Last try:

last try:

I'm here ... to change your life ....

as long as ... someone doesn't ignore me at all?

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Oh why hello there user.

How are you?

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Hello OP

Change in what way

Ooo! Human!

well ... I feel like a negro child on father's day ...

a little abandoned.

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Give me some fucking money and I'll show you all the change I can make.



what do you want to change?

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This seems safe


Can you teach me how to change to perfect health?

last time you promised to teach me astral projection then you left :/

Help me great TO

why you always want money if you want I will make your bank account bigger.
Hello little soul!
like a condom

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Oh I'm oh so very sorry thatcha feel that way!
>*user attempts to hug the strangely dark yet kind figure*

So you said you can help? Well let me help you too.

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Martinez Cosby smear that cream ooh baby

you need to eat a healthy diet, exercise a lot and eat a large donut.
seriously? Okay. What do you already know about it?
I'm not The Great TO. I am his humble creature / servant

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but i already have my own demon. change your own life eh?


how do you want to help me?

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I'm not a demon, angel, ghost, fairy or god.

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My stalkers called the cops at my school and told them I was going to shoot up the place.which made me drop out of school.I thought it was over only to find out they told someone I was going to kill someone with a bow and a crossbow. I never said anything like this

I offer you a trade.
Anything you want, and you give me a trans girl.
Im a simple mortal ceasing for his human desires. Dont ask for too much.
But once is given, it must be given back

did you have a bow or a crossbow? it seems .... strange

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Umm by being your friend! You said you felt abandoned so I was hoping to do that.

Heh maybe you can help me feel less hurt if I can help you feel less abandoned and we can be friends.

Thoo it may seem hella silly so sorry. ^¬^"

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i need the activation mode
the real way, none of that "think about it for a month" shit.

I want the actual step by step
the "tonight I'm leaving my body" full blown way, I know it exists, I know it's very guarded knowledge wise, and I was hoping you know.

Show me

But I don't know if you wanted it to be a surprise for you when you get here. Hey good morning!

No. I was looking it up on my computer.that's how I found out that hacked me for a veerrryy lo NH time

I was into huntING at the time

you can't trade with me.

Do you want love? Or what?

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Do you know anything about cultivational practices?
(Yoga, meditation, qigong)
If so, here do I start and what is the most important to know?

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Well fam, there's something i will like you to change, there was a genius faggot who cut his dick for no reason i want you to fuckin' slap the autism out of him, like wait for him to be asleep an then BAM right between the eyes, that would be nice. Pic unrelated

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hey entitiy
how about this:
i don't hunt you down and kill you and you give me .... let's say endless stamina in bed and that i never age again
sounds fair

how can I help you little soul? I will do it with pleasure!
One of the simpler forms is learning to imagine, for example, the sun as the energy that you are going to. At the same time, you must try to leave the body. You start with simple images of yourself lying on the bed and try to see every breath, movement and so on

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818575387 I’m ready for you to chance my life

>Hello little soul
>Can I change something in your life ?

Why yes thanks for asking

Leaving your computer for an hour to stop polluting this already over-polluted board and taking your greasy pasty ass for a walk outside would be a good start

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I know a little about meditation. Usually it ends up falling asleep
I can't hurt others or act against their will
hunt me? seriously?
you can't have infinite energy because it's against all creation. Death is an element. if you don't want to grow old, stop breathing oxygen

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Ah do I get out of an abusive home? A home where I can be free from emotional and physical abuse even though I'm very poor? I love my family sometimes but my mother is abusive to nearly everyone.

It's probably too much to ask but anything can help really!

Also may I be your friend?

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thank you, will try.

no. *disinterest*

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Feel like a strange creature following me around is just what I need right now.

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Well technically you aint gonna damage him you are just gonna make his life a lot more happier and less hurtfull to watch. The slap is just because he earnit. Pretty please?

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we can be friends. After all, I'm at your every call.

how old are you? did you talk to your mother about it?

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Ok then if you're gonna stay I want you to know that you're sharing this thread with a guy infected with ligma

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that's why hardly anyone of you knows we're watching you. and I like to talk and help
I understand. But he must be willing to change.

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Not the OP, but I've been in Medicine for 20 years. If you want out of an abusive home, and you're a minor or woman call CPS, or go to any police department, fire station, emergency department or psych facility and tell them what's going on

the body that I have now acquired is suffering from psoriasis and will probably not live long.

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Have you been watching for a long time? Are there many of you? Does everyone have their own version of you?

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Oh Im glad we can be friends! You seem so sweet! *hugs*

I'm actually 19 funny enough. I did bring this subject up to them since I have to pay about 1k per month just stay with them and they....sorta just debunked it and made it seem like it can never truly happen due to how poor we are. She's gaslighted and thrown down my ideas for years now so I can't be too sure.

I just dont want her to hurt me anymore.

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Nobody wants autism dude, is just making his life worst by taking stupid choices, and if you think about it the slap would be a good method to cure him of his disease, from virgin to chad.

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>why you always want money

Because whether we agree with it or not, money is the world's blood and it runs on money. Gimme 250 million. Or dubs. Either one is fine.

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I feel like I should at this point cause its gotten to a place where its messing with my mental health.

Hell my mother once accused me of trying to ruin her marriage just from a simple hug from my father.

That and shes done other things too that's hard to bring up. Its just that I run the risk of homelessness if I move out or tell others I think.

I don't think getting a disability check its in my range too.

I don't know how many exactly. Some just watch, others become monsters like rake, and then I kill them.
I do not know if it is a matter of our thoughts or our personal nature.

still others are many stars away. There are beings too

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No your reply should've been "ligma ?"

So are you my version of you? Or are you just a representative of your kind, so I have a type of liason so I can ask questions? I want to know more, but I feel as though I won't understand it.

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If you have friends from school, around the house, you must gather with them and move to a shared apartment. This will be the best. I know what I'm saying.

I will not quite agree. But we will see what can be done

don't you think it will affect others? Also, I see that you are a greedy, vindictive person and you will certainly not use this money only for a good purpose.

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something was with that joke ...

ligma dick

I am not a version of you. I am a separate entity.

ask what you want. If I know the answer, I will answer.

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Oh yah I actually plan on trying that with mi amiga! (My friend)

We've been planning it out for a while. Its just a bit hard with what little money I get to keep.

Also another question. Can you protect others or enjoy stuff with others or do you always have to hide?

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What are you? You said there are many of you, so I assumed you are my personal version of whatever you are. Please, help Heather, down in Indiana. I hurt her so bad and she's such a wonderful girl. If you grant wishes, or help people, then forget about me she needs help.

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I have a body so I can 'go out to people'.

the problem is that it is not very accepted and is always covered with long sleeves etc. and rather not arouse sympathy.

in other words: it's better for everyone that they can't see me.

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But what if I wanna see you? It would be rather rude of me to not wanna see my new friend.

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No no it's "ligma balls"


Retarded ghost LARPers

I'm ... being. I don't know why we were created or for what purpose. The Great TO never answered these questions.

Let it be that way. The Great TO will hear your request

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I'm in this picture.

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oh. closer to shadow.

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Ah coolio!

Well very nice to meetcha shadowey person.

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phew. at least you don't ask which one it is

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Well see thats the thing.

No matter how you look I'd always see you as a kind person for trying to help out others! So of course I wouldn't ask.

Still thanks for sharing it with me.

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You remain a fat cringelord whether in ghost or shadow form

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Kyle Kinane's Chicago Mothman character he does on the podcast is pretty great desu

by the way ... these were the best days of my life. It was great to have two friends

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Heh and it's great to meet knew lovely people such as yourself. Now go out there and help more people mi amigo!

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well ... possible.

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You are spanish? Well, we're on the same continent.

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Are u* sry.

I thought about something else

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Ah I'm black white mexican and german but but from there. Stuck in the US. ;-;

Im glad we're on the same planetarry sistem

You are stuck in the USA and I am stuck in Poland.

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i like humans. You are interesting. Aggressive and graceless. But it is cool

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Hey atleast you don't have to deal with a shitty prez like mine rn pff.

Still its cool to be chattin with someone from all the way over there!

Also ooh got any trips on traveling?

Poland has a pen not a president. this slut signs everything that a fucking government can think of. and clearly want a return to communism

>Also ooh got any trips on traveling?

do you want to visit Poland? Or
do you prefer interstellar travel?

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Just any traveling in general really. I wanna try and do it in the future but I'm super new with it all. Also maybe Poland someday too cause its rad.

Also yah our prez got that caveman brain.

shut the fuck up faggot

ok. So i won't talk to you. Bye Bye

you definitely need to take more money than you expect. Just in case.

It's best to travel with someone. It's safer.

and I definitely don't like to stay in hotels. I definitely have to see everything!

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Oooh those are some pretty good tips! Got any locations you recommend visiting in Poland?

Ok, do it I don't care, and life can't get much worse, do as you please

You must eat a donut. then life will be better.

heh. Certainly not the city where I stay. Although it doesn't look too bad anymore. And it is a city where you can have fun 24 hours a day

we have mountains, sea, castles, ambers, regional food (I recommend it) and much much more.

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Ooooh that sounds like so much fun. I wish I could go there. uwu

K, change it.

If you wish. Just avoid drunk people ...

because either they will want to party and continue drinking or they will be aggressive.

but the pole is hard to get drunk.

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done. Next

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This better be a good fucking donut

WTF you fucking scam. The only change was that entropy increased in my local spacetime. You fucking sham.

Looks like clarks copycatting Me.