pedos BTFO

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christ, that hairline.

Yea good work now they will rape real kids instead

>The man, 30...
Hairline indeed

I'm all for Pedo fucks dying horrible deaths, no sleep lost there. But, damn. Do you really endorse condemning someone for buying a sex toy? No matter what you say, it's an inanimate object. Is that justifiable reason to convict someone, even if they're fucked in the head?

Congrats, the one outlet they had for their desires has been taken away. now all they can do is go fully monty and just rape kids. bravo you dumb fucks.

I don't know man
If a dude drops 2 grand or more for a piece of rubber that is specifically made to look like a child so he can fuck it....

That's one fucking fine line for sure

Inb4 pocket pussies banned because they cannot consent.

wtf let people have their kinks damn

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How ironic. This guy arrested for a doll. The high profile actual pedos in the gov, Hollywood and the church all get off.

Why did liberals ruin pedophilia?

How is it its not alive you retard if he was fucking a lump of rubber not shaped like a kid would you give a fuck?

I hope next that they arrest and prosecute people for having loli cartoons on their computer!
Pedos deserve everything they get

"Research by the Australian Institute of Criminology found that use of these dolls may lead to an escalation in child sex offences.

AFP Acting Commander South Australia Gail McClure said the dolls objectified children as sexual beings and could desensitise anyone who used them to the physical, emotional and psychological harm caused by sexual abuse"

From the article.
Sounds an awful lot like the "video game = bad, gamers = killers" news articles of the 2000's.

Who even sells these dolls??

No they will be in prison for having pedosexdolls

That's the fine line, you disgusting pedo.
No one's gives a shit if a dude fucks a shapeless lump of rubber. No one gives a shit when a dude fucks a pornstar shaped lump of rubber.
Hell, he could probably fuck a pig doll and few people would give a ahit.
But fuck a child shaped doll and people WILL care.

Dude coulda got himself an adult doll to fuck but he didn't and now he's fucked.

Women should be arrested for purchasing small dildos, because they are obviously meant to simulate the penis of a young prepubescent boy!

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All these dolls are ordered straight from

Could also be a cost issue. Adult sized lump of plastic is a lot more expensive to ship.

Seriously would you stick your dick into anything made in china?

Neat, now whats with all the "loli" on /b?


Their obviously coming from china dumbass, that's not what I asked.

not illegal in Australia to view it, only to download. obviously child-like sextoys ARE illegal

Then just order the bits you need. How hard can that be?

Oh oh O'Reilly's!

Well, when I go crazy enough to be unable to hold my urges, before I could get a doll, now fucking the real thing share the same punishment.


A cute little Chinese girl? Oh yeah!


Fun Fact: One japanese sex doll maker sold a child sex doll that was made from a casting of a real loli girl.

>the Australian Institute of Criminology
seems legit

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Nice reading comprehension smoothbrain.


Serves him right. I wonder how he got caught

I said shape, not size.

Small versions of adult dolls should be legal as far as I'm concerned.
I'm even of the fence about the child dolls being illegal because of how these laws are generally written like shit.

you have to remember user, the Aussies censor their games too like no other. some are even banned.
>imagine banning video games as a state law

every time you vote conservative this is rhetoric you support

>8 hours ago
How the hell? Isn't that whole place burning to the fucking ground? Shouldn't they be busy roasting on the barbie and evacuating citizens?

"So I have these urges I didn't ask for and can't control. Can I have an inanimate object that helps sate them?"
"No, you belong in a cage."

I'm sure that'll end well.

It's all bullshit anyway. The rich and powerful fuck children all day long, but don't even fucking think about pretending to if you're not in the club.

They should let him go. He's an important figure as being the first man in South Australia. So what if he had a doll? Exploration is lonely sometimes.

I know what you asked, pedo faggot.
Find where to order a kiddie doll yourself.


that was one of the Trottla dolls right?

Scotty nor any state premier has any interest in the fires, its just bum-fuck nowhere towns getting razed. Nabbing pedos gets actual votes in Australia.

The package was probably inspected at customs. They probably gave it a thorough inspection (with their dicks) before altering investigators.

I've stuck my dick in a number of live women who were made in China so to speak.

Shouldn't they be busy fighting fires?

They got PayPal to provide them with a list of transactions to seller accounts used by the Chinese companies selling the dolls.

What if people 3-D print their own sex doll? Will the government then ban electronic distribution of those?

>ordered the doll in december 2018
>became an offense in september 2019

Nope, the supposed left-wing Australian Labor Party is even worse – they were the champions of mandatory internet filtering, and stupid high alcohol taxes.

In Australia, yes still illegal to possess

they're literally just trying to make being a pedophile illegal

this is true however the liberals have always supported the nanny-state. vote for a party who doesn't

>view it
>gets saved as cache
Checkmate athiests

not illegal under Australian laws to have in it your cache

what is this skynet? are we now prosecuting thought crime?

Wow australia, what a bunch of cunts.

They'll just make a law that all 3D printers will be locked from printing illegal shit.
Kinda like how you can't scan or print banknotes
And every time some faggot circumvents it the law will get tighter. Kinda like how they keep banning precursor chemicals whwnaomw faggot using them to make an illegal substance

sauce nigga

Did you miss the part about him having CP on his PC?

Yeah, this is an interesting thing – you can’t be prosecuted for stuff that’s just in your cache, only if you’ve saved/organised it.

Black lives and Muslims matter
You rayzist fo making diz pozt

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call (02) 9633 0799 and ask yourself

What the fuck does it matter as long as he’s not harming actual children.

Dude get real.

The average American

>Has a anatomically correct child like doll
>Buys real clothes for kids
>Gets mad for getting arrested
>Faggots try to find excuses for this piece of shit.

No, he got whatever he was coming for him. He didn't give a shit about the law. He could've have those onaholes and no one would give a fuck. But yeah... pedos will stay pedos till they die. Or get arrested.

Now someone will ask... BuT WhY DoLlS LiEk ThAt eXisT? Because in other parts of the world, you can produce and own dolls like that. Check the laws around you, and if they are against your kind, move somewhere where there are no laws against your kind.

finally some sense, if you're a pedo buy an onahole and fap to loli threads, it's perfectly legal

“So I have these urges I didn’t ask for and can’t control. Can I make everybody recognize, and adopt the appropriate pronouns I like to be called by and also change simple common constructs like bathroom genders and birth certificates?”

“Yes of course”

Do you not know what a fine line is?

I'm sure the news article is incomplete. He wasn't arrested just for posession of the doll. He prolly started posting pics of her, maybe sexual ones near normies, or family and claiming that it's legal and no one can do shit.

It's not enough to be a pedo, you have to yell and fuck everyone's day with it.

Check out this thread. This is a normal loli thread on Sup Forums. Faggot child doll owners try to take it over, claiming their dolls are lolis.

Here is the article:


so literally just an opinion, with no actual evidence of harmfulness

Thanks you made me kek

legislators do not need evidence to outlaw possession of dolls, just a voter base who agrees, and they do.

So nice. Not enough he had a fuckin' child doll, he was also full of CP... Yup, faggot had it coming.

>Australian Institute of Criminology found that use of these dolls may lead to an escalation in child sex offences
Looks like aussies are a new breed of retards. Just like americans.

>he was also full of CP

The article would have said that if that was the case. "Child abuse material" could mean fucking anything.

Our boomers are as brain dead as yours

>"Child abuse material" could mean fucking anything
Like what? How else can you abuse a child when you have a fuckin' (literally) doll dressed up wih real child clothes? Give one example.

Go fuck a kangoroo or something you pedo aussie.

That's the sort of stuff that sets off red flags all over the place
"Will he escalate this paraphilia to the next level?"
It's doesn't take but a few brain cells to answer that
If you looked at the history of these guys it's probably clearly escalated to an expensive child replica from maybe rule 34 anime.
Paraphilias are like that


fucking a kangaroo is also illegal fag

I work for customs and border security in South Australia. This guy is an idiot and i'm surprised the doll even made it through in the first place.

Generally anything being imported into Australia will be subject to a search and check - especially if it was declared correctly as a sex doll. Even if it wasn't, initial scans of the package would've revealed as much. We've seized plenty of child-aged looking dolls. Generally the Adult-aged ones are fine - but we have a lot of stupid rules that dictate what exactly that may be, and measurements need to be taken.

If he had bought a doll from Within Australia, the package would've gone through local post, and wouldn't have been subject to a customs search.

There's also the matter of the price too. Sex dolls aren't cheap, and anything valued at over 1000AUD would be subject to additional GST and tariff fees, and the package would've been 100% searched in this case.

The article states that the laws regarding sex dolls of child-age went into effect in 2019, however we've had federal laws regarding it for a long time that supersede our state laws. I honestly don't know how he imported the doll in the first place.

so you mean you don't check our caches to make sure we're not on loli threads?

That's when you are brain dead.
You escalate from r34 animu to dolls and kids. That's a real problem.

Why are lolis (drawings) legal in other parts of the world? Because in those parts of the world people know to differentiate a child from a drawing of a petite person with no body features and a grown-up personality.

If they needed to make a law to make fucking kangoroos illegal in australia, I can see how braindead your population is.

if you kill people in video games you will kill people in real life too haha

I bet you could fuck a roo doll though

It's about intent.

It's safely assumed if you're spending that much money specifically to buy a child-like doll, you're more likely to commit a related crime. And in this case, that would be correct, as he was also found with actual CP.

Congratulations. Australia is an authoritarian shithole. How is that our problem?

Okay, so if furries dress up in animal suits and fuck each other, then that also means they will graduate to having sex with animals.

The laws objectify humans as government beings and can desensitize politicisns to being a fasicet piece of shit. Ban law today.

What a cool country.

the law to not fuck kangaroos was made during our federation. I think it's just Americans who need new animal fucking laws to dissuade degenerates


If you've been marked as a 'client of interest' within our internal database, either because you've committed a crime or you've tried to import suspect packages in the past - we may request your internet search history from your ISP. But it's rare.

In most cases, if it were to come down to that, the Australian federal police would take it from there, and it'd be out of our hands.

Fun fact though, if you were under AFP investigation, and tried to import something of a suspect nature, we'll hold it in customs and purposely give you the run around while we wait for the investigation to conclude.

Bet this guy wasn't fucking an anime looking Loli doll, which I'm sure have to exist. He was fucking a will made to look like a real human child.
I'm against Loli laws, FYI

There are no parties who don't in Australia,just inbred kangaroo fuckers who love getting the state's dick rammed down their throat.

If you buy a loli sexdoll, you're already a paedophile and you're more likely to rape a child.

That's just fact.