About to be 20, AMA

About to be 20, AMA

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i'm turning 23 tomorrow, happy early birthday

Happy early birthday to you too

Do you sideline as a snow plow using your chin in winter?

Name me all those stuffed toys now

have you ever held a job for any length of time

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Never gotten that before, I like it

Barnaby, Bearemy, Doggy and Bunny

Would of maybe been up until now if I could walk properly like I use too

What gender do you have?

show boypussy

boy gender

No ty

Show me doggy

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Are you planning on finishing grade school?

Sure am

whens ur birthday>?

What is this thread about then? Bussy or GTFO. You know the rules.

Teddy bears on your bed and shit. You ain't fooling nobody. Your live the cock.

January 17th

enjoy it while it lasts.

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>Bussy or GTFO. You know the rules.
The correct rules are "Tits or GTFO" so your statement is invalid

Maybe in a few

I'll try to

so close to Christmas? that sucks. mine is in august so i get all the holiday fun to my self at the tail end of summer. pretty rad stuff. go tell your parents they fucked at the wrong time will ya?

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Sure am, it's especially hard when you actually don't want a lot too!
And you can't blame them, I wasn't actually planned

I am 20 too, welcome to the club

now go tell your parents to not talk about fucking each other around their children. that kind gross talk makes weirdo kids who spend all their time browsing anime forums for fetish pornography.

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Wish I liked anime me

I like this one


Yeah, he's my favourite


feet pics


I wasn't gonna

salsa pls