaps it is because you just started to mature and every feeling is brand new for your body therefore more intense. A lot more intense.

Was little girl, can confirm.

Did that person give a young girl an orgasm? If so how old was she?

Rather I knew a girl who confirmed me that.

Did you do lewd things with adults?

Not until my mid-teens. Only with my own age and on my own before that.

little anime girls are the cutest thing man has ever created

Fantasy isn't reality though, actual children are insufferable and even a 14 year old is probably already riding dick, and as soon as that starts they start accruing brain damage and mental disorders because wow, sexual degeneracy is degenerate who knew

even pedophiles don't want nigger females

Unless you find these special gems like I used to

too much of an investment

the problem is all that epigenetic damage builds up every year after puberty to eventually get inherited by their child as cancer.
restricting sex to adults just spreads cancer death and disfigurement across our nation
the cure to cancer is to outlaw sex over age 14