Sex stories thread

sex stories thread

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last night i banged you mom


I had sex once.

There's the time I worked at a hotel in a college town for 6 months. Plenty of stories from that.

One time I had sex with a woman

I’ve had sex with more than 50 women. 40 of them are forgettable, because women are selfish cunts. The rest are proper cum guzzling WOMEN. The rest are flesh surrounding a vagina, mouth, or asshole.

Virgin alert

Right around when I decided my marriage was over, I was on a homemade pornsite and found a local woman with status married who posted a video of her fucking a black dude and in the video he creampied her.

On a lark I sent her a message and a pic of myself, and to my surprise she replied to me. After a small exchange we agreed to meet.

We met at a lunch place on a work day and hit it off. She was about 12 years older than me. We agreed to meet again on a Saturday at a motel for sex.

My wife was my first and only woman and I was not too experienced with sex other than her.

Since I was still married, I told my soon-to-be-ex I had a side job on Saturday and met this woman at the motel.

We got into the room and she immediately started kissing me and pulled up her skirt and she wasn't wearing panties.

I went down on her and ate her pussy for awhile and she was moaning and writhing and suddenly this strange taste hit my tongue and I almost vomited but at the same time it was hot AF and my face was covered in some sort of liquid which I now recognize as squirt.

She pulled me up toward her and put my cock in and we fucked and she told me to cum inside her and I did.

With a creampie dripping out of her we laid back and talked about our bad marriages. Then she put me in her again and I came again.

All told, we spent 5 hours and I came in her 5 times and I finally was just spent and we took a shower together and parted ways.

I wish I'd taken some pictures or video because it was awesome.

Virgin alert 2.0

u jelly

had sex with 2 women and sucked around 10 cocks

Person who calls another person what they are alert. I bet you’re a Democrat.

Once upon a time, I had sex. The end.


Once I was playing a game and it got so outta hand that three people fucked my GF simultaneously

2 days ago i smeared my milf slaves piss in her face.. She loves it

wut? i like dicks

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my cousin sat on my lap during a long car ride, i spent about 20 minutes playing with her asshole, pussyhole, and clit till she contracted an came hard on top of me, the other passengers were her mom (driving) my mom sitting up front, and both our fathers right next to us but passed out asleep from alcohol and exhaustion.

My cousin was 4 years younger, and I was a teen.

That's basically it.

I had sex once.

>user makes shit tier joke
>other user calls 1st user's a Democrat because reasons????
>other user is literally retarded

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>join a language school abroad
>all kinds of international students
>the one and only american has cerebral palsy
>she walks weird
>otherwise her body is fuckable as all fuck
>other students hook up over the coarse of the semester
>hot russian 17 year old is hitting on me hard
>ignore her
>one club in town
>all students go there almost every night
>it's basically a fuckfest
>go there
>american is sitting there drinking and laughing with friends
>russian is dancing like a monkey in the dance floor
>she oggles me
>tbh the russian is very, very fuckable, her ass is so tiny
>like tiny
>like oh my fucking god tiny
>decide to go flirt with american
>russian sees this
>literally drags me to dance floor
>starts kissing me
>takes me to bathroom
>rides me
>tfw was raped by a 17 year old russian girl because she couldn't face the fact that I found a retarded girl hotter than her
>fuck her hard in the bathroom
>fuck her even harder in the dorm
>the next day take the american girl out
>fuck her too

This is legit a real story but i know you faggots will never understand or believe it


heh, Person who calls another person what they are alert.
Spotted the Democrat

>be me ten years ago almost 17
>pick up girl barely age 15 late at night
>had sex before many times
>parents are trailor trash, do drugs, don't keep track of kids
>she was wearing tank top and daisy dukes, etnies shoes lol
>butterface, huge tits, nice ass
>body was top tier, face was tolerable, not very smart
>take her to usual spot
>blows me for a while
>feels fine, not her first rodeo, but not far from it
>take it to backseat
>mounts me and seems like usual show
>notice a hint of what was to come
>slight smell
>not exactly fishy or seemingly vagina related
>figured not a big deal, keep going
>she tires out
>wrap arms around back, put face in tits, pick her up while laying her down across seat
>take her to pound town for maybe 10 seconds
>notice previous smell
>as soon as I notice, it becomes putrid
>smells like dead animal forgotten on side of road half eaten in middle of a bad heatwave
>smell literally makes me double over and stop breathing
>gag loudly, no way to hold it back
>asks me "whats wrong"
>tell her "nothing, my stomach feels upset"
>pull out, force her legs closed by hand, make excuse of feeling ill and take her home
>never mention that night or event again
We had sex many times after, smell was never present again. No idea what it was. Still makes me gag.

Be me in college. Dating a super cute, but plump 19 year old chick who drinks 4 times a week with her fake ID. She's the kind of plump that only exists in her teens, a little chubby, but still firm and doesn't have a belly. I fuck her 3-4 times a week, the rest of the time she's out partying doing god knows what.

I meet a 8/10, super skinny chick at a bar. Take her home one night and fool around. She and I start dating. Try to dump chubby chick, but chubby chick still comes over multiple times a week.

Meanwhile, I start hooking up with a third chick who just moved to town.

Keep in mind, I still have 3 other side chicks I see every once in a while.

One week, I manage to hook up with 6 girls in a 6 day period.

I end up with HPV and herpes. Shit was worth it.