What do you think about this whole shit with Iran (basically the beginning of WW3)?

What do you think about this whole shit with Iran (basically the beginning of WW3)?

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what a shithole with shit people

America isn't that bad cmon man

Wont happen. This is a distraction.

a) It's not the "beginning of WW3" - stop being such a pussy extreme faggot.
b) Iran can suck our cocks, those fuckers have been begging to have their asses kicked for decades.
c) Once we kicked the shit out of Germany they were our friends. Once we kicked the shit out of Japan they were our friends.
d) Lets make some more friends.

>the beginning of WW3
>I'm an uneducated youngling who can't tell the difference between a regional conflict and a world war

>basically the beginning of WW3

>israel not nuked yet

Yeah no.

>those fuckers have been begging to have their asses kicked for decades
the height of insightful political analysis right here folks,

>beginning of WW3

Are you being a fucking idiot on purpose?

expecting an american to understand anything in politics when they're just israel tools good one

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Well sometimes you got to punch someones nose in who keeps pushing you and others around.

Newsflash pussy-boi, the world is made up of countries run by human beings, so behaviors of countries isn't that hard to discern.

But by all means, go surrender if you want.

>every country on earth exists because the USA allows it
>but they still feel superior


exactly what a toolboi would say, keep thinking you're hot shit yankee


And its America that will of started it.

remember that your existence on this planet comes by not the grace of almighty God, but by the grace and forebearance of the mighty United States of America.


i'm not really worried honestly, the only thing america could do to my country is basically showing more of their women being fucked/their men cucked by niggers and spics

>beginning of WW3
No, this isn't the 1900s anymore, where you could start a world war by assassinating someone. The world is way too stable for that nowadays. For a world war to actually happen, one country would have to nuke another, and even then I doubt it'd turn into a full blown world war, unless those countries were superpowers. If they aren't, then it'd probably just remain a regional conflict.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, user, but the era of world wide armed conflicts is long gone. Stop with this fear mongering.

Well that's good, son. Because us American's don't really think about you at all.

What does it matter what I think? I'm just a taxpayer. They distract us with red vs blue while they pursue their own goals.

If it scares American women and teens away from getting facialized, anally pounded, throat-fucked and degraded into being cum-licking subhuman abherrations then there should be a "thank you" letter written instead of irrational despondency.

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They’re not going to do shit, or they already would have.

Being anally pounded is what Persian women do best. As long as you make them wax that nasty hole first.

Can we be frens?

Only if we can fuck your sister.

No sister :(

My only hope

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I knew that something would happen when Iran was named as one of the 7 countries USA was planning to destabilize/ fuck up. Apparently the neocons at the top have been implementing a 5 year plan to 'take out' 7 countries, starting with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, then Iran. Obviously these have not happened in order necessarily. But I fucking KNEW that some bullshit event would go down, and the fingers would be pointed at Iran.

Then what happened? a while ago two oil tankers (norwegian and british IIRC) were blown up off the coast of Saudi Arabia, and "all the evidence" (which was fabricated and very suspect) pointed to Iran.

But you know how fucking easy it would be to have a Seal Team sneak in and plant the explosives, and proclaim "IRAN DID IT, SEE, WE SHOULD GO TO WAR"

Very easy. It's how the false flag gulf of tonkin incident gave us the greenlight to invade Vietnam. Guess what? Our ships were never even fired upon. It was made up. It happened before, and I believe asshole neocons are trying to make it happen again.

But the problem was most people called out the tanker explosions as bullshit. "FUCK!" screams Trump. "THEY DIDN'T GO FOR IT! WE MUST DISTRACT FROM IMPEACHMENT! YOU CAN'T LET THEM DO THIS TO MEEEEE"

So Trump calls in an airstrike and blows the Iranian General into pieces. What was the evidence? The general was "plotting imminent and sinister attacks" on US diplomats and troops. HOW FUCKING VAGUE IS THAT?

There is no evidence. Because it's an attempt by Trump to distract the American people from his impeachment, and an attempt by neocons to start the war they always wanted.

ITS SO fucking clear. It's transparent. But Trump and the dirty assholes trying this crap just say "nothing to see here slaves, just believe me, I NEVER LIE"

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NATO involved, Iran actually has long distance rockets, China/Russia may go against US/Europe...

This fucking ego boosting testosterone battle may get us actually in WW3

Defense companies want money. End of story.

You watch too many movies.

M8, Somalia took itself out loooong ago

Green revolution 2

And Trump claims "it was to stop a war not start one"
when the fuck did trump get the idea that BLOWING UP ANOTHER COUNTRY'S GENERAL WON'T CAUSE A REACTION?

We'll likely die, but at least it won't be dying for Israel!

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You underestimate human stupidity. Soon, you will discover you are wrong about a great, many, things.

I see what you did there

Iran isnt going to do anything of consequence. They will talk shit, destabilize iraq more and Yemen and gas prices will go up but the American and Canadian producers will step up output the more expensive oil gets so itll be somewhat muted. We're sending some serious artillery over there, in case they want to act up.

pls murrica keep destroying sandniggers countries , it avenges us for all the mess they do in europe

Like no joke, I'm serious. I'd rather die labeled a traitor over dying for Israel. Not one Israeli troop sent to aid America, America has become their golem and I refuse to apart of it.

It's not fiction, it's history. It's the understanding that those at the top have their own agenda.

>you watch too many movies
and you just proved the reduction fallacy to a fucking T

I agree with the other guy. The interconnectivity of societies nowadays makes big wars less likely. The amount of information that can get to people makes big wars less likely. By big wars I mean several countries going to war or two large ones.

you know we're sucking Israel's dick because the uberchristians at the top still think if Jesus comes back they'll have a way in and will get to go to heaven

'so don't piss them off, m'kay?'

Whoever started the war and was for it and their friends and family curse them all.

I think I can’t wait to see these hot bitches liberated

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Yes, but feeling safe can turn into assuming a false safety. I’d be more careful.

Why are you angry with the go ernment? Did you dropout of school?

I don't know where you observe Christians, but everyone I've seen dislikes the dirty politics Israel pulls. Plus I don't remember anything in the bible saying that we should defend the Jews, and I actively dislike Jews for their sins against Noah, Moses, and Jesus. They betrayed the ones who saved them, thus this life should serve as punishment for their sins.

I think I've seen people defend Trump for a lot of things but this is ridiciclious. I'm pretty convinced they're either actually retarded, and shouldn't be allowed to vote next year.

>c) Once we kicked the shit out of Germany they were our friends. Once we kicked the shit out of Japan they were our friends.
That's a really bad misinterpretation of our past political affiliations.

Hopefully not but just in case

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Do you even know who we blew up?

>Someone doesnt agree with me=They're stupid.
When you grow up, you'll look at back and laugh at you, like everyone else.

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ww3 xD