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Discord XwAmeC they want me to keep promoting it. It's a random server with bots to keep you entertained, gaming, and stream set up, plus post almost anything.

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to die

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I want to die alone because if I had a partner then I wouldn't want to die anymore, and that won't happen any time soon

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oh I, I just died in your arms tonight
It must have been something you said
I just died in your arms tonight

i want to shove my clitoris down your urethra

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Put it in my mouth so I can make you girl cum

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Not bad

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No artist makes me wish I were a woman more than Jush

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s-sempai noticed me owo

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never call me that again

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i've been listening to the sims 1 soundtrack, and it's fucking wonderful


punish me, dash-sama UwU

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You aren't good enough for punishment. Your punishment is life itself.

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my punishment is not being able to get punished by dash-sama

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why not a hermaphrodite?

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Because I wouldn't be able to have children then, and they rarely have full male and female genitalia anyway

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you could shove a live chicken egg into your butt and poop it out into a nest or something and pretend it's yours

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Because you've been bad in past lives so your current existence is just part of your punishment.

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But I eat chicken, and I am right now. I want a human baby.

I don't believe in that bullshit

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>I don't believe in that bullshit

lol this

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what's this, a faggot in a s/fur thread

you know at least one of them have given it up for their turtle

sounds about the norm

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Ill pop in here. Whats up

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I want to be a lesbian tho

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Hello fellow bunny poster

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so do most of they traps and trannys

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But how is wanting to be with women gay? Sounds like you're just projecting.

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More gazelleposting, please

your one and only life is to be a semen siphoning trap and nothing more

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That sounds really depressing and pathetic

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I prefere female to male because they are sweet, even if they don't like anal

Its only projecting if your a woman, which we all know your not and neither am I. So whos really trying to project here?

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You say that as if MtF aren't sweet, and I imagine FtM would be more aggressive

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Are you actually fucking retarded?

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got my popcorn for today's thread drama

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