Kik thread. who you are, age, and want you want

kik thread. who you are, age, and want you want.

waltywalt221, 29, I want you to jerk off with me to my OC creepshots.

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teen nude gc drop user name or scan code

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Pussylover741. I want to jerk off to any girl you want me too. Wwyd.

Send me something hot :)

Add me. "bcmsmzjx" without the quotation marks.

gju912 looking for cucks to show gf and wifes

add gju912


I'm 30, i'm a guy, i'm into submissive people. I'm not into other men.

Traps welcome

Also, alternatively if you're not in the 99% of people who use kik for pure sexuality, add me to exchange great music or talk about anything.

Bonus: willing to legit bull your woman irl if you're serious.

Bull from Germany looking for cucks.
But I'll also just jerk to stuff you send me!


23 female I want dic pics and phone sex my number is 8185167228 feel free to FaceTime me or call me I’m bored

Anyone from Washington state drop your kik

This is totally not fake

not a full blown cuck but I'm kinda insterested in other guys trying to talk to my girlfriend lol

pls dont be too creepy or she'll just block u

her kik is: digiware

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If you want me to show off your girl to someone who knows her Kik me. Mywifissohot

Known larper


If you'd like to buy nudes from her, kik @morriton for more info

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join up

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Cuck trib group kik johnbrownsbod2020

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Make me share my gf so you can post her. K I k burner1356

Sevanence86, 33, Male.
I like women. Dont get out much because of work, so i wouldnt mind talking or whatever

Kik is ed_d29 add me

Anyone want to expose my strict Muslim cousin? Kik is izzamanza

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Militast for anyone willing to fuck some teens for me

Ryanlorn1996 Iike to share pics of girls i know

Kik mdartin99

into teens/JB sluts and rape/forced talk about sluts you want used or expose

also trade vids with the same content against others


Sniffer12345678 would be interested in wives and also dirty panties from Mom/sister/gf etc

23 m us


You up for tribs?

I am... and my loads are huge


1 day on kik, yea....

Can't find u bro


Anything and everything goes. No rules.

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Sharing hot thots


Jdixon199. Looking to swap gfs and wives

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I’m looking for somebody to tribute some pics for me, kik is rcarter22

not a full blown cuck but I'm kinda insterested in other guys trying to talk to my girlfriend lol

pls dont be too creepy or she'll just block u - she doesn't know i'm sharing her...

her kik is: digiware

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Fuck off faggot.

add me, its McEvergreen

Here's a few videos of this stuck up milf bitch getting fucked and taking loads to her face. Dumb unaware bitch thinks this was all deleted and would be beyond humiliated if anyone saw her like this. Kik me at sunnymanner for more and tell me where you are posting uppity Patricia. Here's a screenshot from one of the videos

imig es/c/xkfYnH7

Add an . after imig and before es

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kik Ewry003

Send pics and vids of your gf/wife/ex or chick u know for a chat if i like

Send me anything to get off.
No Limits
Femanons welcome


Not even a good LARP. Doesnt even share anything haha

dirty little slut

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sharing pics of female friends for wwyd tribs rates and captions

Kik: timmyvelasquez6
Expose your wife/gf to me and I'll rate/wwyd



jerking rn love showing off. contact me if women trans or couples. looking somone in the philly area to peg me

23, m, Europe

looking for good oc videos

Hot wife snap: erickamoren2020

chubby cuck sharing sister (no nude), humiliate me and force me to give you her details so you can bm me

kik is cuckthrowaway3


rate my bbc

Kik: geilentte

Lovely white trash slut with nice brown nips. Show her her pics and tell her what she is to you. She's into humiliation and having her pics meddled with (write / draw / tribute em). Just put her in her place. She gets really wet when you show her reactions to her pics from other guys.
Hubbys kik is foobar4711. He knows her pics are out but it's always fun to see how he gets mad.
I have more of her and some of the little cucks dick pics, just tell me what you want to see

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Kik @morriton if you want to trade for her. Girl I fucked last summer

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Anymore pics? Love putting trashy sluts in their place

such a fucking bro



jerking rn love showing off. contact me if women trans or couples. looking somone in the philly area to peg me


Kik is alwaysultra1


jamesc20199 9 inch cock and a cute young slut gf im willing to share

throwaway8374 add me to teen groups

Very much known larp


Sbt111 add me

kik = dutchjoep

Stroking my hard cock right now, help me bust?
Would love to get fed.


Kik S3xyk110

looking for nudes, from anyone, willing to trade


muslim bitch who has nigger nipples. here she is hiding her pepperoni nigger nipples. her kik is thenameist7. she hates being called nigger nipple

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Teens to 35

Usernames welcome, straight only. (no traps, fags, or trannys)

Anybody got either OC or found Voyeur?
Kik: TownWaz97

kek think she blocked me.

Stroking and about to bust. Help push me over the edge?

kik = dutchjoep

KatieL44 want old creeps

KIK: bullinitaly

30 m italy Edging in the bathroom at work

Not wanting to cum.

Are you Able to make me look control and cum?

Show me what you have got.

Wife /gf Ok
Traps / TS ok



Sharing my gf, fapping encouraged. If you save or fap let me know

Breeder looking to inseminate actual femanons.


>I'm not into other men. Traps welcome.

Nigga you gey

Jerkymcjerkin80 m/40 fap to my wife


Send everything, up to trade whatever you like

Share with me hidden cam//exposed wife or ex or GF !

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To discuss oversized bra downblouse. Small tits, oversized padded bra.

Brown guy looking to get off to your white girlfriends, just send them through idc about age or weight or anything. Kik is rhk1999

Into snuffing hot teens and necro and especially cannibalism Kik is AanonMaximus2 and wickr is AanonMaximus I may just share their personal info

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Kik timdavis__ I need you to tell me what you think of my gf and tribute her

There you go, have fun putting her in her place! Which pics would you wanna see?

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I'm really bored, hmu with pics and tributes. Kik is comedyisfun

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Send me white sluts for BBC. I can trib the best ones

Any pussy? Think she has blocked me though


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